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3 Reasons to Stay at New Hilton Tokyo Odaiba & Enter its Fantastic Restaurants!

Talking about Hilton Hotels in Tokyo, there had been two Hilotons; One is Hilton Tokyo Hotel in Shinjuku and the other is Hilton Tokyo Bay, which is inside Tokyo Disney Resort. On 1 October, 2015, a new Hilton opened in Odaiba district in Tokyo City.

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is a 5 Star, luxury, beautiful hotel fronting brilliant Tokyo Bay. Actually, it had been known as Hotel Nikko Tokyo run by Japan Airline until 30 September. The management changed into worldwide Hilton Group.

Staying there will be great, of course, and even if you don’t, you have chances to experience the outstanding restaurants!


1: Ocean Dining – The Excellent Mediterranean Restaurant!

Honestly, I was so pleased to get a buffet lunch coupon at Ocean Dining, the Mediterranean / Italian restaurant in the hotel, from my cell phone company.
You’ll understand how happy I am!

Appetizers at buffet lunch of Ocean Dining, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
Spaghetti at Ocean Dining, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Some of the menus are cooked in front of us. One of them is the BBQ pork.

Grilled pork & many others!

The tastes of desserts were so sophisticated, too…

Petit cakes for desserts

Just seeing my own photos makes me SO hungry! They remind me of how delicious they were…
Hilton Tokyo Odaiba has more excellent restaurants of sushi, tempura, Japanese cuisine, Japanese grills, Chinese, Australian grills and wine, cafes and bars with great views.

2: Outstanding Views of Tokyo City!

If you expect stunning views of Tokyo City, I’m sure that Odaiba is the best place to stay.

We can see Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, which are the icons of modern Tokyo. My photos were taken from Ocean Dining that has large, wide windows along the coastline.

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower from Ocean Dining, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

You can imagine how beautiful and romantic it is at night!

Views of Tokyo Bay, City and Tokyo Skytree (right) from Ocean Dining

I do NOT think that these two photos are enough to show you the stunning views. I took a panoramic photo with my new camera just in front of the hotel – It’s here.

3: Cruising & Good Transportation

Odaiba district itself is so cool with many amusement centers, foods and shopping centers. And when you go sightseeing in Asakusa, there are ferries from Odaiba.

I’ve written about ferries in Tokyo here – Cruising: Another Option of Transportation in Tokyo, Japan.

Talking about transportation, you will take Yurikamome Line to Shimbashi and you can catch JR Yamanote Line to go anywhere in Tokyo. Daiba Station of Yurikamome is directly connected to this hotel – See The Easiest JR Train Map and you’ll understand all of Tokyo City.

Little beautiful gardens, the Yurikamome Station & iconic Fuji TV building

If you are going to Disneyland, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is one of Disney Good Neighbor Hotels. So you can catch a free door-to-door shuttle to Tokyo Disney Resort.

At the end of this post, I’d like to talk about great hotels in Odaiba district in Tokyo.
It is simple to remember hotels in Odaiba district in Tokyo. There are two 5-Star hotels. One is Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba and the other is Hilton Tokyo Odaiba.

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba (left), Giant Wheel (center) and Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Hotel
The entrance of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

I say that Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is definitely one of top hotels to spend luxury holidays in Tokyo.
I was a restaurant guest with a coupon (!), not a hotel guest, but the stunning views tell us how beautiful the hotel stays are, don’t they? As a luxury hotel, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba offers many facilities such as swimming pools with great views.

Thanks, my cell phone company.
Thanks for reading and have a brilliant holiday!

(Updated on 27 July: Grand Pacific Le Daiba became Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba in 2016, so I rewrote the hotel name in this article. The services are as it used to offer, so please don’t worry.)


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