Kawaii Character News – December, 2016


  1. Rilakkuma’s Warm Winter
  2. 3 Must-Knows about Tama Depa Harajuku NOW
  3. Jimbei san’s New Theme!
  4. Greetings from Tokyo Direct Diary

Merry Christmas! This is the last Kawaii News this year. How was 2016 for you? Whichever it was a good year for you or not (sadly), Kawaii News of December is SO FLUFFY!

1: Rilakkuma’s Warm Winter

It is not too much to say that winter is a high season for Rilakkuma. We can meet the fluffiest Rilakkumas in a year now!

When winter comes, Rilakkuma’s marshmallow socks are on sale (cf: Rilakkuma socks of last year). Personally I love the Rilakkuma’s face one on the left the best of them. How about you? No need to say they are SO SOFT!

Rilakkuma Marshmallow Socks 2016

It seems that Sumikko Gurashi is pretty popular when I’m surfing on the Internet. There are theirs, too.

Sumikko Gurashi Marshmallow Socks

I have been reporting Korilakkuma since her solo debut last winter. In this season, her new series was released again. White and pale pink… She has all the musts of kawaii characters!

I was stunned to find this announcement in Kiddy Land Harajuku; there is the temporary Korilakkuma Cafe open in Harajuku now! Why didn’t I find it? I need a reservation anyway, so I want to get a table and go there by 15 February, 2017.

I’m happy that you shared the latest Rilakkuma in Tokyo from this blog. Hopefully I’ll keep updating them in the coming year!

2: 3 Must-Knows about Tama Depa Harajuku NOW

Tamagotchi Department Store is ready for Chiristmas! But what I want you know is not that. I found 3 things that are VERY IMPORTANT. I’d like to share them with you!

Santa Memetchi

1: Tamagotchi mix is Reasonable at Tama Depa!

Tamagotchi M!X at Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku, Tokyo

5,144 yen + tax = 5,555 yen. Plus the special offer that you can have a draw.

This price is the MOST REASONABLE in all the toy stores I know.

If you are wondering where to buy a Tamagotchi mix in Japan, I advise you to at Tama Depa Harajuku.

2: 1996 Mascots are Really Cool!

Original Tamagotchi Mascots (1 for 200 yen)

Bandai has released the capsule toys of Tamagotchi in 1996 for the celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Amazingly, they are the real 1996 tamas. Look at Professor Banzo – Even the image illustrations are NOT redesigned!

This is really a good product. Have you prepared 100 yen (around $1) coins? Let’s try it!

3: IMPORTANT – M!X Stations of 2 Seasons!!

2 Tamagotchi MIX Stations at Tama Depa Harajuku

Look at the 2 MIX Stations in Tama Depa this month. Did you realize that one is the winter version and the other is still autumn?

Of course, this is NOT a mistake of the store. Yes, we can download items, wallpapers, mini games, destinations, play the games and marry our tamas to the limited characters in BOTH OF WINTER AND AUTUMN!!

My Mimi-Chotchi Participating the Tama Contest!

Even the shop crews don’t know how long this will last, so I can’t promise you that you can always enjoy 2 versions of the MIX Station. However, you MUST know this at least!

3: Jimbe-san’s New Theme!

Actually, Jimbe-san is one of the most attractive characters in my mind now. (Do you remember I introduced Jimbe san in Kawaii News?) Good news is that a new theme came to Jimbe-san!

The New Theme of Jimbe san by San-X

The theme is “Underwater Spa”. Jimbe san is living in sea world, so the natural result is that the key colors are cool colors. But this time, warm colors are featured! How wonderful!!

Many Items of the Undersea Spa Series

Many items of the new theme have already been released. You can meet Jimbe-san at the Rilakkuma Store in Kiddy Land Harajuku!

Thank You from Tokyo Direct Diary

This year, I got more than 100 new followers on my Tumblr, which is the kawaii specific social channel of Tokyo Direct Diary. On 23 December, 2016, I have 244 Tumblr followers!

I think that we were quite busy with kawaii characters in 2016. Temporary cafes of Rilakkuma, Kapibara-san, etc, constantly opened, so I had to go there for this blog. The biggest thing was the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi. Tamagotchi m!x, the latest version released in July, is undoubtedly the best in the history. My Tumblr is almost a tama log now, and that’s because of the fun things in the mix.

My blog project is so rewarding; I don’t have any word to explain my happiness to be friends with you online.

Mimi-Chotchi, The Cutest Tamagotchi in my M!X

Thank you very much for following Tokyo Direct Diary and I hope you keep following me in the coming years.

Have a wonderful New Year & see you in 2017!

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