Tamagotchi Meets Review, App & Guide

Tamagotchi Meets, the latest version of the tamagotchi series, was released on 23 November, 2018. I sometimes talk about kawaii characters such as tamagotchis because some of Tokyo Direct Guide followers (especially Tumblr followers) are big fan of them!

I’ve talked about so many things about tamagotchis, including 4U and m!x, so far. I’d like to write an article about the newest version again. Enjoy!

Tamagotchi Meets App

One of the biggest feature of Tamagotchi Meets is that the device gets connected to the iOS & Android app via Bluetooth.

Tamagotchi Meets App Title

It’s available only in Japan now, so I suppose some of you are desperate to see how it’s like. I understand your feelings. I was just like that when My Tamagotchi Forever was released worldwide except China and Japan… I’ll upload many pics here so you can experience some of it!


Actually I hadn’t used Bluetooth (my headphone has a cord), so it took more time than I thought. When the connection failed, I looked up Bandai’s support email address, but I didn’t need to be upset. I went to my phone’s setting, turned Bluetooth off and on, then it was all successful.

“Welcome to Tamagotchi Meets App. Let’s play around with your tama!”

You can take your tama to Meets Park in the app like this!

Meets Park in the app. My tama is at the center.

When other people are visiting Meets Park, their tamas appear here. If you tap a tama, you can see who raised him or her – the user name (and hometown if it is set in the app) are displayed. In fact, the other tamas in this pic are preset characters, but I’ve seen others’ tamas, of course! (At this moment, it’s pretty hard to tell which is a preset character and which is someone’s because the first generation is Mametchi, Lovelitchi, etc, for everyone. I think it’s a good idea to wear a hat to attract attention!)

On Wednesday and Sunday, parties are held in the Meets Park. When your tama has grown up, you can find someone to marry there!

It’s party time!

So my Mametchi joined the party! Mametchi with Santa Clause hat someone in Japan raised was there, too. That’s how this app is fun. And this is why a hat is attractive in the app – I regretted my Mametchi wasn’t very fashionable.

The result? Someone’s Mametchi found a partner, but mine was declined by Nijifuwatchi… I was so sad. This party is not like a mini game, so I have little control over it. My Mametchi failed to find a girlfriend 3 times, but I don’t think it means he isn’t cool. Cheer up, my dear!


“We’ll be happy together!”

Yay, finally!!! If you say “Yes” to their marriage, they go out together.

Their wedding was so heartwarming…

Mametchi’s wedding at the Tamagotchi Meets App!

Congratulations, my Mametchi!

In my opinion, weddings in the app will be more interesting when people bring tamas with more interesting looks. I will wait a moment.

But my story didn’t end. See what has happened to them?

TWINS were born!! It is another new feature of the Meets. I gave a name to each of them and started to raise them. Just wait for how they will look like in the future!

Notes about the App

It seems you can register 3 Meets devices at the most. You can remove one easily.

iOS version 10.0 – or Android 6.0 – are required for this app.

How to Unlock the New Destinations

In Tamagotchi Meets, all the destinations are inside Tama Resort Island and there are “areas” in the island. It’s different from Tamagotchi m!x, in which the destinations were “towns” in Tamagotchi Planet. I love the resort tastes!

The following contains spoilers. Read more if you want to know how to unlock the destinations.

Tama Hotel

Just try to go out by hitting the 7th ship icon.

Gourmet Street

Eat the omelet & rice at the restaurant 5 times.

Sebiretchi gave me the hint in the park.

Tama Farm

Play the sushi restaurant game 10 times in Gourmet Street.

Personally I love the sushi game so much. You push the A or B button when the sushi that your tama wants comes to the arrow. If you want some gotchi points, I think it’s more efficient the other mini games at Tama Depa. Just try it!

What’s amazing is that we can grow plants at Tama Farm. I’m looking forward to harvest!

Star Lab (Updated!)

On a sunny night, change wallpapers into the astrology theme. Your tama must be the 2nd generation or more.

I got the hint in the park as well as unlocking Gourmet Street.

Other Tips

Go to the park in the morning (by 9:00), and Uwasatchi will give you the 50% discount ticket for wallpapers!

Let’s Enjoy Tamagotchi Meets with me!

Hope this article was helpful for you. I’ve been posting kawaii-related things (mainly tamagotchis, actually) to Tumblr since I closed the Monthly Kawaii News on Blog Tokyo Direct Diary, but I still love to write a blog article like this.

Hopefully I keep updating this article when I find new things. Tama fans, let’s enjoy our new tama life together!

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