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Looking for a Cool Hairdresser’s in Harajuku

The last article in 2016 is kind of personal; it’s like an essay, not a practical travel guide which is the specialty of Tokyo Direct Guide. I’m happy if you can stroll in Harajuku with me virtually.

Well, I started to look for a new hairdresser’s this month. Actually, I like my hairdresser who have been cutting my hair for years. You’ll ask me, “Then, why do you need a new hairdresser, Kozue?” It is not that I want something new for the coming year. I really like the short hair she sets for me, and I have a good point card there, but the problem is the company running the salon. They raised the prices again and again in the past 2 years, and they will again next month! Not about the hairstyle, but the salon’s way to get money is no longer something to make me (and many other customers, I believe) happy. So it’s time for me to leave the “comfort zone” and proceed to the future.

When I put my attention to hairdressers, I was surprised at the number of them in my town. I found more than 10 only in the streets I pass through every day! But… how can they survive? Anyway, I looked for a cool (being cool is the most important thing for a hairdresser’s) salon with a clear price system, special offers such as point cards and the moderate size of the floor (not bureaucratically big, not awkwardly small). Most were so-so.

Next, I considered hairdressers in the coolest street in Japan – Harajuku. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Tokyo local, and I often go to Harajuku on weekends, but it doesn’t mean I’m living in Takeshita Street! I’m so happy if I can find a cool, skilled hairdresser in the streets of fashion and trends. It’s worth trying to find a good one.

GAFF Omotesando

Apparently it’s a cool hairdresser’s in Harajuku. It is said that even some celebrities come to GAFF Omotesando. (Google maps)

Here and there… The coolest streets attract SO MANY ambitious hairdressers!

LAiLY just across from the street
HEYKEL in 7F of H&M building

There are beauty salons in shopping centers, too. (H&M Harajuku Google maps)

…Don’t expect me to list up all the hairdressers in Harajuku because it is IMPOSSIBLE.

The fact is that the prices are NOT so high there; 5,000 to 6,000 yen (around $50 – $60) is average for a haircut, which is same to my local streets in Tokyo. Some offer more reasonable prices. People tend to give up their dreams too early; the assumption that a haircut in the fashionable street is ridiculously expensive is WRONG.

Did you know that Harajuku is not just a crowded place? The backstreets are really beautiful in Harajuku.

A Backstreet in Harajuku – Cozy & Beautiful!

Walking in these narrow streets can be a shortcut (not about hair), so I love to turn the corner from the main streets such as Takethita Street, Omotesando Avenue and Meiji Street. Harajuku is not a dangerous district, so I can encourage you to do so.

While strolling, I found a “snake cafe” in the building where ALBUM, a reasonable hairdresser’s, is located in the 4 & 7F. (Google maps)

Tokyo Snake Center – Snake Cafe (8F)

Tokyo Direct Guide stands for the travel philosophy that every traveler is mature enough to judge what they should do based on the correct information and take the responsibility on their actions. The correct information is that you can have a tea break with living snakes in that cafe. (Personally, I’ll NEVER enter it.)

This is one of the hairdressers I picked up; BREEN.

Amazingly, they had a sign for international travelers!  (Official Website with Google maps)

English-Speaking Hairdresser’s in Harajuku!

As far as I searched, this is not the only beauty salon welcoming international customers. If you are serious enough, it deserves to work with search engines.

It is said that Japanese haircuts are getting more and more popular in foreign countries in recent years. Hairstyles are part of Japanese pop culture today. And I myself really love my short hair by Japanese hairdressers which is light and stylish with warm atmospheres. I love so many foreign things such as food, stationery, shoes, devices, movies, views, cafes, restaurants, musical instruments, nature and even ideas, and I’m sure that I can live happily in foreign countries. However, talking about haircuts, Japan is the best for me. If you want, you can bring back your hairstyle as a souvenir of Harajuku!

I? I haven’t chosen the next hairdresser.

I have much time to think. There is nothing more mysterious than time. Our situations are full of confusing things, but I think it is all right to live little by little as well as having the ability to decide anything immediately.

I hope you enjoyed the last post of Blog Tokyo Direct Diary in 2016. It was a big year for TDD. I renewed the blog, enabled you of getting some important articles on GPSmyCity and added the award-winning flight search engine on my sites. I will develop my project even more in 2017 – I’m planning to add some new guides on the main site first.

Thank you very much for following Tokyo Direct Guide. Hope to see you soon in 2017!

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