The Olympic Flame Exhibition at Japan Olympic Museum

Have you got a ticket for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games? Since it got postponed to the next year (for the first time in the Olympic history!), many people are wondering if it will be held or not. I can’t see what’ going on in the conference room of the Olympic Committee, so I worry about my own feelings that I can’t tell exactly what I’m worrying about…

Then, Japan Olympic Museum held an event in October. They showed the Olympic flame that should be burn next year! When I got the news, I thought I had to report it as a blogger – you’ll agree with me!

What’s the Olympic Museum?

Japan Olympic Museum was newly established for Tokyo 2020. It’s a museum to show the history and Olympism spirit. Before you enter, say hello to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of Olympic Games.

Pierre de Coubertin and Tokyo Olympic Museum
Olympic Museum & the Statue of Pierre de Coubertin

I suppose your next question will be, “Where is the museum?”

Actually, it’s located just next to the new Olympic Stadium.

The new Olympic Stadium behind the Baron Pierre de Coubertin sculpture in the 2nd floor of the museum.

If you go to the stadium from Gaienmae Station of Ginza Subway Line, you’ll see the museum on your left. You’ll never miss it.

Showing the Olympic history doesn’t require a big building with tens of rooms – it’s a small museum with just 2 floors.

Many things on display are small, too, such as pins and leaflets. They are not so brilliant on a blog, but I saw bigger and brilliant things. We can see ALL the Olympic flame torches in the history in the 2nd floor.

Olympic flame torches in old times.

…I was amazed that every host country had the spare torch to give foreign countries’ Olympic museum!

You can see how cool the torches become in the history.

Modern Olympic flame torches!

I must say the modern torches are artworks!

And here’s another big brilliant thing. I suppose Tokyo Olympic Games means 2020 for you, but did you know that Tokyo hosted Olympic Games in the past?

Olympic flag
The flag used in Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964.

This is not a replica, but the real thing. I think this flag finally found its right place. It shouldn’t be deep inside a hidden drawer but should come to light.

I had to make an online reservation to enter the museum to limit the number of visitors. Actually, it was NOT hard at all. It seemed few people were interested in the special flame. To tell the truth, only five visitors (including me) were inside the museum!

As you know, IOC, Japanese government and Tokyo city government are struggling in the dark times. Whichever way they decide to take, they can’t avoid the huge loss. And we can’t expect what will happen from now, can you? Maybe people don’t know how to react to the flame that should have burn out in summer and have gone out now. Anyway, that’s why I explored the exhibition so freely and fully.

This is the Olympic Flame Exhibition!

So where is the Olympic Flame?

You see, it’s an exhibition inside the building, so the flame cannot be big as it is in the stadium.

Oh, yes, that will be it…

Something is in the event area!

The staff members were wearing the face shield and mask. I think this will be a history about the world of 2020 in some decades.

I was able to face the flame without waiting, stare it and take photos as I like. This is it!

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Flame at the museum

Woooow, it’s rather CUTE, isn’t it?

It’s kind of a “national treasure”. If THIS fire goes out by accident, the chief of Japan Olympic Committee has to apologize to the world and will be FIRED! So it was kept safe in the special pot with staff members watching. I don’t think they should worry about the safety of the national treasure – I saw no violent people among the five visitors.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic flame
The Olympic flame that came from Greece.

Facing the special fire brought me warm feelings.

I went out of the museum and face the new stadium again. If you’ve been following me for long, you might remember that I entered the stadium and wrote World’s First Review of the stadium last winter.

Olympic symbol and Tokyo 2020 stadium

I believed that Tokyo 2020 would be held there without any second thought. Who imagined the world would be like this last January?

The Olympic Flame I saw was lighter-sized. But I hope it will be 10000 times as big as it is now next summer!

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