Kawaii Character News – July, 2015

Heads up, kawaii (= cute) character fans! I have 6 topics this month. You will explore a lot. Enjoy it!

1: Tamagotchi 4U+ was Released on 18 July!

The day that fans had longed for finally came!

Tamagotchi 4U+

In Tamagotchi Store Tokyo, Mametchi with a bow tie came to celebrate the new tamagotchi.

Tamagotchi Store Tokyo & Mametchi

Tamagotchi Department Store & this Tamagotchi Store Tokyo are selling summer aloha tamagotchi plush items now.

The shop clerk’ sign says, “Released Today!!”

Tamagotchi 4U plus is basically same to 4U, but some new things are added. (I’ve sum up all the points here.)
To talk of the details, the 2 default games in Game Center have become new. They were Bowling & Star Piloting in 4U. In 4U +, they are Treasure Hunting (bamboo cutting) & Cake Making.

Personally, the treasure hunting game was so cool. And it is very Japanese, isn’t it?

Treasure Hunting where you cut one of the bamboos

My interest about 4U+ was simple; Can I raise more characters than ever? As far as I know at this moment, the system of the characters has not changed since 4U although we can add Candy Paku Paku and Lovesolatchi. I strongly hope to raise my favorite Mimitchi and I believe that it can be realized in 4U as well as 4U+.
I feel that both of 4U & 4U+ have more possibilities. I’m looking forward to seeing more of wonderful things in Tamagotchi world!

How do you feel about Tamagotchi 4U plus? Feel free to tell me on comments.
For Tamagotchi fans, I have 2 more topics this month. It’s the last in this post.

2: Monthly Pikachu by Pokemon Centers – Summer Sailor

I must mention to the new Pikachu plush this month.

I have been impressed that Pokemon Center’s plush items are always smooth and soft to touch.
This time, the colors & designs are so wonderful that I cannot leave them alone.

Look at the Yellow Pikachus with Red cheeks in Blue & White costume!!

Pikachu in Sailor’s Costume – Monthly Pikachu August, 2015

Personally I love marine designs for MY fashion in summer because voyage makes our minds and hearts open and fresh.
I love summer because of the salty breeze.

3: Rilakkuma Limited Designs – Collaboration with JAXA

Rilakkuma is always relaxing, but this time, we meet them in a cool atmosphere.
Somehow Rilakkuma collaborated with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency,) so they are in the blue suits of JAXA.

Astronaut Rilakkuma – Rare!

These items are limited in the official shops and some others.
What do you think of them? Personally I feel that the rocket in their hand is so cute.

4: New Ghibli Store Photo Update

I announced in Kawaii News last month that Ghibli Official Shop in Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station had renewed.
I added the photo there. And I upload other photos here.

Donguri Kyowakoku (= Republic) in Tokyo Station
Welcoming Totoro

Tip: Ghibli Official Stores are also found in Tokyo Skytree, Venus Fort in Odaiba, Sunshine City in Ikebukuro (where Pokemon Center is) and some more in Tokyo – So I think that travelers in Tokyo go to a place near one of them at least. If you love Totoro, head to Donguri Republic!

5: Bandai’s Tamagotchi Official Website Renewal!

I am totally impressed the new page, “Tamagotchi Planet.” The illustrations have the descriptions of the things in Mame City, Patchi Forest, Tamagotchi Town, etc, and they are exactly what fans (like me!) dream of!
Just have a look.
…Language problem? You can ask ME!

6: Tamagotchi Photo Frames – Debut in Print Rush!

Print Rush is one of Japanese leading digital photo printing machines. They started tamagotchi photo frame service recently. We can add the frames for free when we print photos.

Photos with tamagotchis!


Print Rush machines – They look like this!

Tip: Print Rush machines are often in Ito Yokado, Aeon, Daiei (Japanese leading supermarkets,) and camera-related shops such as Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, Kitamura, LABI Yamada Denki, etc. It will not hard to find them.

If you are traveling in Japan this summer, why not print your photos with tamagotchis?
Print Rush Official Website: http://www.dnpphoto.jp/products/printrush/ (Japanese language)
Print Rush Tamagotchi Frames & Touch Spot Official Website: http://www.dnpphoto.jp/products/printrush/campaign/ (Updated on 22 July, Japanese language)

I had so many topics this month. Hopefully, my next post on Tokyo Direct Diary will not be about imaginary cute characters, but real fish & sea animals. It’s summer!
See you next time!

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2 thoughts on “Kawaii Character News – July, 2015

  • 2015-07-21 at 11:18 AM

    Tamagotchi are so cute!! But I haven't had one for a long time so I don't know how they have developed over the years! But it looks like you're having fun!!

    • 2015-07-22 at 12:00 AM

      Hi, Red!
      When I started blogging, I didn't think that I'd come back to Tamagotchi world with this passion nor I'd write my beloved cute characters on Tokyo Direct Diary. It's all because the international Tamagotchi fans on the Internet I found. Now I'm so happy to share my love with so many people in the world!!

      The main purpose of Tokyo Direct Guide & Diary is still simplifying the complicated tourist info on Tokyo to reduce much of confusion of travelers, but I feel that it's great to take a rest sometimes. My heart is so hot when I talk about things I love.
      It's important to enjoy our life, isn't it?


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