Kawaii Character News – January, 2016


  1. Tamagotchi New Year Towel Arrived!
  2. New Year with Rilakkuma – Picked Up 4 Items!
  3. Pokemon’s Outstanding New Year
  4. Bonus: Bunnies I Met on the Trip to Narita

Happy New Year 2016! I’m so happy to meet you on Tokyo Direct Diary. I’ll share world’s fluffiest stories with you this year again!

1: Tamagotchi New Year Towel Arrived!

I told you that I won the Double Chance Prize at Dream Tamago Lots handed out last November. Finally, the Tamagotchi New Year Towel arrived at me!

Double Chance Prize: Tamagotchi New Year Towel

When I went home from a movie theater, I found an envelop from Bandai. I would be excited to find mails from Bandai in the mailbox in my childhood, and I’d never expected to experience it again!

Mail call! “New Year Greetings, from Tamagotchi”

It is a face towel, so the problem is that it’s too long to stay in the camera frame. So I divided it into two. You’ll see it all!


I’m so happy to get this.
I wish 2016 will be a great year for tamagotchi world – It is the 20th year for tamagotchi, so I expect something special!

2: New Year with Rilakkuma – Picked Up 4 Items!

Kawaii News of last December had so many Rilakkumas that some items spilled out. It’s time to focus on Rilakkuma in New Year.
First, ah…Briefly, sets of plush.

Rilakkuma Osechi Plush Set!

Osechi is a set of traditional Japanese foods packed into a box for New Year, and Rilakkumas are in osechi food costumes! I just feel that the idea is a little eccentric, but what’s important for them is being cute. This was so popular that it’s gone now!

Second, plush items of Rilakkumas in kimono. In January, Tokyo Character Street are full of kawaii characters in kimono, and this is Rilakkuma Store there.

A Shelf-ful Rilakkumas in kimono at Rilakkuma Store Tokyo Station

Third, it is a Rilakkuma Dharma (daruma).
Dharma is a traditional paper doll that people get when they make a wish. (The general story and a photo of Dharma are almost here.) But this Rilakkuma Dharma is not that serious.

Rilakkuma Dharma (Paper Doll)

However, it is made by professional craft people, so it is seriously made well. Rilakkuma often collaborates with traditional Japanese crafts.

Serious, genuine craftmanship

I once wrote about Rilakkuma’s wooden yura-yura bench. I love to see this kind of stuff!

The last one is sets of plush again.
Rilakkumas are cos-playing of Japanese Seven Gods of Good Luck!

Seven Gods Rilakkuma on a Ship – Good Luck!

Wish Rilakkumas bring good luck to you!

3: Pokemon’s Outstanding New Year

So, many characters are in kimono in New Year. In my opinion, Pokemon Center’s ideas for New Year were outstanding.
There were pikachu in kimono, but they were not the only New Year plush at Pokemon Centers.

Pikachu in kimono, 2016

Monthly Pikachu of January, 2016, is wearing shishimai” costumes! There are traditional dances performed in lion costumes in Japan, and some countries in East Asia, I believe. It is called shishi-mai (translated directly, it means, “lion dance.”) in Japanese.The design is so fine, isn’t it?

What was shockingly cute for me was this “kagami-mochi” Pikachu! Japanese people display two rice cakes and and an orange for New Year like this PIKACHU. Fantastic!!

Ideas that are a little different from others make the store outstanding.
Pokemon got off to a good start!

Bonus: Rabbit Charms I Met on the Trip to Narita

I went on a trip to Narita, the district near Tokyo International Airport (= Narita Airport), this January. I’m going to write about the souvenirs, but I’ll show you some of them here in Kawaii News.
It is not about a particular character.
These rabbit items were EXTREMELY LOVELY!

This kind of stuff is “roly-poly” in Englsih, and “okiagari koboshi” in Japanese. “Okiagari koboshi” is a traditional paper craft in Japan.
Talking about THIS, the stone at the center is a genuine rose quartz. It is perfectly made-in-Japan, so it’s great as a Japanese souvenir. I think it was around 700 yen (= around $7) – Not an extremely expensive traditional craft at all. When you fly from Narita Airport, give it good cares in your hand baggage – It’s made of Japanese paper!
The netsuke strap is perfectly cute, too!

Good Luck Rabbit Strap (864 yen)

Misumaru Naritasan Store
In the street to Shinshoji Temple
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Good news is that this healing stone shop is also in Tokyo Skytree! (Sola-machi 1F)

Traditionally, rabbits symbolize large steps to success in spite of their fluffy looks because they jump high.
I hope to rise toughly and easily, and jump up like my cute rabbits in 2016.

Kawaii News by Tokyo Direct Diary will be published around 23th every month. See you next month!

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