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Report & Review of Tsukiji Uogashi by a Tokyo Local

Tsukiji Uogashi, the new shopping center inside Tsukiji Market, opened in November, 2016. I went there to report how it is like, write a review and share the delicious experience!

Tsukiji Uogashi, the new building in Tsukiji Market

Tokyo Metropolitan Government vs Tsukiji Sellers Dispute!

Do you know why Tsukiji Uogashi was established? Speaking simply, there have been BIG TROUBLES between Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tsukiji wholesalers.

In 2001, Tokyo Metropolitan Government suddenly announced that Tsukiji Market would move to Toyosu district. However, most Tsukiji locals were against the idea to throw away the traditions of Tsukiji. The never-ending dispute began. Later, Tsukiji wholesalers officially decided that Outer Market would remain in Tsukiji and only Inner Market would move. (In case you don’t see what Outer and Inner Market mean, please open the Tsukiji guide.)

The separation, however, was not as big a problem as the following story. In 2016, soil contamination, which had been pointed out by some architects, was detected in Toyosu. This is too big a problem to sell fresh foods, so Tsukiji wholesalers got furious again. The move had been scheduled in November, 2016, but was postponed to clean up Toyosu.

This battle made stubborn Tsukiji locals establish the new shopping center to keep the traditions of Tsukiji for the future. That’s why Tsukiji Uogashi opened in November, 2016, when Inner Market WAS going to move. ….Bitter.

Actually, the big fuss doesn’t have much influence on visitors like us because the part we stroll is Outer Market, which stays in Tsukiji. The fact for us is simple; Seafood in Tsukiji is DELICIOUS!!

A Guide to Tsukiji Uogashi

The story of politicians and bureaucrats is over. Let’s jump into Tsukiji Uogashi now!

Tsukiji Uogashi is a brand new shopping center built by Tsukiji locals and Chuo Ward. It is located inside Tsukiji Market, so you’ll never miss it.

Around 60 wholesalers gather in the ground floor. They are selling the freshest seafood in Japan at the wholesales prices! You can buy fresh sushi packs, too.

The 2nd floor is for conference rooms where professionals deal, so there’s nothing for us.

The most important thing in Tsukiji Market is eating the incomparable seafood. The 3rd floor makes our wish come true!

Uogashi Shokudo, the food court, in the 3rd Floor

There is a food court where we can have a great meal of the fresh food that came directly from the wholesalers. Not only seafood, we can have meat and cafe menus. Actually, non-seafood menus were attractive and interesting for me, but I chose seafood for my first visit.

Rice bowl with Seafood (kaisen-don) Lunch


I must say that it tasted EXCELLENT. Cooked by real Japanese cooks (itamae in Japanese), it was so delicious that I rarely meat similar things. I learn that freshness is such an important thing for the tastes.

We can go out to the rooftop. If you bought some sushi in the ground floor, go up to the 3rd floor and take a bench. You can have the world’s freshest sushi under the blue sky.

The Rooftop

The views cannot be missed, either. This is Inner Market, which is only for business people, seen from the rooftop. All the foods in the megalopolis depart this place.

Inner Market for Business People (& Rainbow Bridge over there)

You can see the traditional streets from the above, too.

Outer Market seen from the rooftop

Tsukiji is an interesting place even for a local like me where old things and new things are living together. What did you feel about Tsukiji Uogashi?

Reviews by Tokyo Direct Guide

In conclusion, I’d like to give a big hand to Tsukiji Uogashi. Tsukiji locals and Chuo Ward did a great job.

Tokyo Direct Guide is a completely independent travel guide site, so this article is not something that I was asked to write by someone in tourism.

Before I visit there myself, I wasn’t very sure how it would be. I found that the building itself was cool, clean and modern (even the toilets are so beautiful!), and I don’t mean it is a building that can be seen anywhere. The ground floor is in the same atmospheres that have been filling Tsukiji for hundreds of years. In my opinion, it is essential for a city like Tokyo to renewing all the time; Not just being new, not just keeping old things just as they used to be. Considering this, I feel the essence of Tokyo as a city in Tsukiji Uogashi.

I independently and confidently promise you that Tsukiji Uogashi is a great place to visit!

Visitor Information

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 15:00 for common visitors in the ground floor, 9:00 – 14:00 in the 3rd floor (Before 9:00, only professionals can enter.)

Closed on Sunday, public holidays and some Wednesdays. (On Wednesday, it depends on the shop. Please check out the calendar on the official website below.)

Things to Remember

  1. Eating is forbidden in the ground floor. When you bought some foods, go up to the rooftop.
  2. Smoking is forbidden.
  3. The 2nd floor is off-limits for common visitors. It is an area for professionals.
  4. When you take photos of the seafood sold there, it’s nice to ask the seller it’s OK or not for a good relationship between Tsukiji sellers and visitors. You can communicate just by pointing at your camera.
  5. Tsukiji is a town of early birds. Shops close in the early afternoon!

Helpful Links

Tsukiji Market Travel Guide by Tokyo Direct Guide – I had to rewrite it many times because of the dispute!

Tsukiji Market Official Website (English, Chinese and Japanese) – This is really a good site because Tsukiji locals write manners and howtos well for first-time visitors.

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