A Report of Pokemon Movie Exhibition at Roppongi Hills, 2014

Again Pokemon-related post.
I’d like to share the temporary exhibition of Pokemon anime movies held at Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills building in summer, 2014.

Pokemon the Movie XY Exhibition Entrance, 2014

Now, let’s go to meet the excitements!

Roppongi Hills building, Tokyo, Japan

This is the entrance elevator next to movie theaters.

Tokyo City View Entrance

Yeah, it’s the exhibition. Buy the ticket at the counter, get on the cool elevator, and….

This is! Pokemon the movie XY exhibition (19 July – 31 August, 2014.)

It is the 17th summer for Pokemon anime film series in Japan. The Pokemon Company, which has an office in Roppongi Hills, and Tokyo City View, which is eager in arts with having its museum, worked together to hold an exhibition to experience the world of Pokemon movies.
To learn what we can see there, go down.

The observatory itself is now holding the exhibition, so we can see the view of Tokyo as well! Tokyo Tower is seen quite near!
There were both of Pokemon fans and general tourists.

Look at this Pikachu baloon from the front? Go ahead!


Pikacu balloon in Tokyo City View
He is Director Yuyama, who directed all the 17 Pokemon films.
There are messages, explanations about techniques and
policies of staff members with a lot of monitors and illustrations.
The point is that we can see the original writings/drawings/paintings of storyboards, setting
illustrations and character designs, which do not come to the public normally. 
Not only fans, it seemed there were some CG or some anime-related students visiting this exhibition. I think it’s a great idea for them to learn many things from it.
The artworks of Kunihiko Yuyama and other staff members were so impressive for me. And I also met character designs of Ken Sugimori, who has been the Art Director of Pokemon video game series since its debut and
designs all the human characters of Pokemon movies. Fans were very pleased.
It is an advantage of Pokemon films that its artwork is very realistic, based on staff members’ travel for the movie. I saw Pokemon fans who were impressed by the beautiful paintings.
There are also scrips with voice actors’ autographs. Rika
(playing as Ash in Japan), Koichi Yamadera and Shoko Nakagawa had
messages with videos of their personal favorite scenes.
Taking photos is strictly forbidden there. It might be a pity for
both of you and me, but it is natural for an exhibition like this.

Pokemon movie history. If you are a Pokemon fan, you know Prof. Oak. (Wikipedia is so helpful when I search for names of characters and Pokemons in English!)

Pokemon films are different from those that used to be; these years they are completely children’s movies. But it was very interesting for me to learn how the staff members build up the world beyond the screen. And I wish someday they challenge a difficult theme and make a film that is enjoyable for grown-ups again.

And this is Pikachu Cafe, a temporary cafe for this exhibition.

Temporary Pikachu Cafe
I had to wait around 30 minutes, but there was no reason to give it up.


There is one Pikachu with a coffee cup….

If you have a table by the wind, you are next to the great view of Tokyo.
My table? It wasn’t one near the window, nor a Pikachu painted yellow table…. I must say I was unlucky.

But it is not a big problem.
I had Pikachu pancake sets! (1,480 yen)
Pikachu pancake set at Pikachu cafe

I could choose the fruity float drink. Mine is strawberry flavor. If you order the float drink, you can get the paper coaster available only here. Good for your memories! Mine is Diancie, a brand new pokemon who just appeared on the screen this summer and is given to Pokemon XY at movie theaters in Japan.
There were also curry rice, Teriyaki burger, fried rice, etc, decorated with pokemons. (Look at the photos above.) Hopefully I try them!

Before the exit, there is a temporary Pokemon Center.

Memorial post cards of the exhibition

This is one of my souvenirs. A complete set of memorial post cards. I love it very much.
And there were a lot of Pokemon fan visitors, so, as a result, I welcomed many people to my Nintendo 3DS.

I suppose I wrote about StreetPass Mii Plaza several times, and this time, from California, Washington and New Jersey in the US.
Welcome and have a good trip in Tokyo!

Yep, it was a good day at Tokyo City View.
Now you may have some questions.

What about the observatory itself? Isn’t there a Tokyo Tower photo?
Can I see Skytree from Tokyo City View?

What are attractions?

See you again in Part 2: a general guide!

learn Japanese like a ninja

Descriptions of Tokyo City View

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00, entrance: by 22:30 (25:00 on Friday, Saturday and the day before a public holiday, entrance: by 24:00)
Entrance Fee: 1,500 yen for Adult, 1,000 yen for High School and University Student, 500 yen for Child from 4 years old


  1. Roppongi Station of Hibiya Subway Line – From Ueno, 25 minures ride, 13 stations, 195 yen. From Ebisu (the next station to Shibuya, JR Yamanote Line,) 6 minutes ride, 2 stations, 165 yen.
  2. Roppongi Station of Oedo Subway Line – From Shinjuku, 10 minutes ride, 4 stations, 216 yen.
  3. Others – Azabu-Juban Station of Namboku Subway Line & Nogizaka Station of Chiyoda Subway Line (10 minutes walk to Roppongi Hills)

Tip: Which is the best way to go there?
The simplest way is to go to Ueno, Ebisu or Shinjuku first. All the 3 stations have JR Yamanote Line.
What to think is to find Hibiya or Oeno Subway Line. Comparing the 2 lines, Hibiya Line is more convenient than Oedo Line because the station has direct access to Roppongi Hills and Oedo Line’s stations are very deep under the ground.
There are also buses, but I don’t recommend them very much because they are a bit too complicated.

Google Maphttps://goo.gl/maps/6S5AF
Tokyo City View Official Websitehttp://www.roppongihills.com/tcv/jp/ (Can choose English, Chinese and Korean)
Grand Hyatt Tokyo: An Outstanding 5-Star Hotel INSIDE Roppongi Hills


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