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30 Best Photos of Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi Autumn Color Festival

Lake Kawaguchi, the biggest lake in the foot of Mt. Fuji, is one of the best places to see autumn colors in Japan.
As classic Japanese literature and folk songs praise, the mountains and woods in the country become like velvet in autumn.

An Autumn View around Mt. Fuji, Japan – Red, Yellow, Orange in Green

The big difference from temples and Japaneses gardens is that we can explore the real natural beauty in wide spaces.
The famous Maple Tree Tunnel by the lake is along a natural stream.

Maple Tree Tunnel by Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

Lake Kawaguchi holds Autumn Leaves Festival in early to middle November (31 October to 23 November in 2015).
Surrounded by the wide views of autumn, hand-made craft sellers and food tents by locals are lined along the romantic lakeside.

Craft & Food Tents in Lake Kawaguchi Autumn Leaves Festival

More photos, more beauty. It is not time to hesitate. I upload 30 photos in one single post!
If you really plan to go there, visitor information is at the bottom.
Enjoy beautiful autumn with me!

60 big maple trees are along the natural stream leading to the lake. In autumn, they all turn red! So the Maple Tree Tunnel is the main spot of the festival in the lakeside with a lot of trees turning red.



Fortunately, autumn leaves were at the peak when I visit there. Maple trees were full of red leaves and other kinds of leaves were even falling.



Water and yellow leaves

The stream is officially named, “The Nashi River.” Amazingly, this small local stream has given the highest rating of importance of river by the government.

Nashi River, a local stream to Lake Kawaguchi

Though the government’s interest might be on tourists with money, I really feel that the nature-made views are amazingly beautiful. Red maple leaves are filling the bank and floating in the stream!

Red Maple Leaves on the Bank & in the Water

When you visit there, you get off the bus at Icchiku Kubota Art Museum. Icchiku Kubota was an expert kimono desiner, so if interested in Japanese arts and culture, you’ll enter the museum and see great kimonos.

Icchiku Kubota Art Museum


“Maple Tree Tunnel”
I think the bridge is the best spot to see the entire of the tunnel.
Autumn Leaves from the bridge.


The Maple Tree Tunnel from the bridge.

This tunnel is lighted up in the evening until 10 p.m. But personally, I like to see red maple leaves in daytime.
I must say the natural colors were dreamy!

Let’s pay attention to our feet. Trees, roots and winds are sometimes better at making beautiful, interesting carpets than humans.




Lake Kawaguchi is a popular sightseeing place, but it doesn’t mean that the the streets are filled with excited tourists. It is a quiet town. Beside the Maple Tree Tunnel, you are in empty grounds and local houses.

Hills in the background.


The local town of Lake Kawaguchi. (The hut is not someone’s house.)






Lake Kawaguchi with red maple leaves (& a white heron)




Autumn Colors & Mt. Fuji-Featured Guard Rails

30 photos must satisfied you to explore traditional beauty in Japan!

Where is Mt. Fuji? Click here to know what happened to me.

Let me repeat that autumn leaves in the real nature is different from those in human-made places. To explore the beauty of Japanese autumn in a large and open place, I believe that Mt. Fuji is the best of bests in Japan.

Hope you shared the natural beauty in Japanese autumn!

Visitor Information

How to Get to Lake Kawaguchi from Tokyo

By Train
Take JR Chuo rapid train (Express Azusa and Express Kaiji) at Shinjuku. Change trains at Otsuki Station into Fujikyu Line. The last stop is Kawaguchiko (= Lake Kawaguchi.)
When you visit Mt. Fuji for sightseeing, staying or hiking, (or climbing Mt. Fuji in summer,) Kawaguchiko Station is the terminal for anything. If you go to Mt. Fuji 5th Station in the hillside, there is a bus.

By Bus
You can find some express buses from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Shinagawa, the airports, and other major places in Tokyo to Mt. Fuji.

How to Get to the Maple Tree Tunnel
Take “Red Line” sightseeing bus in front of Kawaguchiko Station. Get off at Icchiku Kubota Art Museum.
(* My trip was in a high season, so Fujikyu Bus attendants help us, including international travelers speaking English, to choose the right bus and they operate an extra bus when there are many passengers.)
For details and timetables, click here.

Mt. Fuji is a day trip destination from Tokyo as well as being a resort area. There are discount combined train tickets, but if you don’t like struggle with many timetables, it is a great idea to book a tour.

Lake Kawaguchi has been a resort for great holiday for a long time. There are 5-Star ryokans (traditional Japanese hotels) instead of worldwide hotel chains.

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