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A Perfect Guide to Ueno Park Cherry Blossom Festival IN THE EVENING

Ueno Park is undoubtedly one of the best spots to view cherry blossoms (sakura) in Japan. I shared a lot of photos with you and talked about how beautiful the area around Shinobazu Pond is when they bloom fully.

But do you know how beautiful it is IN THE EVENING?

Cherry Blossoms (sakura) & a Red Lantern in Ueno Park IN THE TWILIGHT

Let’s see Ueno Park Cherry Blossom Festival in the twilight to the night!!

When you go sakura-viewing in the evening, it’s the right way to go there BEFORE the sun sets.

Cherry Blossoms and the sunset in Ueno Park

The important thing for sakura viewing is the combination of blossoms and the color of the sky. Do not miss the sunset!

Cherry trees in Ueno Park is breathtaking in daytime, and they become quiet beauty when the sun is setting.

Full-blooming Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Park IN TWILIGHT

Red lanterns are the icons of Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival. They got lighted in the evening.


So this is Bentendo (also, Benzaiten) Hall of Kaneiji (Kan-ei-ji) Temple, which is part of Ueno Park. Do you remember it?

Bentendo Hall of Kaneiji Temple, Ueno Park

The path around here is the most beautiful sakura spot in Tokyo that TDD chooses.

How is it like IN THE EVENING?

When the sun is setting, the boats are returning.

Fully Blooming Cherry Blossoms & Boats in Shinobazu Pond

The most beautiful sakura spot is getting calm. People in the buildings around the pond turn on lights, so “Blue Hour” in this sakura path is extremely dreamy.

Bentendo Hall is lighted up in the evening. Personally, I want to call it Kinkakuji Temple in Tokyo.

Bentendo Hall Lighted Up in the Evening

There are people viewing sakura, but this place is not as crowded as in daytime. That’s an additional reason to visit here in the evening.



Waterbirds are circling there in the evening. In daytime, they are flying and swimming all around.

Waterbirds in Shinobazu Pond & Cherry Blossoms
Night Views of Shinobazu Pond

When the sun completely sets, the time of yozakura (sakura at night) begins!

When you try to take photos of yozakura, you’ll have troubles. Camera shake makes your photos fuzzy, and I just say that we should hold our camera tightly. The problem is strange colors.

Here is an important camera tip.

Go to “White Balance” section of your camera settings and switch it from Auto. You have a chance to shoot cherry blossoms in right colors.

If it does not work, just approach to cherry trees near lamps. You can take photos as if you did in daytime.

Yozakura near lamps.

In my opinion, the most beautiful view of yozakura in Ueno Park is this Kiyomizudo Hall. Just Fantastic!!

Kiyomizudo Hall of Kaneiji Temple & Cherry Blossoms

There is no reason not to visit Ueno in the evening.

You found Tokyo Direct Diary. You’ll never miss the best of bests!!

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