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Cherry Blossom Viewing at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

For the first time in my Tokyo Direct Guide project, I had to find a NEW cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. I wanted to go to some Japanese garden to take photos to share with you, but ALL the gardens in Tokyo CLOSED because of the new coronavirus…

It was shocking. I didn’t have any other ideas. I was almost giving up, so I thought of shooting cherry blossoms in a local nameless street. Then, I finally picked up an ideal place from a local website – it’s Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in front of Shinagawa Station! It’d be a right place for me, and Tokyo Direct Guide, too, because it’s a hotel you may choose when you visit Tokyo.

Hope you explore beautiful cherry blossoms and get a travel tip about hotels in Tokyo!

Visiting Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa is located just in front of Shinagawa Station, which is one of the most important stations in Tokyo.

When I approached the pathway to the hotel, I was sure I visited a right place!

Prince Hotel Group is a big luxury hotel chain in Japan. Any of Prince Hotel cannot be bad throughout the country. Clean rooms, good services and delicious meals will welcome you.

For some reasons of the real estate world, they have built many hotels in front of Shinagawa Station. The first hotel I found there was The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo – it demonstrates how proud they are of cherry blossoms (sakura in Japanese).

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa I was visiting was behind the Sakura Tower.

When I entered the garden, I was just impressed…

Beautiful, isn’t it?


I had never thought of visiting a hotel to view cherry blossoms. It was amazing that the difficult situation gave me the chance to discover such a cozy place!

Beautiful Hotel Garden

I’ll share as many photos of the hotel garden as possible. Enjoy!



According to the explanation, this place used to be a temple in the past and Prince Hotel keeps some of the legacy.







The local website I saw was true. The garden of Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa was really cozy and beautiful. I don’t say you’ll see 1000 cherry trees there, but I was so happy to enjoy cherry blossoms so easily.

Cherry Blossom Viewing from the Hotel Restaurants

When you visit Tokyo for cherry blossoms, I’m sure Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa will be great to stay. When you wake up in the guestroom, you’ll see pale pink cherry blossoms at the foot. If you go out to the popular cherry blossom spots in the morning, cherry blossoms will welcome you back in the evening. Even if you are the type of person who don’t like a busy trip, you can stay at the hotel to spend a beautiful spring day!

And you can have a lunch, tea time and dinner with viewing cherry blossoms.

When I visited there, cherry petals had started to fall. I was happy to see the beautiful time when cherry petals were fluttering like snowflakes…



When I went back from the garden, my heart was full of happiness.

I want to say thank you to the good luck to find such a beautiful place. From now, viewing cherry blossoms in a hotel will be counted!

Tokyo Hotel Advice

I have advised travelers many times that Where in Tokyo will I stay?” is the most important question when you plan a trip to Tokyo because the city you are visiting is VERY large.

You may open your guidebook and want to visit Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ueno Zoo, Tsukiji Market, Skytree… WAIT. Different from some big cities in the world, these popular districts are not located in one single main street. As a result, many first-time visitors tend to book a hotel in an inconvenient place and have an inefficient travel schedule – that’s what I wanted solve as a local.

First, see The Easiest Train Map of Tokyo I made for you.

Talking about where in Tokyo to book a hotel, I have said that Shinagawa is a convenient place to stay for almost everyone. The main reasons are…

  1. There are Keikyu Line trains between Tokyo (Haneda) Airport and Shinagawa Station: Smooth airport transport without confusion.
  2. You don’t need to change trains on the way to many popular districts such as Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ueno, Tsukiji, Skytree, etc: No confusion beside many international travelers who get lost in the megalopolis.
  3. You can catch a Shinkansen (super express) to Osaka, Kyoto, etc, at Shinagawa.

From my point of view, Shinagawa is a place that cannot be a wrong choice to stay (especially when you arrive at Haneda Airport, not Narita). The hotels are good, too. If you want to make the complicated city simple, how about booking a hotel there?

Book Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

Book Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa – the neighboring hotel that is directly connected to Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa.

Book The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo – Sakura Tower is in the same land, too.

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