A Report of Pakistan Japan Friendship Festival at Ueno Park

I have 2 side stories when I visited Ueno and wrote Spring Peony Garden post.
This is one of them.

I hadn’t known at all but Ueno Park held Pakistan Japan Friendship Festival last weekend. (I remember some of you are from Pakistan…)
I was so lucky to join it!

Many Pakistani people had tents of restaurants, shops and cultural studies.

I bought a shawl. It was so brilliant that I couldn’t give it up!
So cool!

And there was a stage.
They had some events with some Japanese people. Inoki, a Japanese professional wrestler, would come the next day. This photo is a Pakistani band.
I am an amateur guitarist, so their music was very interesting. I also felt passion for music and dance of Pakistani people both on the stage and among the audience. I was clapping, too!

It is true that Pakistan has some difficulties, as one of them said, but sharing joy, friendship and understanding is great for anyone.
I enjoyed this event so much that I stayed there for hours.

Thank you everyone!

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