Kawaii Character News – May, 2016


  1. Rilakkuma’s Summer 2016 is Approaching!
  2. Pokemon’s Nostalgic Items
  3. Totoro’s New Socks
  4. Tamagotchi Store Tokyo is Closing & New Version is Coming This Summer!

1: Rilakkuma’s Summer is Approaching!

I said last December that winter is a high season for Rilakkuma, but now I regret it.
Rilakkuma is in sea otter costume now!

Sea Otter Korilakkuma!!!


Swimming Sea Otter Rilakkuma

Do you remember that it was Kapibara-san who was wearing sea otter costume last year?
Sea otters are stars in any aquariums because of their cute behaviors, but the problem is that they are in few aquariums.
That’s not a problem. I love Rilakkuma Sea Otter!!

2: Pokemon’s Nostalgic Items

Since Pokemon Red and Green original versions was released for Nintendo 3DS DL, Pokemon Centers have many items of dotted patterns.
It depends on your age – Have you seen these icons?

Pokemon Backpack at Pokemon Store Tokyo Station

This is a backpack. Your outdoor life will be adventurous as if you were a pokemon trainer!
Even colored items are dotted, too.

Dot Pokemon Socks

1000 yen for 3. Reasonable.
I like pokemons designed by dots because they look so warm, natural and lively. Do you agree with me?

3: Totoro’s New Socks

Talking about socks, I found these, too.
Totoro’s socks were renewed!

Renewed Totoro Socks

I feel that the combination of Totoro and an umbrella is golden.
But this is not just about the pictures.
The quality as socks developed – They became thick not to get tore easily. That’s good news!

4: Tamagotchi Store Tokyo is Closing & New Version is Coming This Summer!

The last topic is sad and shocking. When I found this, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Note on the wall at Tamagotchi Store Tokyo

“Tamagotchi Store Tokyo is going to CLOSE at 20:30 on 5 June, 2016 (Sun). Thank you for visiting us until now.”

WHAT?! It’s too sudden!!
There are two tamagotchi official stores in Japan; One is this Tama Sto Tokyo in Tokyo Station Character Street and the other is Tama Depa Harajuku. Comparing these two, Tama Sto Tokyo has been attracting enthusiastic fans with its display of tamagotchis from 1996 and the big tamagotchi on the wall.

History of Tamagotchi at Tama Sto Tokyo
How Our Beloved Tama Sto Tokyo is like
Big Tamagotchi Display at Tama Sto Tokyo

This information was not spread around – I hadn’t known it until I went to Tama Sto itself this month. I didn’t find any article on the official website. It seems that Bandai is leaving from Character Street quietly.
Tamagotch Department Store in Harajuku remains.
It cannot be anything but sad that Tama Sto Tokyo will be gone. But we still have Tama Depa Harajuku to explore tamagotchi world.

Tama Depa Harajuku – It remains!

But Kawaii News May 2016 has not ended.
If you are following TDD on Tumblr, you have known this.

Putchigumi June, 2016

“Putchigumi”, a Japanese magazine for little girls, cast the first information. According to this article,

  1. The new tamagotchi is going to be released this summer.
  2. In the new version, tamagotchis do “something” after their marriage.
  3. Nijifuwatchi, a new character, has something to do with the new tama.

Fans in the world are talking about “Tamagotchi M!X” that Bandai and Wiz applied for trademark registration in Japan, but it is NOT SURE whether this new version is Tamagotchi M!X at this moment. Bandai has not updated press release nor any official statement yet.
So, I make sure to tell you when there is any new information about the new tamagotchi. For the latest information, please follow TDD on Tumblr.
Everyone, STAY TUNED!!!

After cherry blossom season, Kawaii News and the entire of Tokyo Direct Diary are as usual now.
See you in June!

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