Welcome to Tokyo Direct Diary in the NEW LOOK!

Welcome to Tokyo Direct Diary in the brand new look!

I finished the blog renovation, which was the biggest one since TDD opened, in August, 2016.

TDD top page


What’s new about the new look?

  1. Drop Down Menu
  2. Cool, Modern, Beautiful Look
  3. Fast to Download

I have renewed this blog several times, but this time was the biggest change. Especially, the drop down menu enables you to find things that you want to know SO EASILY, which I longed for a long time. Finally it realized!

What Are in the Drop Down Menu?

  • Travels in Tokyo – Asakusa, Harajuku, Ueno, Shibuya… All the popular places are found here!
  • Insider’s Travel Tips – That’s the specialty of Tokyo Direct Guide. I’m organizing the mess of information.
  • Travels in Japan – TDD is a travel blog.
  • Seasonal Attractions – Cherry blossoms (sakura) and autumn leaves are here!
  • Pop Culture – Japanese characters, things related to manga, anime, Nintendo, etc.
New TDD Menu hotel
The NEW Drop Down Menu

The best feature for which I have received many thanks from travelers is the hotel advice. When you plan a trip, NEVER miss it – Your trip will be stress-free and much comfortable!

The URL also changed from http://tokyo-direct-guide.com/blog/ to http://tokyo-direct-guide.com/blog/, but every post will be redirected to the new URL automatically, so you don’t need to do anything about this.


Everyone, thank you very much for visiting/following Tokyo Direct Guide/Diary.

My project of Tokyo Direct Guide has established a unique place by being completely independent from existing tourism organizations and companies, all written from the viewpoint of a local, and talking about pop culture as well as traditional things.
I keep developing this project to become No.1 portal site for travelers.

Enjoy TDD & have a great trip!

Link to the main site: Tokyo Direct Guide, All-in-One & the Quickest Travel Guide

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