Kawaii Character News – November, 2016


  1. Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary
  2. Reports of Kapibara-san Cafe in Omotesando
  3. Reviews of Pokemon Sun & Moon
  4.  Bonus: Too Late Halloween

This November is a VERY BUSY month for cute character fans! On the contrary to the last Kawaii News, this issue will be very long. Enjoy it!!!

1: Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary

A UFO fell into Sumida River in Asakusa one night in 1996 and our friendship with Tamagotchi Planet began – 2016 is the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi.

As an old fan since 1996, I’d like to celebrate the special year to the fullest on my own blog.

I have 3 + bonus BIG things to share with you.

1: Reports of Tamagotchi m!x 20th Anniversary Version

On 23 November, the day when the original tamagotchi was launched in 1996, known as Mametchi’s birthday and Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan, Tamagotchi m!x 20th Anniversary version was released.

I bought the Royal White and live-blogged it on my Tumblr to share the fastest information in the world.

Tamagotchi m!x 20th Anniversary version Royal White in the box
Tamagotchi m!x 20th Anniversary version Royal White in the box

I suppose most tamagotchi fans have known the key features, but I’d like to list them up to follow up.

  • There are 2 colors; Royal Pink & Royal White.
  • You can go to the new limited destinations; Laboratory, Makkakka Town, Ura Tama Town and Gotchi King’s Castle.
  • You can meet tamagotchis who were not in the Spacy and Melody mix versions; Mimitchi, Kuromametchi, Oyajitchi, Masktchi, Uratogetchi, Urazukyukotchi, Princess Tamako, Prince Tamahiko and Nemunemu-usatchi.
  • You can raise Makiko and Shimashimatchi from the egg.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, there are many things from old Tamagotchi series. Especially, who missed Professor Banzo & Mikachu?

Hatching an egg in the 20th Anniversary version
Hatching an egg in the 20th Anniversary version

I am raising the first baby now. Things that attracted my attention are…

  • The baby girl was Shiropuchitchi, not a newly designed character!
  • The baby is displayed bigger than the Spacy & Melody versions. To be Soft to our eyes?
  • The buttons are light to push.
  • The new mini games, items and accessories are all related to celebration.
  • Both of the mini games are great because they are easy. We can get gotchi points efficiently, especially from the Best Shot game.

These are my reviews at this moment. In short, I LOVE IT VERY MUCH.

My tama log is updated on my Tumblr, the cutest & fluffiest social channel of Tokyo Direct Diary, so if a tamagotchi fan, please follow me there!

2: Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Special Site by Bandai

Bandai opened the special site at the beginning of November.

Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Special Site
Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Special Site

We can try some quizzes uploaded there. If getting the answer of the introduction quiz, children can claim for the 20th Anniversary limited calendar at the toy stores Bandai picked up throughout Japan. (I am too old. TOO old.) Solving the next quiz, we can download the tamagotchi icons that we can use on chat apps – this is for everyone.

2 more quizzes are coming in January and April, so I’ll keep an eye on this special site!

Link to Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Celebration Site (In Japanese. Open in a new window.)

3: A New MOVIE is Coming in May, 2017!

Bandai announced that a new movie of Tamagotchi is coming in the next “Golden Week”, the public holidays in early May! This is really a BIG thing, isn’t it?

New Tamagotchi Movie Logo from the official website
New Tamagotchi Movie Logo from the official website

Translated directly, the title is “Short Movie Tamagotchi Secret Present Delivery!” This is the first movie since “Movie Tamagotchi The Happiest Story in the Space*” back in 2008. I love that sweet movie very much – Otogitchi appeared first in it.

Details have not been revealed at all at this moment. Please wait a moment!

(* The title was translated by me.)

Bonus: Limited DL Items at Toys”R”us

Bandai has been holding the campaigns to give away limited items for Tamagotchi m!x at some toy stores since September. I couldn’t fly to Hokkaido for them, but this time, there are Toys”R”us stores in Tokyo. YES!

These are the limited download items.

Toys"R"us Original DL Items for Tamagotchi m!x
Toys”R”us Original DL Items for Tamagotchi m!x
Toys"R"us Wallpaper
Toys”R”us Wallpaper

Actually, it was my first visit to a Toys”R”us. I used to go to toy stores in the supermarkets, so the large floor only for toys was new to me. I must admit that, surrounded by so many colorful toys, I was SO EXCITED. There were too many toys looking so interesting. Toy designers are really amazing people. Is it too late for me to have a dream to be a toy designer?

Not only at Toys”R”us, Tamagotchi m!x Stations offer some wallpapers and items of the celebration. For example, this is a wallpaper that we can download with a password from “Tamagotchi m!x Fan” the special magazine published by Shogakukan.

Tamagotchi 20th Birthday Wallpaper
Tamagotchi 20th Birthday Wallpaper

A tamagotchi-loving girl has grown up to be an international blogger.

On my blog, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who developed Tamagotchi. I remember my childhood when I never got bored to see stickers of Tamagotchi Planet. As I talked once, Tamagotchi was a treasure box of dreams and imagination for me. Now I’m so happy to connect with tama friends all over the world (yes, it’s you!) online and share my passion with you.

I wish the Tamagotchi world will become even more wonderful. Happy birthday!!!

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2: Reports of Kapibara-san Cafe in Omotesando

Let’s have a tea break.

Temporary Kapibara-san Cafe is open at Hands Cafe in Harajuku / Omotesando this November. This time, the location couldn’t be better – The building is big, new and facing the very main street!

Kapibara-san Cafe in Omotesando, autumn in 2016

Hands Cafe is always fashionable, and it was added fluffy tastes of Kapibara-san.


Surrounded by super fashionable stationery Hands is selling, the foods have the enough qualities to be good companies. Foe example, I ordered a glass of grapefruit soda.

Marine Blue Grapefruit Soda at Hands Cafe in Harajuku

Where is fluffy Kapibara-san? Here!

Kapibara-san Pancakes with Apple at Kapibara-san Cafe in Harajuku, 2016

Hands Cafe is inside the Tokyu Plaza across from La Forest Harajuku near iconic Takeshita Street. You’ll never miss it. If you are in Tokyo now, hurry up!

Hands Cafe in Harajuku / Omotesando

5F of Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Omotesando (In the same building to the fashionable “Starbucks in the sky”)

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00

Kapibara-san Cafe: 1 – 30 November, 2016

Official Website: https://www.handscafe.jp/omotesando/index.html (in Japanese)

Harajuku Sightseeing Guide

3: Reviews of Pokemon Sun & Moon

The brand new Pokemon games for Nintendo 3DS were released on 18 November, 2016.

Pokemon Sun & Moon of Japanese edition
Pokemon Sun & Moon of Japanese edition

I doubt pokemons are simply counted as cute characters, but they are definitely important parts of Japanese pop culture. I’d like to write some reviews about them!

1: In General

My first impression is that Sun & Moon is very easy to play as a video game. For example,

  • The maps are simple to advance.
  • The main character has enough pocket money from the beginning.
  • Navigation is always in the screen.
  • and more…

I personally felt that there were some regards for young children because, not only the simple scenario, the colors and effects are made to be attractive to them. Pokemon games have an extremely wide range of players today. There are super players throughout the world. On the other hand, there are also 5-year-old children who touched Nintendo 3DS for the first time. It will be controversial to make Pokemon’s main series easy.

I just accepted Sun & Moon as a different game from the series I played years ago, and I’m not a person to hate new things, but I suppose there are fans with different opinions from me. (In this connection, the best pokemon game for me is the Platinum ver.)

I also found some tastes of MMO RPGs – Different from shooting games where all the players seek as high scores as possible, many of the players enjoy exploring the world inside the game.

2: Another World of Pokemon

Becoming completely 3D, there are a lot of changes in Sun & Moon. However, the new things do not look very strange to me.


In my opinion, it is because of Alola, the brand new region to go adventure. It is natural in the real world that there are new culture, new customs, new looks, and anything new in a new place, isn’t it? It happened inside the game screen. Honestly, I don’t like to fly with a nameless Chalizard, not my own pokemon, very much, but I just jumped into a new culture in Sun & Moon. It CAN happen.

So I accepted the changes this time, but the question is the next version. (I know it’s too early to talk about the next, but I need to.) Will there always be the navigation system from now on? We will never fly and swim with our own pokemons? Roads are straight forever?

What’s the identity of Pokemon series? This is an inevitable question for the game designers.

3: Loading Time

Small things make a video game better.

If the loading time were shorter, it would be more comfortable to players.


I’ll be a slow, easy-going player. I’m not sure I’ll write more about Sun & Moon in the future or not, but I’m interested in your opinions. Tell me your impressions!

Link to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

4: Bonus: Too Late Halloween

I found a photo of Halloween items at Pokemon Center. Too late, but receive it as a bonus of this issue of Kawaii News.

Pokemon Center Halloween Items 2016...
Pokemon Center Halloween Items 2016…

I was so busy and excited this November. Especially, Tamagotchi’s 20th Anniversary was so important to me because it is tamagotchis who connected me to you! When I start my website project of Tokyo Direct Guide, I never thought I would talk about my love to cute characters. I repeatedly emphasize how happy I am to become friends with you.

Hope you keep following Tokyo Direct Diary. See you in December!

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