Kawaii Character News – April, 2017


  1. Mametchi in THE Raincoat!
  2. Rilakkuma Towels from Portugal?!
  3. Jimbe san’s New Friend!
  4. Further Reviews of Appmon the New Digimon Anime

Hello, it’s April! Cherry blossoms bloomed, fell, and still late kinds of cherry blossoms are blooming in Tokyo. I saw many cute stuff as well as cherry blossoms in April. Let’s share them!

1: Mametchi in THE Raincoat!

Asakusa is one of the best cherry blossom spots in Japan. The point in Kawaii News is that Bandai headquarters is there.

Skytree and fully blooming cherry blossoms (sakura) in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.
Asakusa Sumida River Cherry Blossom Festival on a Clear Sunny Day!

Generally, it’s something disappointing for sakura viewers that it’s rainy without the blue sky. However, it is not always so for kawaii character fans like you! Have you heard that Mametchi in Bandai Headquarters wears a raincoat when it’s raining?

Mametchi in Bandai Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan, in raincoat
Mametchi in Bandai Headquarters on a RAINY DAY!

I FINALLY saw it myself when I entered the most interesting restaurant in Japan! I was amazed to see that this raincoat is totally tailored for Mametchi. It fits his ears perfectly. Do you see something that is completely original in the age full of franchised stuff? THE raincoat can be seen ONLY here on rainy days in the world!

Mametchi in Bandai Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan, in raincoat
Close up!

Umm… perfect. I thank the Bandai workers who were passionate enough to order it.

Mametchi in Bandai Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan, in raincoat
Bandai Headquarters Building under the Gray Sky

When visiting somewhere on holidays, anyone wishes it will be a clear sunny day. But tamagotchi fans are possibly the only people who are happy to see the gray sky in Asakusa!

2: Rilakkuma Towels from Portugal?!

I haven’t talked about Rilakkuma very much for some months, so I was looking for something fantastic. Then, what attracted my attention was… Who is from Portugal?


Rilakkuma collaborated with high quality Portuguese towels!!

According to the explanation at Kiddy Land, Portugal is famous for towels of good quality. Is it true?? Portugal and Japan have been friends since the 16th century, and Japan imported many things such as cakes, wines, world maps, etc. But I didn’t know towels!!

Is it true? If you know something, tell me!

3: Jimbe-san’s New Friend!

I have shared Jimbe san as a bonus topic for some months, but it is NOT a bonus this time! New items were released again!

A new friend is a young whale who lost his (?) way. Jimbe san was tender enough to play with him and give him some snacks, so they became good friends. It’s like a folk tale… isn’t it?

I started to think of changing my daily items and facilities into Jimbe san. If you are a big fan, good news is that you can download Jimbe san wallpapers for PCs & smartphones FOR FREE here!

4: Further Reviews of Appmon the New Digimon Anime

Please tell me – Are all animes as interesting as Appmon? I wrote some detailed reviews of the new Digimon anime and I’m still devoted to it.

(SPOILER ALERT! I mention to some core settings of the story in the following.)

Toys of Appmon series in 2017.
Appmon toys at the toy store

The new season started in April. Yujin, who is Haru’s best friend, became the 5th Appli Driver. What I want to say in Kawaii News is that his buddy Offmon is SUPER CUTE, but I have more serious things to share with you.

As I wrote in my review, each Appli Drive asks the Appli Driver a question. To Yujin, it was, “Do you have any friends you want to save in exchange of your life?” – it’s TOO TOUGH.

The questions for the main trio were purely personal. I suppose that’s because Minerva the good AI wanted them to grow up, but this time, she seems to warn Yujin of the worst case scenario. In my opinion, she trusted Yujin’s good personality and chose to have him on her side instead of just watching him. My question is not, “What will happen next?” but “What is happening in the background?” What do you think?

Life is an unpredictable story. When I started up the Tokyo Direct Guide project, I never thought I’d talk about cute stuff I love in this blog. This time, I didn’t expect I’d fall in love with an anime at my age. Discoveries always bring me happiness and new possibilities.

If you got interested, you can see the Episode 1 and the latest on the official YouTube – I know there is a language barrier for most of you, but you’ll understand some just by the moving pictures. In case you cannot watch the YouTube videos, I think it’s because of the restriction by counties. You can watch them by using a VPN that allows you to pretend you are connecting from Japan.

I’ll follow Appmon until it ends in September and surely write the final review. Stay tuned.

I sometimes feel I should rename this monthly series from Kawaii News into Pop Culture News. Anyway I’m happy if you enjoy it! In May, the new Tamagotchi Film will be on-air. Hopefully I’ll write a good review. See you next month!

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