Kawaii Character News – March, 2016


  1. Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest – Harajuku, Spring 2016
  2. Nintendo DS “Tamagotchi’s Rainbow Adventure” Review
  3. Japanese Souvenirs BY Kawaii Characters

Spring is coming in March! I have special kawaii stories that are exclusive in Japan. Enjoy them!!!

1: Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest – Harajuku, Spring 2016

Rilakkuma fans all over the world, thank you for waiting.
This is the report of the temporary Rilakkuma Cafe by Tokyo Direct Diary! Let’s share it here!!

Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest, that is open in spring, 2016

The story of Rilakkuma Cafe is set in the Honey Forest where Korilakkuma met Chairoi Koguma, a new friend who appeared this March.
In the cafe, Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Chairoi Koguma are all around us.

Have a Break with Rilakkuma!

So relaxing, isn’t it?

I ordered “Korilakkuma’s Strawberry Honey Parfait” and “Rilakkuma’s Strawberry Milk Smoothie.” I wondered if I have a meal there – There are Carbonara, Curry Rice and Eggs Benedict on the menu -, but I chose the desserts because I think that STRAWBERRIES are more important for Korilakkuma!


Korilakkuma’s Strawberry Honey Parfait & RIlakkuma’s Strawberry Milk Smoothie

Honey is featured in this Rilakkuma Cafe, so it was on the parfait and I was given some honey syrup for the strawberry smoothie.
Please let me repeat that foods at temporary character cafes taste very good. Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest was not an exception.


Fresh fruits add natural tastes to Korilakkuma’s forest.

The Fresh Smoothie & Honey Syrup

Personally, it is amazing that rosemary, which is not as common in Japan as in foreign countries, was stuck in the glass. The cafe notices flavors!

Rilakkuma, Kiiroitori, Korilakkuma & Their New Friend Chairoikoguma

Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest was open in Harajuku Street, where you reach when you keep going straight from Takeshita Street.

Rilakkuma Cafe in the 2nd Floor

Compared with super pop Takeshita Street, Harajuku Street is quiet and local-like. I think that the choice of the place was very successful.
Images are important. The Rilakkuma Cafe that was open last August featured music, and was located in broad Omotesando Avenue in Harajuku. This time, the cafe is in Korilakkuma’s forest – It should be in a cozy place, not a super busy street.

Entrance of Rilakkuma Cafe

Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest is open from 4 March to 10 April, 2016.

Official Website of Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest (in Japanese) – It is quite hard to enter without reservation. If you are visiting it, check out the conditions.
The Quickest Travel Guide to Harajuku by Tokyo Direct Guide

2: Nintendo DS “Tamagotchi’s Rainbow Adventure” Review

As I announced in the last Kawaii News, I have got a tamagotchi’s game for Nintendo DS which was NOT released in foreign countries. I report it here!
“Tamagotchi’s Rainbow Adventure” (my own translation) is an RPG style game released by Bandai Namco Games in 2007.

Tamagotchi’s Rainbow Adventure for Nintendo DS, Japan

Story: One sunny day, a good idea hit Gotchi King when he was seeing the clear blue sky. He said, “If only there were a rainbow in this sky… Then I could do something great for everyone on Tamagotchi Planet.” He waited for some days, but no rainbow appeared and he got so angry to get a crack on his body! Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi go adventure to collect “7 Pieces of Rainbow ” on a legend and to make Gotchi King’s wish come true.

This is an RPG, so after you select your character from the trio, you go to seven cities on Tamagotchi Planet, walk there, talk to tamagotchis and solve problems to collect Pieces of Rainbow.

Tamagotchi Town, Mame City, Patchi Forest, Guru Guru Town, Flower Hills, Berry Town & Gozaru Village

When you visit houses, buildings, schools, laboratories, gyms, shops, cafes, amusement centers, etc, you can touch things. They move, pop up, pump, or react so funny!

Visiting a School in Mame City

The story goes ahead when you play mini games, tamagotchi quizzes and puzzles.

Flower Caring Game with Violetchi
Ninja Training Game with Gozarutchi

What was impressive for me was that I can meet many old characters who appeared just after the revival of tamagotchi.
I was so happy to see all the Young-blablablatchis! For example, my beloved Young Mametchi!

Young Mametchi in Gozaru Theater

You can also find head-only characters such as Hinotamatchi.

Hinotamatchi talking about Rock Music in Tamagotchi Town

In my opinion, the shapes and looks of tamagotchi characters are getting too standardized – New characters has human-type body and big eyes.
As far as I see it, this fact has something to do with the new custom that tamagotchis wear clothing. For example, see your Kuchipatchi on Tamagotchi 4U, and you see Kuchipatchi in a too tight kimono! Kuchipatchi’s body is too round to wear shirts and kimonos, and his hands are too short. On the other hand, humans’ dresses fit new characters such as Miraitchi well.
Like this, I suspect that human-shaped tamagotchis are convenient for today’s tamagotchi platforms.
But I think that it is nonsense.
Clothes should be designed for tamagotchis. It’s opposite to what should be like to create tamagotchis for clothes!
When “Tamagotchi’s Rainbow Adventure” was on sale in 2017, there was undoubtedly a diversity in tamagotchi world. If I were a designer and I needed to dress up tamagotchis, I’d design accessories that fit Hinotamatchi!
I hope that Bandai realizes the originality of tamagotchi again. It’s the 20th year. They should!

I think that some tamagotchi characters are not seen these days, but they are still very popular. In this game, you will visit Berry Town and meet Ichigotchi in many cities.

Ichigotchi in Berry Town

Ringotchi, too. Who miss them?

Ringotchi in Mame City

I cleared Tamagotchi’s Rainbow Adventure, and I conclude that it was really a well-made game as an RPG.
Mini games were tuned well, chats were interesting to read, and most importantly, I can go around in Tamagotchi Planet!
Environments of games have changed dramatically since it was released, and I feel some nostalgia to the time when only 30 staff members could make such a fun, beautiful and picture-book-like game.
If you have a chance, go adventure and please tell me what you feel!

3: Japanese Souvenirs BY Kawaii Characters

When we travel in a foreign country, we want souvenirs that are like the country so much.
When you travel in Japan, you want very Japanese souvenirs, don’t you?
I think that cherry blossom season is a high season for kawaii characters with a lot of Japanese inspirations!

Hello Kitty Shop in Tokyo Character Street, March, 2016

See it? Hello Kitty is in kimono and the items are full of cherry blossoms.
Kapibara-san is seen with plum blossoms, Mt. Fuji, and other traditional designs.

Japanese Candies & Small Paper Bags of Kapibara-san

If you are thinking of buying souvenir chopsticks, how about kawaii chopsticks?

Kapibara-san Chopsticks

In my opinion, “touristy souvenirs” are not satisfactory enough for travelers. Although I get magnets of the place, I also want things that locals are using and eating in their daily lives. I feel that I can understand the culture only by that.
These Japanese items by kawaii characters are originally designed for Japanese locals.
They’ll be perfect souvenirs for Japan-loving travelers!
My best is this.

Kapibara-san Tokyo Station Limited Dish

It’s Kapibara-san’s Tokyo Station limited dish!
Tourist attractions in Tokyo are designed in this brilliant dish. Kaminari-mon Gate in Asakusa, Skytree, the well-known statue in Ueno, urban life, Tokyo Bay, and cherry blossoms
It’s just fantastic, isn’t is?

Hope you enjoy cute ones in early spring.
Hopefully, I’ll upload kawaii characters with cherry blossoms in April.
See you in the next Kawaii News!

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