Kawaii Character News – October, 2016


  1. Kawaii Halloween in Tokyo – Rilakkuma & Kapibara san
  2. Hidden Mametchi – Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku tip

Happy Halloween! Cute character shops in Tokyo are full of pumpkins and ghosts and magical stuff. Enjoy!!

1: Kawaii Halloween in Tokyo – Rilakkuma & Kapibara san

Halloween is a fascinating season for kawaii characters because they are in spooky and unique costumes. I feel so fun when I’m just strolling in Tokyo Character Street!


First, they are at Rilakkuma Store – I personally love to see THIS MANY!


The theme is “Rilakkuma Ghost Halloween,” so they are wearing ghost costumes. So interesting, aren’t they? Not only plush items, I found cookies as well.

Rilakkuma Halloween Cookies
Rilakkuma Halloween Cookies

Every character has Halloween items. This is my beloved Kapibara san

Kapibara san Halloween 2016
Kapibara san Halloween 2016

Halloween items are sold from September. If traveling in this season, why not get some of them?

2: Hidden Mametchi – Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku tips

It’s a tiny story from Tama Depa Harajuku.

When you go to Disneyland, you look for “Hidden Micky” all the time, don’t you? At least, I see some guests staring at walls and tiles in Tokyo Disneyland.

Actually, there is “Hidden Mametchi” in Tama Depa Harajuku!! Did you know that?

"Look for Hiding Mametchi!"
“Look for Hidden Mametchi!”

But where? Tama Depa Harajuku is not as large as Disneyland, but we need to be very careful to find Mametchi in the amazingly colorful store…

Popular Ote-Tamas, Backpacks at Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku
Popular Ote-Tamas & Backpacks, and…


Anyway, the tamagotchi beanbags are really fascinating! Beanbags are called “ote-dama ( = hand-balls)” in Japanese. “Dama” is a voiced consonant of “tama”. When beanbags come to tamagotchi, Bandai named them, “ote-tama” right? That’s so nice!!


Actually, this is all of Kawaii News of this month. If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you might say, “What? Is this all?” Yes, this issue is shorter than any other.

But it does NOT mean that there aren’t many cute things to talk about. As I said at first, it is so fun to stroll in Tokyo Character Street, and Kiddy Land Harajuku, in Halloween season.

What I want to say is that every character is so cute in this season, so it is ENDLESS for me to try to show you all. I select kawaii topics carefully every month. I found so many things this month, too, and I thought they were not outstanding enough to write in Kawaii News.

Meet kawaii things yourself. We’ll be busy in November because Pokemon Sun & Moon is going to be released, and importantly, Tamagotchi M!X 20th Anniversary Version is coming!! Are you excited? See you soon!

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