Kawaii Character News – May, 2017


  1. Review of Tamagotchi Movie 2017!
  2. Kawaii Mother’s Day Selection – Rilakkuma & Totoro
  3. Two Bonuses from Kiddy Land Harajuku

Hello, everyone! Once again, I have great news about Tamagotchi this month. Enjoy!

1: Review of Tamagotchi Movie 2017

“Film Tamagotchi – Secret Present Delivery” was released on 28 April, 2017. I’d like to share everything about it and write a review here!


Bandai offered some limited items to download to your Tamagotchi mix at TOHO Cinemas movie theaters throughout Japan. So I went to TOHO Cinemas Nihombashi. Nihombashi is a luxury district in Tokyo City, so the movie theater was very cool, beautiful and comfortable. Yes, this is it!

tamagotchi movie 2017 downloads
Limited item downloads at TOHO Cinemas Movie Theater Nihombashi

Actually, an accident happened to me there!

tamagotchi movie 2017 limited item downloads

So I asked a movie theater staff member to change the batteries of the black tamagotchi, which appears only in events to download limited items. (Do you remember Toys”R”us items?) The problem was he didn’t know how to change batteries of a tamagotchi, so I helped him! Finally I downloaded them all.

tamagotchi mix limited item downloads at the movie theater
TOHO Cinemas Wallpaper, Pop corn & Marshmallows

The limited foods, items and destination are related to movies and Cocotama, the long movie along the tama movie.

tamagotchi mix limited item downloads at the movie theater
Destination Cocotama House, Acorn Maracas, Melory’s Ribbon & Cocotama House Wallpaper

Look fantastic, don’t they?


Mametchi and his friends were asked by Gotchi King to carry something that is important for Tamagotchi Planet history to Tamagotchi School. Spacytchi believed that it is an egg of a Cocotama who will make any wish come true, so he chased them to rob of it.

tamagotchi movie 2017 program page 1
Tamagotchi Movie 2017 Program

But it turned out to be a legendary white tamagotchi, from which Oyajitchi would pop up in the Earth & Tamagotchi Planet 20th Anniversary Party!

tamagotchi movie 2017 program page 2
Tamagotchi Movie 2017 Program

They celebrated the friendship with the Earth and enjoyed the party so much.


I felt it was a soft anime like a moving crayon picture. Did you realize that outlines of the characters are blue, not black nor dark brown? I think it made the movie cute, beautiful and artistic.

Also, so many characters appeared in the party scene so that we can feel the 20-year history. Mimitchi, Violetchi, Ringotchi, Yumemitchi & Kiraritchi, Lovelitchi & Melodytchi, etc, danced on the stage in the order of the history. Although some of them are not on the program, I think I saw most major characters on the screen. You know, it cannot be better for old fans.

It was the first time that Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Lovelitchi, and many other tama friends appeared in an anime since the TV series ended. As I wrote before, it’s my opinion that having a long story does not always lead to a good result for the Tamagotchi world. Considering this, I accept it very positively that it was a 10-minute movie. I hope it was a new opportunity for the staff members to rethink of new possibilities for Tamagotchi anime.

I was also happy to see many children were saying, “I’m happy to see this!” after the movie.

I have a VERY GOOD impression for the new Tamagotchi movie. Hope tamagotchis will appear and move in the screen again!


Tumblr of Tokyo Direct Diary – The kawaii channel of mine, which is almost tamagotchi channel these days.

2: Kawaii Mother’s Day Selection

14 May was Mother’s Day in 2017. Did you buy some presents? I went to Tokyo Character Street to find something nice!

In my opinion, the best gift was at the Rilakkuma Store.

rilakkuma mother's day gifts 2017
Rilakkuma Pots for Mother’s Day

They are Rilakkuma’s mini pots of strawberries and clovers! They were outstanding in Tokyo Character Street.

Talking of others, I found Totoro’s vases. But I couldn’t choose one of them because I did some years ago…

totoro mother's day gifts 2017
Totoro Gifts for Mother’s Day

How about kawaii Mother’s Day next year?


All About Tokyo Character Street

3: Two Bonuses from Kiddy Land Harajuku

First, I was stunned at the number of white Chibi Tamagotchis… Can you see? 9 hooks are only in my photo frame and each hangs 4 or more tamas! SO MANY! Somehow all were white.

tamagotchi mix and chibi mini at Kiddy Land Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

But I must tell you that Tamagotchi Mix was almost sold out there… There were only a pink Melody Mix and a pink Sanrio Mix… I’m happy that Tamagotchi mix is so popular there, but I need to suggest alternative toy stores to tama fans visiting Japan. As far as I see it, going to a Bic Camera store is a good idea. The stores are in Shibuya, Yurakucho, Shinjuku, etc. Yodobashi Akiba, which held the Chibi Tamagotchi pre-launch event in March, is a good choice, too.

The last of Kawaii News is almost always Jimbe san. CUTE!

jimbei san sanx may 2017


Harajuku Sightseeing Guide – Kiddy Land is a big popular toy store there. It’s also very popular among international travelers.

I’ve been talking about Tamagotchi for months in Kawaii News. Many readers and I love it, but in case you want me to share other characters, please request in comments. It’s OK if you are not sure it is categorized into kawaii characters – I’m the one who is always doing countdown to the next episode of Appmon. It’s my pleasure to share anything fun with you. See you in June!

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