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A Guide to the Views of Cherry Blossoms & Zojoji Temple & Tokyo Tower

Fast Facts

  1. Zojoji Temple is at the foot of Tokyo Tower.
  2. There are some weeping cherry trees in Zojoji Temple.

As a result, Zojoji Temple is becoming a popular photo spot among tourists, both international and Japanese, traveling in Tokyo, especially in late March.
Let’s see how it is like!

Cherry blossoms, part of Zojoji Temple & Tokyo Tower

It is natural for travelers to feel like visiting places with iconic views of the city or country. Zojoji Temple make this wish come true; You can see cherry blossoms, a large and traditional Buddhist temple and Tokyo Tower at the same time!

Cherry Blossoms, Zojoji Temple main hall & the foot of Tokyo Tower


Cherry blossoms and a Buddhist statue

You see, if you hope to see very Japanese views, Zojoji Temple is a right place. The views cannot be anything but Tokyo!

Zojoji Temple is a large temple. They sometimes hold events (both of temple’s festivals and other people’s events) in the yard.
In cherry blossom season, there are traditional, typical food stands that are part of Japanese festivals.

Food stands in the yard



When traveling internationally, you sometimes come across interesting but unknown things, right? These small stone statues are for memorials for children who passed away. The parents gave them babies’ clothes and toys.

In early spring, they are surrounded by fully blooming cherry blossoms.

Temple’s Bell & Weeping Cherry Tree



If you visit Tokyo Tower from Hamamatsucho Station, you’ll pass through Zojoji Temple on your way.

Why not visit there? Great views are waiting for you!

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