Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Without ME!

GAME OVER. Although the Olympic & Paralympic authorities had been struggling to host the complete Games for months, they had to decide they wouldn’t accept any spectators in Tokyo Olympic Games due to the pandemic.

I am an Olympic ticket holder. Or I was. I feel burnt out…

Looking Back at My Olympic Articles

You probably know that I have written many articles about Tokyo 2020 on this blog. Do you remember some?

This time, I hope to look back at the way to the Olympic Games without spectators along my articles.

1: World’s First Review of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium! (January, 2020)

I wrote this in January, 2020, when the new coronavirus wasn’t traveling around the world. I bought the inter-university rugby ticket to enter the brand new stadium and proudly wrote a review for YOU who wanted to be prepared with the ticket in the hand. This is the proof!

blue sky and tracks and field
Inside the Brand New Olympic Stadium

I’m so sad to see myself so excited at that time!

Were you able to predict that Tokyo 2020 would be postponed for the first time in the Olympic history?? Things that nobody expected happened just after the rugby match.

In March, 2020, the Olympic & Paralympic organizations and the Japanese side decided to postpone the Games to the next year.

2: The Olympic Flame Exhibition at Japan Olympic Museum (November, 2020)

Written in November, 2020. There was an exhibition of the Olympic Flame at the brand new Japan Olympic Museum in front of the stadium.

You want to see the Flame, don’t you?

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Flame at the museum

I understand you burst into laughter to see how TINY the flame is, but now I think I was right to visit the exhibition!!

3: My Tokyo 2021 January – How Is the NEW Olympic Year Going in Japan? (January, 2021)

2021 came and I kept a diary about the Olympic Year that came to Tokyo AGAIN. The fact that I wrote the review of the stadium one year before tells us that everything turned over.

Reading it back now, you’ll see how unsure I was at that time. I was writing a letter to myself to ask whether I went to watch the game. Now I must answer, “No.”

4: 2 Scandals about Tokyo Olympic Organising Committee President (explained by a local blogger!)

In February, the Organising Committee President made the world FROZEN by his discriminative statements. Of course, he had to leave the office. I couldn’t help but telling the world the facts about what a problematic politician he used to be. Want to learn locals’ feelings? Then, I am a right person to ask!

5: What Happened to MY Tokyo 2020 Olympic Ticket

Can you believe that I published this article this month?!

I believed that my Olympic ticket survived at last. I didn’t have any second thought at that time, so I happily bought the Tokyo 2020 T-shirt to wear at the gym on the day of my ticket!

Tokyo 2020 T-shirt
I WAS going to wear this on the seat…

Tokyo 2020 emblem

But circumstances changed dramatically in a few days, and… they decided they wouldn’t accept any spectator.

My heart was crushed. I had an Olympic ticket. I used to have many plans and dreams around Tokyo 2020, but they are officially all over.

How About Public Opinion in Japan?

So the above is my personal story about Tokyo 2020. Can you imagine how complicated my feelings are?

Then, how about the public opinion? What are Japanese locals thinking?

Some people insist that the Japanese government must cancel the Games immediately – it’s too dangerous to hold such a big international event under the pandemic.

Others insist that the Games should be on to appeal hope and Japan’s power to the world (or some similar reasons). This group often point out that the risks are not so high.

This is a big political problem in Japan now. Some people even say that Japanese citizens got divided into two because of Tokyo 2020. Honestly, I don’t want to discuss it very much because both of the groups are getting more and more emotional…

But I think one thing is sure; Prime Minister Abe and Suga, who is the closest friend of Abe and succeeded the chair from him last year, were too indecisive. The opening ceremony is scheduled on 23 July and the date they decided not to accept spectators was 8 July – only 2 weeks before the opening ceremony! Can you believe it?

I’m Burnt Out…

When the true final decision was done, I just felt exhausted. I didn’t find any other words.

But as time goes by, my feelings are getting better. I hope to share fun things that I found with you. Hope you enjoy the real atmosphere in Tokyo!

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