How to Make an Origami (Paper) Crane – An Easy Video Instruction

Just fold a square of paper, and it grows to be a crane. That’s origami, Japanese paper crafts.
There is a superstition that when we make 1000 paper cranes, our wishes come true. So people make them when cheering up a school sport team, visiting your loved one in the hospital, pray for peace, and so on.

1000 Paper Cranes that I made once

How can you make an origami crane? I recorded a video and just uploaded it here!
It takes just several minutes to finish. No other tool is necessary.
If you have a square of paper, you can make it NOW! (If you are reading this on email, please go to the blog post itself.)

Crane is not as easy as galaxies for tanabata festival, but still easy. Children make them in their activities in Japan.
We don’t need scissors, so it is very typical for an origami craft. I suppose that crane is the most well-know of all the origami. In my opinion, it is amazing that an origami crane is not just beautiful, but grows to be 3D!

Try it to have a fun. Show a paper crane to your friends who don’t know origami, and they will admire you. It’s a hobby, so enjoy it!

When you have wishes in your mind?
I said that people make 1000 cranes, but it is not a must. Just 1 or 2 will show that you have warm wishes for the person or things you are sending cranes to.

Tip: When Japanese children, students and anyone hope to make 1000 cranes, they often work with many friends at school or the community. If there are 30 students in the class, 33 cranes for one student. If the school has 1000 students, 1000 cranes are ready to fly in several minutes!

The most important thing is your heart.

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