GIVEAWAY: Download 2 Article Apps of TDD FOR FREE!

After the blog renewal, Tokyo Direct Diary has one more announcement about new things.

In celebration of the launch of 6 new Article Apps, I’m giving away 2 of them – You can download them FOR FREE!

Giveaway Descriptions

FREE DOWNLOAD of 2 of the new article apps

Duration: 1 week from September 19, 2016 (The first week of the launch)
(US West Coast Time)
It will be a great chance for you to use my Article Apps and make the most of Tokyo Direct Diary!


What’s an Article App?

Read the Blog OFFLINE!

The best feature of Article Apps is that you can read the blog articles OFFLINE.

You are reading Tokyo Direct Diary at this moment and it’s completely free. Why do you pay to read the same article? You don’t need to connect to the Internet to read it. Wi-Fi connection is one of the biggest worries of today’s travelers. If you rely on your iPhone, you lose everything when you get out of Wi-Fi. Talking about Japan, I don’t say Wi-Fi is available in any street. If you have articles you possibly check out anywhere, it is smart to download the Article Apps.

GPS Navigation without Wi-Fi

They also enable you to see travel route to the sights. The maps navigate you from the spot you are standing to your destination. You’ll become a tour guide of yourself, so they are best for any independent travelers. Using GPS, you don’t need to connect to the Internet for this, either.

What You Can – Examples

  • Read TDD even on the plane to Japan.
  • Get prepared for your trip to the sight that you are visiting soon.
  • See the travel guide with the offline map without any worries about WiFi.
  • Have the practical travel guide written by TDD in world’s most complicated city.

And many things!

I started Tokyo Direct Guide to organize the mess of travel information of Tokyo and write practical guides. Article apps enable you to take them to the city!

How to Download Article Apps

Just go to the 2 links in this page and download the app FOR FREE. When the app is launched on your device, you will automatically enter the article page.
The article will be linked to an offline map and GPS navigator so you can use it to visit the places described in the article.

6 New Article Apps of Tokyo Direct Diary

The coming article apps are the following. All of them are popular on TDD.

  1. All About Hokokuji Temple, Kamakura, Japan
  2. 5 Things to Do and See at Jomyoji Temple, Kamakura, Japan
  3. A Guide to Aomori – 8 Things to See in Japan in 3000 B.C.
  4. Shibuya’s New Food – Pie Face Landed in Tokyo, Japan!
  5. Travel Tips to Spend Hot Summer in Tokyo, Japan
  6. 5+ Cool Shops of Heroes, Heroines and Machines

One of the features of my sites is that articles are very practical for travelers. Whichever you are planning a trip to Japan or just have a dream to visit there in the future, my article apps will be a great help.

During the GIVEAWAY, you have no reason not to try them!

Download NOW!

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