The Most UNIQUE Japanese Restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo!

Asakusa has been an exciting district for hundreds of years. Today it is definitely Tokyo’s top destination for international and Japanese travelers. As a result, there are a lot of great restaurants, especially Japanese. If you have got a guidebook, you find sukiyaki, Japanese courses, sushi, tempura, and more.

But do you know that there is a restaurant that is really Tokyo original?


Descriptions of Komagata Dozeu

Komagata Dozeu (also, Dojo) is the most interesting restaurant in Tokyo – and maybe in Japan – where we can have pond loaches in the traditional style. Established in 1801, it has been offering the taste of Tokyo for more than 200 years.

What I want to emphasize is that the loach dish is Tokyo original; it started in Tokyo and you won’t see it in other cities in Japan such as Kyoto!

The restaurant keeps the atmospheres of Yedo era (samurais’ ages of Tokyo). The “tables” are on the floor as they used to be hundreds of years ago.

Don’t worry. For you who can’t have a meal on the floor, there are many today’s tables in the restaurant as well!


The main dish is served like this. Keeping the traditions, they are boiled in a iron pan heated by REAL charcoal. The leeks are self-service; it’s the traditional style to add MUCH. The soup is thick soy sauce, which you can add when it evaporated.

The cooks make the loaches drunk first, and boil them in miso soup well. Very unique, isn’t it? This enables us to put them WHOLE in our mouth.

What I want to emphasize is that loaches dose NOT TASTE ECCENTRIC. NOT BITTER, either!

I repeat that the taste is think soy sauce. The loaches are super soft, so I didn’t need to worry pricking bones at all. Whenever I talk about foods, I’m really frustrated that I can’t share the tastes – I say it was SO DELICIOUS and AMAZING!

The above is the main of this restaurant, but if you like, there is another type. It is yanagawa – the loaches are boiled with thick soy sauce and eggs.

In this style, loaches are not whole. Eggs makes it taste more normal, so if you are not courageous enough to have the original in a foreign country, it’s a good choice.

I’m a Tokyo local, but I feel Komagata Dozeu is so interesting that I won’t find the same thing anywhere else. It’ll be much more interesting if you are from a foreign country.

If you ask me to recommend only one restaurant in Tokyo to you, I can choose this Komagata Dozeu. Not only the good tastes, we can find the highest originality there. I confidently say it is an amazing restaurant. What do you feel?

Visitor Information

Komagata Dozeu

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 (Closed on 31 December and 1 January)

Lunch (until 16:00) – Dozeu Lunch / Yanagawa Lunch: 2600 yen + tax

Dinner – from 4350 yen

How to Get there

When traveling in Tokyo, you’ll go to iconic Kaminari-mon, the gate of Sensoji Temple. Just go straight from Kaminari-mon to the opposite direction of the temple. It is a 5 minutes walk.

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Sensoji Temple with Cherry Blossoms, Asakusa, Tokyo

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