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3 Best Foods & Restaurants in Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan

Foods are very important when we stroll in a Disneyland.

Fascinating food stands, cafes and restaurants are all around, and this fact makes it important to learn which you want to get IN ADVANCE you really enter the Disneyland. Yes, all the humans have only one stomach, right?

This time, I picked up 3 best foods in Tokyo Disney Sea and suggest one more restaurant for international guests.

If you are really visiting Tokyo Disney Sea this summer, I think this post will be a good help. If you are just enjoying Tokyo Direct Diary as a travel blog, just browse the delicious foods I had. Enjoy!

Tropical Shaved Ice

Let’s start with a summer limited dessert.

Shaved Ice Tropical Fruits at Tropic Als in Lost River Delta area (520 yen)

Shaved ices were released on 24 June, when Disney Tanabata Days started, and available until 31 August. There are 4 types in Disney Sea – Coconuts, Japanese oranges, melons in other stands and tropical fruits in Tropic Als. But can the others be better than colorful & tasteful passion fruits, jelly and fresh pineapple? Have a break when you get tired.

Summer in Tokyo cannot be underestimated. You will get thirsty after walking a lot. Bottled water and cold tea are waiting for those guests in many wagons. But sometimes, you want something different and wonderful to relieve your thirst.

Actually, there are some seasonal drinks in the park.

Super Rare Violet Cocktail

We can have foods, drinks and desserts inspired from the Tale of Tanabata (= Japanese Star Festival) during Disney Tanabata Days. As far as I see it, this Violet Cocktail is the best!

Tanabata Limited Violet Cocktail, at Refrescos in Mediterranean Harbor area (680 yen)

I really feel that its flower flavor is the most sophisticated in Disney Sea…

As I wrote in my previous post, Sea with cool atmosphere sells alcoholic drinks, and Land doesn’t. If you entered Sea, why not try one? Don’t worry, it is not strong at all.

If interested, the Japanese restaurant offers Tanabata Special Meal and a different cocktail. You won’t need efforts to remember the name of the restaurant; It’s Japanese Restaurant Sakura.

Japanese Restaurant Sakura, Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan

If you have flied a long distance to Tokyo, you might prefer to a Japanese restaurant even when you are in Disneyland. My best restaurant is in the following, but Sakura will be a great choice, too.

S.S. Columbia Dining Room

Nobody misses this huge, American-colored ship in American Waterfront area.

Columbia, the huge cruise ship in Tokyo Disney Sea

Columbia is not just a decoration of Disneyland. It has some attractions, restaurants and bars inside.

One of them is S.S. Columbia Dining Room. This restaurant is a beautiful, luxury cruise ship in old America.

S.S. Columbia Dining Room Entrance

Enter this restaurant when it opens, and you will get a window table. You can see Disney Sea park or the real sea through the windows.

Bon voyage on Columbia…

The most important thing in a restaurant is the tastes, not the appearance, of course. If a gorgeous-looking restaurant served luxury-looking meals that taste terrible, it will close sooner or later.

I love S.S. Columbia Dining Room the best because of the tastes.

Homard & Scallops with butter sause

Warm, mild and delicate meals with fresh and juicy texture make us so happy. I just say it was impressive.

It’s so easy to remember this great restaurant; In the huge American ship. Disney’s home is America, so why not choose American things?

Travel Tip: You can have as many rolls/buns as you like, and if you ordered a glass of soft drink, you can get as many glasses & cups of them. But don’t eat too much bread – You just set off on a voyage to Tokyo Disney Sea where shaved ice, ice cream, pop corns, churros, and any other foods you love are waiting!

In Conclusion

Disney Sea is a place of good foods.

There are popular snacks and foods except my recommendations. When you are heading to Disneyland, hit the brake in your mind and make a plan. I know you are sad to hear this fact, but all of us have just one stomach!

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