Nomadic Notes: link with a travel blog

I am introducing Nomadic Notes, a travel blog.
It is written by James, a very popular blogger. As a digital nomad, he is travelling the world while working.
Just browsing the beautiful and exotic photos is fun, and I can learn a bit of business at the same time. What a great benefit!

The reason why I am writing about Nomadic Notes is that I contacted him to put a link to his article on Tokyo Direct Guide. He kindly accepted my offer (thanks!) and I believe it will be helpful for people searching for a cheap hotel. The article is about Tokyo’s capsule-hotels, which are unique accommodation in Japan.
Information in advance is necessary to make any decision. I want every tourist to have an exciting, pleasant stay in Tokyo with eliminating worries and disappointments. It’s the mission of Tokyo Direct Guide to make it easy for everyone to get travel info.

With creative ideas on how to use today’s new technologies, people can start a new lifestyle. People tend to regard living in a new way as a risk-taking thing, but it enables us to avoid annoyance in the old lifestyle and make freedom. Don’t you think it is FANTASTIC?
The days just sitting and studying are over. Whatever you are at this moment, it’s time to set off to an adventure!