Kawaii Character News – June, 2016


  1. 7 Facts about Tamagotchi M!X
  2. Tokyo Toy Show 2016 Bandai Booth Photo Gallery
  3. A Kawaii Report from Kiddy Land Harajuku

I think that this Kawaii News has the biggest number of characters as ever. Hope it’s exciting for you!!

1: 7 Facts about Tamagotchi M!X

Tamagotchi M!X Section at Tokyo Toy Show 2016

Tamagotchi M!X, the newest tamagotchi, appeared at Tokyo Toy Show 2016! The following are the 7 facts revealed before its release on 16 July.

1: Two Versions of Tamagotchi M!X

There are Melody M!X ver, in which you can go to Melody Land and meet Melodytchi & Orchestrotchi, and Spacy M!X ver, in which you can go to Spacy Land and meet Himespetchi & Speplanetchi. Each version has 3 colors; Pink, blue and purple.

Personally, I want to get a pink Spacy ver.

2: Tens of MILLIONS Patterns to Grow!!

This is the most amazing feature of Tamagotchi M!X.
Our tamagotchi will inherit genes from parents!!!

Body, colors, eyes, ears, mouth, tale, wings….
As a result, there are tens of millions of patterns. We will never see the same tamagotchi.

3: Eight Towns to Go in Tamagotchi Planet

It was revealed that we can go to 8 towns in Tamagotchi m!x.
Tamagotchi Town, Patchi Forest, Flower Hills, Mermaid Palace, Rainbow Hills, Gozaru Village, Berry Town and Spacy Land/Melody Land.
Your tamagotchi can propose to 27 tamas in the towns and marry!

Personally, I’m happy that both old and new destinations are selected. That’s Tamagotchi Planet, isn’t it?

4: What We Can Do via IR

Using IR, your tamagotchi can marry to your friend’s tama. Plus, we can try “Child Forecast”, “Who is Dad? Quiz” and “Family Portrait Trading” via IR.

5: Tamagotchi m!x Station at Toy Stores

New information about Tamagotchi m!x Station was out. Not only marry to limited tamas, We can play seasonal mini games, enter tama contests and vote, buy items at bazaars, and download limited items at Tamagotchi m!x Station.

6: Online Tamagotchi m!x My Page

The leaflet shows “Tamagotchi m!x My Page”. We can get gotchi points by playing mini games and save family trees there.

7: Grand Prix at Tokyo Toy Show 2016

Tamagotchi M!X won the Grand Prix of Japan Toy Award Communication Toy 2016!

Trophy & Display of Tamagotchi M!X

It is so thrilling for players that we cannot tell how the baby will grow. IR enables us to communicate with friends, which is the reason of the trophy.
So Tamagotchi M!X will be launched as an “Award Winning Toy” this summer!

Tamagotchi M!X Showcase at Tokyo Toy Show

Tamagotchi M!X has won my heart – It’s like real Tamagotchi Planet, isn’t it?
Let’s wait until 16 July together!

TDD on Tumblr – A lot of kawaii updates.
Tamagotchi M!X Official Website by Bandai (in Japanese)

2: Tokyo Toy Show 2016 Bandai Booth Photo Gallery

Tokyo Toy Show was held at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center on 11 & 12 June this year.

Bandai Booth at Tokyo Toy Show 2016

I headed for the big booth of Bandai for the latest information of Tamagotchi M!X.
As a Japanese leading toy company, Bandai produces a lot of toys of popular characters. Honestly, I don’t know all the series in the following, but I’d like to upload many photos to share the atmospheres with you!
Please note that SOME of them are NOT CUTE STUFF!

Yo-kai Watch.

Yo-kai Watch section at Bandai Booth

When you talk about Bandai, you cannot skip Digimon series, can you?

Digimon Appli Monsters

Digimon was originally created as “Fighting Tamagotchi” just after the boom of tamagotchi in 1996. Later, it became a legendary anime, and spread around the world.
Appli Monsters, the newest series of Digimon, is going to start this autumn.

Sailor Moon toys are sold by Bandai, too.

Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball

Did you know that many of Star Wars plastic models are produced by Bandai? Their high quality attracts so many SW fans in the world.

Star Wars products


International Tokyo Toy Show is held at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center in mid June every year.

Tokyo Toy Show 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

I went there for the first time this year. Undoubtedly it was an exciting event. (And it’s free to enter!)
If I have something in my mind next year, I hope to go there again!

The Easiest Guide to Tokyo Big Sight, Japan: Access, Maps & Hotels

3: A Kawaii Report from Kiddy Land Harajuku

Kiddy Land Harajuku is a super popular toy store in Tokyo, and it’s a paradise for kawaii stuff fans.
I feel that we can meet great things more efficiently at Kiddy Land than other places.

Do you remember “monimals” I shared with you in Kawaii News last year? ALL of them are in the showcase here!

All Monimals – Let’s Find Sanrio, Rilakkuma and Kapibara-san!

Kiddy Land is enthusiastic to stock trendy stuff.
There were monimals of Sumikko Gurashi, too.

Sumikko Gurashi from San-X

Harajuku is one of the most popular places in Tokyo for international visitors.
For people who flied thousands of kilometers to Japan for kawaii characters, they offer not only stationery but “big” things. For example, this is a robot cleaner!

Rilakkuma Robot Cleaner (8,618 yen with tax)

I often upload seasonal goods in Kawaii News. If you are lucky enough, you can meet seasonal limited items that you think you have missed at Kiddy Land.

These are sea otter Rilakkumas in this season, but I also saw Rilakkuma daruma I uploaded in January. There might be a lucky find!

It was announced that Harajuku Station is going to be renovated in some years.

This cozy station is too small to welcome so many visitors of today.

Harajuku Station in June, 2016

Harajuku is changing, but it has so many attractive things that I cannot leave there.
And Kiddy Land is one of the leaders of Harajuku.
Love it!

Harajuku Travel Guide – The most well-organized guide including Kiddy Land

Next Kawaii News will be out on 23 July. Tamagotchi M!X will be in my hand.
See you soon!

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