Kawaii Character News – August, 2017


  1. Review of Pokemon the Movie 2017 I Choose You
  2. Report of Digimon Universe Shop
  3. Tokyo Character Street Renewed!

Hello, everyone! I was out of my daily life in the last issue because my air conditioner got broken, but I’m BACK under my NEW air conditioner!! I’m fine enough now, so I’m writing a lot this month. Read, think and enjoy!

1: Review of Pokemon the Movie 2017 I Choose You

2017 is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s movie series. To welcome beginners and offer fan services to old enthusiasts, they remade Episode 1, when Ash (Satoshi in Japanese. I call him so in this article.) chooses Pikachu and starts his adventure. I went to the movie theater twice and I’m writing my reviews in Kawaii News!

I Choose You Pamphlet

Pokemon World on the Movie Screen

The director and staff members used to visit a real place on the earth every year and put it on the screen. For examble, Venice for the 5th year, Vancouver for the 7th year, etc.

On the contrary, the setting of I Choose You is Pokemon’s original world, not any place in our world.

Satoshi’s Hometown in I Choose You

I loved the very realistic arts of pokemon movies so much – I even regard the arts as the best of all animes ever seriously. But sometimes it is good to focus on the original world. I Choose You was good in its way.

The story is a parallel story; Satoshi meet different friends from the TV anime series in his journey. Fans who are particular about characters may not like it very much, but I don’t care at all. The important thing is that Pokemon’s world is portrayed well!

Elements from All the Movies

I saw and heard many things from the other pokemon movies in the 20-year history.

For example, can you see some fragments from the 3rd and 4th movie in this page?

From the 3rd Year
The forest is like Celebi’s.

It is too hard to list them all only with my memories from the movie theater, but I found something from each movie. You will, too.

Actually, I was so worried that the theme song was “Oracion” because I didn’t have good impressions about the 10th movie. Honestly, I cried in front of the screen because I felt the struggles of scenario writers in that year. But it was no problem. It was a good theme song about Satoshi and Pikachu.

A Little Mysterious

I Choose You contains some mysterious scenes. Satoshi is running in a field in his dream some times. Chatting at a school in our world is a scene of an “if” story.

I really appreciate Pikachu is yellow – he cannot be more outstanding in a monochrome scene!

If Pikachu is not together? If there is not any pokemon in the world? Asking these questions means rethinking of what Pokemon is.

The most impressive thing is… of course… Pikachu spoke for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, not actually spoke. Satoshi felt he caught Pikachu’s words. Anyway, it’s surprising enough for us, isn’t it?

In conclusion, I think I Choose You was successful as an anime, a remade movie and a Pokemon movie. (I really wish you can understand what I mean and how I enjoyed it since English is my second language, not first…) I hope the staff members will continue challenging new things. I am proud I haven’t become stale like a book in a library or a fossil. Although we learn techniques and reasons as we grow up, what impresses us is the heart after all.

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2: Report of Digimon Universe Shop

Celebrating the 20th anniversary, Digimon Universe Shop was open in Parco Ikebukuro on 7 – 26 July, 2017.

Parco Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

I went there when my air conditioner was not working, and I’m fine enough to write the report under my new air conditioner now!

Digimon Universe Shop in Ikebukuro

The shop was open at Limited Base, which always hold limited events for many animes, mangas, etc, in Parco Ikebukuro.

I was lucky enough to go there when the shop was not so crowded, so I was able to browse the items freely.


Some items were sold only in this Universe Shop and will never come again. The Agumon (and Gatchmon on the back) pouch, pens and battery charger are part of them. Want them?

We couldn’t choose the design of the cans and magnets – they were in a black bag. Enthusiastic fans traded them after shopping.

Not only items, I felt so happy in the shop with the 20th anniversary celebrations.

Limited Items I Got!

I chose 2 Appmon items – a mini bag and pen of Haru & Gatchmon!

I have a mini bag of Kapibarasan and it’s very useful in my daily lives, so I’m happy I got a new one. Also, Gatchmon floating in the pen makes me so happy!

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (Appmon) is getting into the climax. Please let me repeat the same thing I wrote many times; I’d had no thought I’d love an anime as I do now.

Straight to the point, I want YOU to watch Appmon!!

In fact, what made me watch Appmon was Kawaii News. I am a tamagotchi fan and I wanted to refer to its “little brother” brand. When I watched Episode 1 last October, I found the protagonist was very likable and encouraging. I decided to keep watching Appmon as an entertainment on weekends, but I was not as serious as I am now. What attracted me more was that this anime for children tackles things that we should think about; Internet security, cyber attacks and bullies, people’s tendencies to rely on automation, unreasonable hates against new technologies, privacy, fake information, and AIs.

The atmospheres changed in the 2nd half when world’s strangest character I’ve ever known joined Appli Drivers. However, the structure was too stable to get destroyed. And the storytelling seems to proceeding as it was planned at the beginning. I don’t write my personal predictions any longer. I just sit and wait for the grand ending. I believe I give Appmon the biggest applause at the end of September.

If you feel you have similar senses to mine (I suppose that’s why you are browsing this blog!), I really advise you to watch this anime. I promise Appmon is very interesting.


Offmon held by Eri

3: Tokyo Character Street Renewed!

All About Tokyo Character Street is the most popular article in Tokyo Direct Diary. But Tokyo is a city that is always changing – I can’t let my articles as they used to be. Some NEW SHOPS opened in Tokyo Character Street in late July, so I’m listing them up.

  • Otona Joshi Biyori (makeups of popular characters such as Sailor Moon)
  • Crayon Shin-chan Official Shop
  • Sumikko Gurashi Shop
  • Prism Stone Pripara Shop
  • Yorozu Mart mini (Yokai Watch official store)
  • Tokyo Gashapon Street (capsule toys)

I also updated All About Tokyo Character Street, so if you are visiting there, check it out now!


It is not common in Kawaii News that I put priority on writing rather than uploading heartwarming pics. How was it for you? I believe my personal passion is the most important thing to run a blog, so I wrote my real feelings about Pokemon and Appmon.

I hope you feel my heart and share it in your heart! See you in September!!

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