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A Trip to Fukuroda Falls – Photos of Autumn Leaves & Visitor Information

Talking of destinations from Tokyo in autumn, Nikko, Mt. Fuji and Kamakura are very famous. But this time, I’d like to share Fukuroda Falls with you. If you have a Japan guidebook, let’s open it. Does it mention to this place?
Red and yellow leaves surround the waterfall that is considered to be one of the 3 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan.

Fukuroda Falls with Autumn Red Leaves, Japan
Small Fukuroda Station

Fukuroda Station may give you the impression that Fukuroda is a very isolated countryside, but it is a day trip destination from Tokyo City. Fukuroda has been a great sightseeing spot for Japanese people for a long time that is famous for Fukuroda Falls and hot spring spa. It is cooler here than in Tokyo, so leaves turn red and yellow earlier. Concretely, the peak comes in early to middle November.

Fukuroda Falls over yellow leaves

I haven’t been to Niagara Falls yet, but I remember well that I was totally stunned when I saw a waterfall in an Australian National Park; It was too big, too high, too scary and so impressive!
What makes Fukuroda Falls attractive is completely different from those big falls.


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The beauty of Fukuroda Falls is that the water does NOT fall straight down, but elegantly runs on the four steps of rocks.

Step 1, 2…
2, 3…
The bottom.

Being big and wild is not all for waterfalls. Fukuroda Falls has its own beauty. Don’t you think so?

Its iconic place is this suspension bridge. It is on most Japanese travel agencies’ leaflets for autumn.

The Viewing Deck and Suspension Bridge, yeah!

It was a great autumn trip like this!
These days, Autumn Leaf Festival is held in the town and the trees are lighted up in the evening.

Autumn leaves have been praised as natural beauty in Japan for over 1000 years as well as cherry blossoms in spring.
Especially, Kyoto is definitely one of the most beautiful places in autumn in the world.
So beautiful and elegant….
But the beauty attracts so many people worldwide. Tourism industry doesn’t leave the people wishing to go to Kyoto alone.
Frankly, Kyoto in autumn is surprisingly crowded!
I have heard of many “legends” about it. For example, I know a Tokyo local who said, “The temple in Kyoto was so crowded that I couldn’t enter. I saw a bigger number of humans than red maple leaves. I got so tired.” After all I laughed at Crowded Tokyo on this blog! If there were Kyoto Direct Diary, I would tag his story Crowded Kyoto!
And who do you think once tried to plan a trip to Kyoto in autumn and failed? It’s ME! Good hotels were full-booked, so I had to give it up!
(Tip: If you wish to visit Kyoto at the peak of autumn leaves, book a hotel three or more months before your travel. When you are successfully in Kyoto, get up with wild birds and visit your favorite temple as early as possible.)

Remember that you have many choices of place and time to view autumn leaves in Japan.
Fortunately, the season of autumn leaves is not as short as cherry blossoms. As a result, you can find some places full of red and yellow leaves somewhere in Japan throughout autumn.
Fukuroda Falls welcomes its peak in early to middle November. It seems that my trip was a little early. I mean I’m happy about that because it was NOT crazily crowded!

It couldn’t be like this if it were super crowded, yeah!

I’m going to report some places in Tokyo City, and somewhere in Japan hopefully, this year again. Whenever there is an update, I tell you on Twitter and Facebook. Keep checking and share beautiful autumn with me!!

MORE Autumn Leaves in Tokyo & Japan

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Mt. Takao – A casual hiking trail in Western Tokyo. It has very interesting, unique culture.

Kamakura – Samurais’ old capital located south from Tokyo. The Great Buddha is very famous.

Hiraizumi – A World Heritage Site in North Japan. If you haven’t heard of this town, see how it is like now or you’ll regret. I promise, it’s so beautiful.

Mt. Fuji Hillside (The 5th Station) – The highest mountain in Japan.

Visitor Information

Where is Fukuroda Falls?
In Ibaraki Prefecture, located north from Tokyo, in Japan.
The central city of Ibaraki is Mito, which is famous for its big plum blossom festival in March.

How to Get to Fukuroda
First, take a rapid train of JR Joban Line at Tokyo, Shinagawa or Ueno Station and go to Mito. Change trains for Suigun Line and get off at Fukuroda. Take a bus to Takimoto bus stop and walk to Fukuroda Falls.
Around 2.5 hours, 4,570 yen for a single ticket (When you take Express Hitachi from Tokyo to Mito.)
cf: Learn Tokyo City quickly with The Easiest JR Train Map by Tokyo Direct Guide!

300 yen for adult, 150 yen for child to enter the viewing deck.


No hotel is found in Fukuroda on If you hope to stay near Fukuroda Falls, I advise you to book a hotel in Mito.

A day trip is possible from Tokyo. We can find some combined tickets with great savings by JR or travel agencies in high season. You’ll also find some day tours, if you like.

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