Kawaii Character News – October, 2017


  1. Cute Halloween 2017!
  2. Final Review of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters

Happy Halloween! Kawaii News of October is only pics in the first half and much writing in the second half. Enjoy!

1: Cute Halloween 2017!

Halloween season is a good time for cute characters. I write NO WORDS, so enjoy the pics!!






Hello Kitty

My Feelings

I felt the number of Halloween items was smaller than last year, but I still LOVE them!


2: Final Review of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (Appmon), which is the latest TV anime series of Digimon, had its final episode on 30 September, 2017.

Normally, I’m a person who doesn’t follow any TV shows. Frankly, I dislike watching TV. So I’m surprised that I looked forward to Appmon’s next episode every week. I gave it a try last September just because Digimon is a brand that is tamagotchi’s little brother. At that time, I had no idea that I’d enjoy a TV anime so much. Appmon had such special things that attracted me for a year.

This is my final review of Appmon. Whichever you are a fan or not, I’m glad to share my feelings with you. (Attention! This article inevitably contains spoilers.)

  1. Messages to Us Living in the Age of Technologies
  2. Attractive Characters in a Fighting Anime
  3. Offmon’s Cuteness!
  4. Be Careful of Sensitive Contents
  5. Haru’s Brave Heart Encouraged Me
  6. In Conclusion – Yes, I am a protagonist!

1: Messages to Us Living in the Age of Technologies

What strongly attracted my attention first was the references to dangers in today’s society. I made lists of interesting scenes in the following.

Have you seen web communities like this…?
  • Have you ever been hurt to see dirty words on the Internet? – Ep. 1, 41
  • Have you ever witnessed cyber bullying? Or you’ve experienced it? (I hope not!) – Ep. 41
  • Cyber terrorism can happen. – Ep. 34
  • Are you sure things you learned from the Internet was not fake information? Do you know who made the YouTube videos you enjoyed? – Ep. 8
The star YouTuber was just hologram made by evil appmons…

Not only about the Internet and SNS, questions about any new technology hit my mind.

  • Do you know how many security cameras are watching you in streets? – Ep. 4
  • What if automated operation of trains went wrong? – Ep. 18
  • Are your apps really secure? How about your privacy? – Ep. 36
  • Will AIs (Artificial Intelligence) change the world? – that’s the main theme of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.
“Streets are full of cameras!” – Haru Shinkai, Episode 4

Appmon’s attitude was not to frighten people.

The story’s conclusion was positive and smart. Not relying on new technologies, not overestimating them, but we should independently think of how we use them.

The structure of the story was perfect in this point – Haru is a protagonist who wishes to become like a protagonist. His independence matched the core theme of the story, which is the relationships between AIs and humans.

2: Attractive Characters in a Fighting Anime

As many Appmon fans say, the main characters were very attractive. I’d like to update a brief introduction with some reviews about the story!

Haru & Gatchmon
Haru Shinkai & Gatchmon

It seems that Haru & Gatchmon is the ideal relationship between AIs and humans that Appmon suggests. They have different personalities, but they are good friends who support each other and lead to a good future.

My personal favorite is Episode 38, when Haru took back Gatchmon. All good things about Haru and the Appmon story were in the episode.

Eri & Dokamon
Eri Karan & Dokamon

Dokamon is Eri’s first fan! Her coolness was shining in Episode 36, when she dived into Tokyo Bay after rejecting Kight’s offer to make her a top idol. As I write later, we tend to lose confidence and no longer feel we are special. It is something great that she keeps shouting, “I am the center of the universe!”

Astra & Musimon
Torajiro Asuka (Astra) & Musimon

They are like friends in a musical band. I think they had “friends” atmospheres the best of all the buddies.

Astra’s background is very tough – he was born in a strict family and is half forced to become the successor of sado. However, his dad is a likable man who is respectful to his son’s will after all. I guess that’s because it was a TV show to entertain people – Appmon’s attitude was tender to Astra, and to us, too.

Rei & Hackmon
Rei Katsura & Hackmon

Different from the other buddies, Rei & Hackmon are not always together.

Personally, I like that their style of friendship is counted to be as good as the other buddies. Some shonen mangas describe friendship too simply, but Appmon staff members thought independently enough to avoid the trap. Being together is not all about friendship, is it?

Haru was the absolute protagonist, then Rei was the absolute dark hero. On the other hand, he showed so much love to his brother. I don’t see a story as beautiful as Episode 43. Just being protective is Leviathan’s idea. Although Rei is a black hacker, his development was so pure and healthy.

Yuujin & Offmon
Yuujin Ozora & Offmon

Please go down to part 3 for Offmon’s cuteness!

Yuujin behaved differently from an episode to episode. He was really like an anime hero in Episode 32 when Offmon shut himself up. However, he is sometimes dry and unfriendly, and he clings to something to the point to be strange in other episodes. I wondered if that happened because the scenario writers couldn’t have good communications with each other, and it turned out NOT.

It was shocking that he was a tailor-made android for Haru because it means Leviathan the super AI knows hidden wishes of a human individual so well. I wanted to see Haru’s reactions about this a little more…

Considering Yuujin’s true identity and the ending, he was a very good character for an SF.

From my point of view, tragedies to lose a robot friend is a traditional theme in the anime world. Appmon reminds me of Lilulu, the spy android in the famous Doraemon movie. It’s very, very, very moving and interesting, so if you like Appmon, have a look at it on Wikipedia.

Minerva & Leviathan

I personally think it made the story interesting that the both tops of good and evil were so memorable.

Leviathan is powerful enough to do anything to and incredibly evil. I found anime enthusiasts saying they rarely see a villain as evil as Leviathan.

Leviathan turned off the medical equipment of Haru’s granpa…
So Grampa Den’emon was assassinated!
Leviathan abducted an innocent boy to make him work! It can’t be justified in any way.

However, it doesn’t fight because of hatred nor intentions to hurt someone as humans (sadly) often do, and it rather thinks it has been working to solve problems of humans. I think Leviathan was a villain that only AIs can be.

I waited for the truth about Minerva, the good super AI which chose Haru & friends as Appli Drivers.

Minerva directly attacked Leviathan in Episode 51.

I was so amazed to see its last moment…

After sending power-up code to appmons and thank you messages to Appli Drivers, Minerva had no place to escape from Leviathan’s attack…

I remember the buddy appmons always protected their buddy Appli Drivers. And when the god grade appmons fought in the city, they seemed to try their best not to destroy buildings.

Giamon seems to keep the damage to the city as less as possible, doesn’t he?

I longed to know Minerva’s strategies and facts, which are unsolved, but I don’t care. It was a good AI to protect human beings at any cost of itself.

I’m so sad my English skill is not enough to explain my feelings about this fully, but I suppose Appmon concluded AIs can be good existences when they work for humans.

Minerva is excellent at pulling out good things from humans’ mind, which opened the Appmon story. What question do you think it’d send you?

Both of Minerva & Leviathan were not simple characters to understand. They left me strong impressions.

3: Offmon’s Cuteness!

This is the monthly Kawaii News, so I MUST emphasize how adorable Offmon is!

My favorite shot of Offmon!

The point is that he is not just a mascot in a fighting anime, but a truly cute character that can be in my beloved cute stores. His behaviors, personality, voice… I, the writer of Kawaii News, promise he’s a cute character that Bandai gave all their know-how of cuteness to!

However, his cuteness had been rather ominous in the story since he joined the party. Actually, I was surprised that he turned out to be completely a good boy. When he was mistreated by his beloved buddy, I felt it’d be rather better if he was an angel of death! If I were Minerva, I’d take back Yuujin’s Appli Drive right away, destroy it, scrap him, trust Offmon to Ai or Hajime and be in bed because of too much regret…

When YJ-14/Yuujin betrayed the party and human beings, Offmon blamed on himself – my heart was torn apart.

Offmon’s destiny was too tough, but he is happy with Haru in the end. So I’m happy, too!

Offmon is tenderly held by Haru!

Appmon has many aspects we can enjoy.

  • SF about AIs and new technologies
  • Fighting anime / Shonen anime
  • Kids’ anime / Super hero show
  • Digimon series
  • Comical scenes – I laughed so much at “Jumping Happy Thunder!!!”
  • Dark episodes
  • Mystery story to find a missing person – Rei & Hackmon were like detectives.
  • Horror story – Yuujin was a walking horror since Episode 1.
  • Guessing the strategies of Minerva and Leviathan – I enjoyed guessing which action was whose strategy.
  • Epic battles
  • Cute mascot(s)

I enjoyed Offmon’s cuteness as well as serious SF scenes!

4: Be Careful of Sensitive Contents

Strong words and expressions are often used in the 2nd half. Some episodes are heartbreaking, some are cruel, and others contain strong expressions targeting manga maniacs.

If you have some specific categories of contents you don’t want to see, I advise you to wind forward the scene.

It was a lesson for me that it’s so difficult to keep writing reviews about a continuing TV show. In some episodes, I came across expressions that were too hard to me. …Honestly, I got unsure of recommending Appmon to my Tumblr followers several times  – I regretted having talked about it. (I don’t now! The ending was so good that it deserves to watch.)

Globalizing local entertainment sometimes results in unexpected responses in other countries. In my opinion, it happened to Appmon, too. When I was surfing in the Appmon fandom on Tumblr – it was a new experience for me – I got surprised at opinions and feelings that I never expected to exist on the earth. As a Japanese local, I know the contexts that the anime staff members are on. I learned there were people who were completely free from the original contexts of the anime industry. This is not a problem of “who is right, who is wrong,” so I’m not blaming on those people – anyone has the freedom to understand an anime as they like. I say that each of us need to know there are different situations (not as serious as cultural differences!) in other places in the world.

5: Haru’s Brave Heart Encouraged Me

Haru is a very normal boy. He doesn’t have any special talents, activities and dreams. And that’s not that he is completely dull to do anything. We see people like him anywhere, and I suppose I am like him, hum?

After he decided to become a protagonist, his destiny was never easy to keep advancing. But he stood up every time.

Haru was a perfect hero in Episode 41, when he faced Knight Unryuuji.

Haru protected even Kight Unryuuji who tried to kill him!

In the final episode, he became a hero nobody knows.

Haru is still a normal junior high student, but in fact, he saved the world…

When we watch this anime, we can feel we have hidden possibilities deep in our mind. Appmon gave us good energy every Saturday, which had been attracted me for a year.

In Conclusion – Yes, I am a protagonist!

As we grow up, we tend to lose confidence in ourselves.

“My friend is cooler than I. He always attracts everyone in my class.” “She got an A in that class, but my grade was only a C.” “He became a high flyer after our graduation, but I couldn’t.” “I’m a boring person without anything outstanding.” “I’m nothing because I have no job…..”

This anime tells us, “That’s not the point!”

Thinking independently, choosing our way and moving forward make us protagonists. Yes, I am the protagonist of my life.

We don’t know Appmon will have its 2nd season or not, and I don’t know how Kawaii News will be doing when it happens, but I’d like to cheer it up again.

Thank you for a wonderful year to all the Appmon staff members. I believe that the brave spirit to tackle the very new difficult theme was the best reason that made this anime so interesting. I felt the passion of staff members from the screen.

I’d like to end my final review of Appmon with the question that launched the story.

Are You A Protagonist?


I wrote so much this month. Hope you enjoyed anything in this issue!

Many things are on our schedule book in November. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon, Tamagotchi Anniversary Gift M!X set, Tamagotchi’s new 3DS game are going to be released! See you in November!

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