Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Forecast for Japan 2022

This is the 9th year for me to write the cherry blossom forecast!

Unfortunately, our difficult times still last – the new coronaviruses have not gone yet. So I know that you are not visiting Tokyo this spring, but I’ll write the forecast so that it’ll be helpful when you plan a trip in the future. And I hope to share the beautiful moments when cherry blossoms bloom. Hope you enjoy this article!

Cherry Blossom Forecast (Released on 10 February)

Tokyo: Start to open on 25 March / Reach peak on 2 April

Osaka: 27 March / 3 April

Kyoto: 29 March / 5 April

Nara: 31 March / 5 April

Nagoya: 26 March / 3 April

Fukuoka: 23 March / 31 March

Hiroshima: 25 March /3 April

Sendai: 9 April / 13 April

Sapporo: 27 April / 30 April

– by Weathermap

According to the forecasters at Weathermap, cherry blossoms will bloom in the average time in most cities, a little late in West Japan and early in Hokkaido.

As far as I see the forecast, 2022 is ideal to plan a trip for cherry blossoms. Some of you may remember that cherry blossoms disappointed many travelers by blooming too early these years. It wouldn’t happen this year. So I feel so sorry that if only people could travel the world freely… Things don’t go as we wish.

And if you’ve been following Tokyo Direct Guide for a long time (Thanks!), you may be wondering why I didn’t publish the cherry blossom forecast in January as I did in the past years.

In fact, the reason is very personal; my mom broke her left arm when it snowed in Tokyo in January! She suddenly entered the hospital to have the operation, so I was pretty busy when Weathermap released the first forecast. I heard later that remarkable number of people slipped on the snow in Tokyo on the same day. Fortunately, she was able to have the operation soon under this pandemic, so she’s fine and going to rehabilitation now. The difficult time has passed, so I’m writing the cherry blossom forecast in February.

Getting back to cherry blossoms in spring, I haven’t made a plan for them yet. The omicron viruses are spreading in Tokyo now, so nobody can tell how our life will be like in April. But at least I HOPE to go somewhere to take pics of cherry blossoms.

Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo

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