All About the Giant Panda Family in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan

A giant panda cub was born in Ueno Zoo, which is one of the most popular places in Tokyo, in June, 2017. Want to see photos? Want to meet them on your trip to Tokyo? This article is all about the giant pandas living in Ueno Zoo and travel advice based on my own experience.

Hope it’ll help you when you encounter them at the zoo!


Shin Shin (Mom)

Shin Shin and Ri Ri came from China to Japan in 2011. There wasn’t any giant panda in Ueno Zoo for some years, so Tokyo locals were so happy to see them.

By the way, how do you think giant pandas are like? If you think they are gentle animals who are always napping, you’ll get surprised to see Shin Shin.

She EATS so much so powerfully!!!

Shin Shin, the Mum Giant Panda in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan

It’s so fun to see her because she is doing something interesting whenever I go to see her. Even if she is sleeping, she wakes up in 2 hours at the most (from my experience).

I remember the giant panda who used to live in Ueno Zoo when I was 3 or 4 years old. She was old and always sleeping. I didn’t see her moving at all.

On the contrary, Shin Shin is super active! I have seen so many zoo visitors saying, “I had a wrong image about giant pandas!” People think that giant pandas are sweet and quiet animals, so they get surprised at Shin Shin’s energetic actions and attitudes.

I love her, too. After she gave birth, she has been living with her daughter in the following.

Shan Shan (Daughter)

Shan Shan (also, Xiang Xiang) was born in Ueno Zoo on 12 June, 2017. She is definitely a NEW STAR of Ueno Zoo! She has been attracting so many people.

Shan Shan the Giant Panda Cub in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan (February, 2018)

She has been on display since December, 2017. We had to win an online reservation ticket to see her those days, and I COULDN’T win it! That’s why I had to wait until February.

Shin Shin & Shan Shan, the Giant Panda Family in Ueno Zoo

I really agree with the zoo keepers who explain each giant panda has a different personality from others.

As far as I see it, Shan Shan loves to climb a tree.

She loves to nap, too. Her personality is different from Mom.

She sometimes try to eat as her mom does, but she is too small to be as powerful as Mom. So cute – she’s still childlike!

How Can I See Shan Shan?

From 5 June, 2018, visitors can see her in order of arrival. You just enter the zoo and go to the line of waiting people.

Before June, we needed a panda ticket handed out inside the zoo. For example, this is mine.

But it’s an old story now! We don’t need it any longer. Actually, I had to rewrite this article in a week after I published it – Tokyo is always changing.

I have 3 things to advise you.

First, TURN OFF THE FLASHLIGHT of our cameras. Don’t disturb the pandas.

Second, be careful of heatstroke when you are waiting. As a local independent blogger, I’ve repeatedly emphasized that summer in Tokyo can NEVER be underestimated. I don’t want you get sick on your precious holiday in Tokyo. PLEASE take a hat and some drink to prevent heatstroke.

…We had only 30 seconds for each section of the panda house, so I advised you to get ready before you enter. But now, we don’t have such a strict time limitation. We can’t stay in front of the pandas forever for other visitors, we still keep walking through, but the atmosphere is much more easygoing. (Updated in October, 2018)

To See Shan Shan For Sure

(Updated on 30 October, 2018) Things are changing.

I advise you to go there on weekdays. The number of visitors is the smallest in weekday afternoon, so you can see them in 1 hour or less.

The below is an old story now, but I didn’t delete it to keep things to read for fun.

According to my experience, if you enter the zoo just after 9:30 when it opens, you’ll surely see Shin Shin & Shan Shan by noon.

Ueno Zoo is so popular because of Shan Shan, so we queue to enter these days. Some of you feel worried or annoyed, don’t you? I know many people in the world aren’t used to queuing in your country. But you don’t need to worry because it happens so often in Japan! It was nothing for a local (it’s me!) to wait for 20 minutes or some time in front of the zoo entrance gate. Just wait for a while in the line and you CAN enter. In case you are an extreme queue hater, weekdays are better than weekends.

In conclusion, I advise you to arrive at the zoo entrance before 9:30 if you want to make sure to see Shan Shan.

Ri Ri (Dad)

Even in the worst case you missed Shan Shan, you can see Ri Ri at least! We can see him without any special ticket. Just approach his garden as we do to other animals.

Ri Ri is known to have a milder character than Shin Shin.

Ri Ri napping in the sunshine

See it? People’s sweet images about giant pandas fit him. Although he is more active than the panda in my childhood memory, he is still easygoing.

Ri Ri, the Dad Giant Panda in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan


Ah…… Not always. He’s sometimes as powerful as Shin Shin…

Anyway, he loves to sit on a high place. He often climb the tree eats and nap there.

He isn’t shy, so I think you’ll find him soon!

In Conclusion

Hope you love this article about the giant panda family in Ueno Zoo. I’d like to end it with 2 things to note.

First, Shan Shan is growing every moment. My photos are taken in February and late March, 2018, so she’s bigger now.

Second, Shan Shan is going to move to China in late December, 2020! Negotinations had been taking place behind closed doors and finally this is the conclusion that came to the public in late May in 2019. She was meant to move to China when she becomes 2 years old, so her stay in Tokyo became longer! Good news for us, isn’t it? We can see her until next next December, but she won’t live in Ueno Zoo forever after all. When some new decisions are made, I’ll surely tell you here.

Hope this article will help you. Have a great time with the giant panda family in Ueno!

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