All About Iriya Asagao (Morning Glory) Market/Festival: how to get to, schedule & souvenirs

Iriya Asagao (Morning Glory pot) Festival/Market/Matsuri is held on 6, 7 and 8 July every year.

Morning glory is an icon of Japanese summer and this festival has been popular for more than 100 years. Today, most 6 year-old kids grow morning glories in science classes at elementary school.
If you are visiting Tokyo on these dates, it’s a good idea to explore it to feel summer in Japan.

Morning glory pots at Iriya Asagao Market

The schedule, how to get there and Google maps are at the bottom of this post.
Just explore traditional Tokyo first!

Tokyo Skytree from Iriya

Tokyo Skytree.
And the blue sheet roofs are all morning glory sellers.

Morning glory sellers at the market

Like this, there are so many of Asagao pots. Many sellers are wearing Asago casural kimonos.


Beautiful, aren’t they? There are many kind of morning glories. Colors, sizes, lines, etc. Which is your favorite?
One pot for 2000 yen, generally.
cf: estimates of exchange rate
So, around $20.
Tip: The dull red color on the left is called “Danjuro,” which is rare. I see them only at this market.

Somehow it was so crowded this year… The narrow path for walkers are jam-packed. It was morning on the first day of the market.
In my opinion, they should close the broad street for cars during the festival so that sellers and visitors have enough spaces. Tokyo is not same as that of 100 years ago.
From 17:00 to 21:30, this street is closed for Asagao Market visitors. The first day was Sunday this year, so it was a pedestrian street from 11:00 to 21:00. If only I had known it! (2014)
Asagao Festival Official Website: (only Japanese language)

Across from the market, there are a lot of food and toy booths lined along the street.
You’ll feet the atmosphere of Japanese local festivals.

Iriya Kishimojin Temple, Tokyo, Japan

This is the small temple of Iriya Kishimojin. Full of morning glories.

You might be thinking of buying a pot and sending it back home. Is it possible?

Inside Japan, transportation companies come next to the sellers. 900 yen to anywhere in Japan.
How about sending internationally?

According to Japan Post, the postal service can deal with sending some plants, but it is the matter of the kind of the plant, Plant Protection Station of the government and the country you send to. If you fulfill the requirements and pass the inspection, you can send a plant through EMS or other international postal services.
So, it is the fastest way to ask a Plant Protection Station. If you think of bringing it on the plane, ask the airlines.
When you send a plant pot at last, don’t forget giving enough water, making sure of not spilling the soil and holding it in the box.

For More Information
Japanese Plant Protection Station Official Website:

But I suppose many of you want some great souvenirs which are easy to get and take.

Post cards & folding fans

A Post Card & a small Folding Fan Set (400 yen)
Available only at Asagao Market! You’ll proudly show it as rare souvenirs. Beautiful and very Japanese. You can get it inside Kishimojin Temple.

Asagao charm of Kishimojin Temple

Asagao Charm Small (500 yen)
A charm of Kishimojin Temple. A clip is on the back. People at the temple gave it a short sutra when you buy it. The Large one is 900 yen. They flourish forever!

Wish your day at Asagao Market will be cool!

Descriptions of Iriya Asagao Market/Festival/Matsuri

Date: 6, 7, 8 July every year, from early morning because the flowers open in the morning and close in the evening

Place: At Kishimojin Temple

Access: JR Uguisu-dani, which is next to Ueno, is the nearest. Yamanote Line and Keihin-tohoku Line. 5 minutes walk. Iriya Station of Hibiya Subway Line is all right as well. You can walk from Ueno, but it is a bit far.

See The Easiest JR Train Map & Subway Maps

Link to Google Map:
Official Website: (Japanese language)

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