Kawaii Character News – July, 2017


  1. Tamagotchi Dream m!x version Released!
  2. Cool Summer in Rilakkuma Store
  3. Rascal is Getting Popular?
  4. 3 Reason Why Offmon is So Cute (& Appmon Reviews)
  5. Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Mascot

Hello, July! Before sharing cute stuff, please let me announce that I’m in a tragedy. You can’t underestimate Tokyo’s summer, and MY AIR CONDITIONER GOT BROKEN! As my life is unstable now, I changed some topics I had planned to share… But I appreciate good luck to publish Kawaii News July issue! Enjoy!

1: Tamagotchi Dream m!x version Released!

15 July was the day tamagotchi fans waited for. Dream m!x version, which is the newest version of Tamagotchi m!x series, was launched in Japan!

In Dream mix, our tamas can go to Dream Town and marry Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi and Spacytchi. Foods, items and mini games are from Dream Town that appear in the anime series.

My air conditioner was alive on 15 July, so I spent a wonderful Saturday. I woke up, watched Digimon Universe Appli Monsters at 9:30 (please go down this page), took a train to Harajuku, had a haircut and had lunch. Then, I dropped in at Kiddy Land, which my long-time followers know well, to see how Tamagotchi is like.

Tamagotchi m!x Dream mix version in Kiddy Land Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Yes, there are! There are also SO MANY white Chibi Tamagotchis again. And I saw some international travelers getting one.

Tamagotchi m!x Dream mix version Pink

Tamagotchi Dream m!x version Blue

Talking about the M!X Station to download limited items, it is always in Kiddy Land. On the same day, it was updated to the summer version!

I didn’t get a Dream mix on that day, and it might be a right decision because my air conditioner got broken on the next next day…

Anyway, hope you can feel the atmospheres of the launch day!

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2: Cool Summer in Rilakkuma Store

When your air conditioner is dead, you want to see cute stuff in cool colors, don’t you? Please enjoy the pics.




Sumikko Gurashi


Love them? I feel cool to see them. I want to go to the world of white bears…

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3: Rascal is Getting Popular?

Do you remember that I mentioned to free size smart device cases of Kapibara-san and Rascal?

Original Post: Kawaii News June, 2017

I see an increasing number of Rascal goods these days, so I’m sharing them here. …Or, do you know Rascal???



No thank you to the warm items, but I find that Rascal is such a cutie. I’ll buy the 3DS wallpaper which was just released!

4: 3 Reasons Why Offmon Is So Cute & Appmon Reviews

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (Appmon) is approaching the ending in September. The story is getting very exciting, and mysterious as well. I think this month is the last chance to write an easygoing topic like this. It’s Offmon – a kawaii treasure that Bandai fired off this spring.  (This article contains spoilers.)

Smiling Offmon

The Only Kawaii-Based Character in Appli Monsters

Offmon is the buddy appmon of Yuujin, the 5th Appli Driver and Haru’s best friend. In 5 minutes after his debut, Appmon fans all over the world fell in love with him… I’m one of them.

What I’d like to point out is that he is a character that cuteness comes first. He has the only one with drooping eyes, which is unlikely in a fighting anime. Buddy Appmons – Gatchmon, Dokamon, Musimon and Hackmon – are cute, but they are cool and strong first. Each’s abilities (web search of Gatchmon, etc,) stand out rather than cute looks.

Gatchmon (red), Dokamon (blue), Musimon (yellow) and Offmon (crying like a little brother)

Considering this, Offmon is described in a completely different way.

He is shy and timid, so everyone babies him!


Unique Personality – Look at his mouth!

Well, let’s draw a bunny. It is very easy to draw an adorable character even if you are not an expert. The downside of this fact is that there is a risk that all cute characters can end up with being only average.

Offmon is NOT average. With his origin to be an appmon of offline ability, he has a personality that only he has. Especially, please look at his mouth.

His mouth is always asymmetry, which rarely happens in my beloved kawaii world. It makes him looking proud of his power – he is strong after all. I LOVE IT.

5 Unrevealed Secrets about Offmon

As I wrote above, Offmon is my absolute mascot. However, there are still some possibilities that he is not a friend – even that he is a villain!

First, he has some “past” before paring with Yujin. Episode 32 means he has the experience he became Shutmon, lost his control, and maybe someone hated him because of that. When? Where? Why? How? I am also one of the people who suspect that Offmon is Hajime.

Second, Offmon is a character described differently from others, which makes Yujin look even more different from other Appli Drivers. Offmon’s cuteness is rather ominous.

Third, have you realized that Offmon’s power raises every time Yujin App-Realizes him? Although Haru and his friends got Appli Drive Duo as well as Yujin, this item still has unknown things.

Forth, Offmon is living in Yujin’s house, right? Watching Episode 28, we know it is extremely dangerous. Yujin’s mother can easily take away her son’s Appli Drive, destroy it, and finish Offmon off… Why doesn’t she do so? What’s the reason Leviathan doesn’t kill Yujin? He can’t because Yujin is important for him, or he can but doesn’t want to because of his human experiment? These are the core of the storyIn my opinion, it was a bold strategy for Minerva to make him an Appli Driver – if Yujin is too important for Leviathan to kill, it’s rather better for Minerva to take him into her side than just watching him as a danger.

At last, I’d like to point out what attracted MY attention. Please look at the scene just before the moment Yujin & Offmon got paired.

Offmon points at the Appli Drive Duo, and then…

It is Offmon who called Yujin’s attention to the tough question – “Do you have friends you want to protect even by sacrificing your life?” That means this angel-looking appmon KNOWS that Yujin would choose to die for his friends! Or, it might be Offmon who made Yujin to determine to… HOW SHOCKING!

We haven’t learned exactly how the buddy appmons used to live before paring and how they found their buddies. Minerva must be involved. Personally, I feel that the will and information of each appmon is connected to her. It is important that only Haru, Eri, Tora and Rei met her in Episode 38, and any appmons and Yujin didn’t. What do you think of this?

In Conclusion

I’m protective enough to wish Offmon has a happy future, but I accept the fact even if he is a legenday evil. Appmon has a mystery story and horror story inside. Every week I can’t wait for the next week!

I wrote this article with assuming you are an Appmon fan, too. Please go to my Tumblr. I sometimes write reviews and predictions there. You’ll like them! If any of my predictions come true, that’s where I will post how proud I am of myself!

If you haven’t watched Appmon, I promise that it is a legendary anime. It is an SF about AIs, which many people focus on today. Haru is a very likable protagonist for us, and you can expect to see CUTE appmons like Offmon. Catch it up and JOIN ME!!

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5: Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Mascot

Tokyo is going to hold Olympic Games (summer) in 2020. The Olympic Committee is starting to decide the mascots. They appeal to the public for the characters, narrow them to some and will select the final design in February, 2018.

Kawaii News of Tokyo Direct Guide will be VERY SHARP about the final design.

If the mascots are not as cute as all the cuties above? I’LL BE FURIOUS.

I, an expert of kawaii characters, will finish off the boring bureaucrats in the Olympic Committee if the chosen mascots are not cute.

Everyone, Stay tuned!

OK, I managed to write Kawaii News July 2017 although MY AIR CONDITIONER IS BROKEN! I hope I can write the next issue without such a challenge. See you in August!

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