Kawaii Character News – September, 2016


  1. Temporary KoRilakkuma Store in Tokyo!
  2. My Best M!Xed Tamagotchis
  3. Scoop! Tamagotchi has NOT Disappeared from Tokyo Station!
  4. Reviews of Kawaii Schedule Books for 2017

Welcome back to Kawaii News by Tokyo Direct Diary! I didn’t published that of August because of the blog renovation, so I have many things to share with you!

1: Temporary KoRilakkuma Store in Tokyo!

My beloved Korilakkuma made her solo debut last winter as I wrote in Kawaii News December, 2015.

In August and early September, a temporary Korilakkuma Store was open in Marui in Ginza district, the super cool shopping center in Tokyo!

KoRilakkuma Store in Marui
KoRilakkuma Store in Marui

This is it! Korilakkuma was on the windows of the ground floor, just next to the entrance. I love the white figure and the round tail so much!

KoRilakkuma on the Sofa
KoRilakkuma on the Sofa

There were many Rilakkuma fans who came to get the newest items.

Korilakkuma Store in Marui
Korilakkuma Store in Marui (22 August – 12 September)

Many of the items were sold before their official release at other shops. If people get them, other fans would envy them; That’s why some were sold out!

Limited Flowery Rilakkuma Plush
Limited Flowery Rilakkuma Plush

When it comes to Korilakkuma, not Rilakkuma, the tastes tend to become pastel and flowery. The limited plush was all flowers on the body.

I reported that Pokemon’s Outdoor backpacks were released in May. The wave finally came to Korilakkuma! Seriously they were great.

KoRilakkuma Backpacks

I am wondering if I buy a new wallet because mine is getting old. And there were…so…many…cute wallets at the Korilakkuma Store. When I have too many choices, I feel so troubled – happily.

KoRilakkuma Wallets

The KoRilakkuma items were so attractive to me, and I believe they are to you, too.

They will be available at Rilakkuma Stores in the near future.

2: My Best M!Xed Tamagotchis

In my opinion, Tamagotchi M!X that was released back in July is the best tamagotchi of the series. And it is not only me – Although there are many tama fans with various tastes, many say they love m!x so much.

One of the features of Tamagotchi m!x is definitely that we can raise tamagotchis of tens of MILLIONS looks by their marriage.

In this issue of Kawaii News, I’d like to pick up the cutest tamas of mine so far.

(9th Generation)
Pichi-Harptchi (9th Generation)
Hime-Furawatchi (18th Generation)
Hime-Furawatchi (18th Generation) & her husband Kuchipatchi
Kuchi-Furawatchi (19th Generation)
Kuchi-Furawatchi (19th Generation)
Mame-Chotchi (21st Generation)
Mame-Chotchi (21st Generation)


I had a dream to meet a variety of tamagotchis just as we see in the background of the anime series. Various colors, shapes, eyes, mouths, heads, wings, flowers… That’s the essence of Tamagotchi Planet for me. I’m so happy to have my wonderland in my hand. I want to say thank you to Bandai!

I have been updating my tama log on Tumblr, and I keep updating.

3: Scoop! Tamagotchi has NOT Disappeared from Tokyo Station!

As I informed you, Tamagotchi Store Tokyo (known as Tama Sto) in Tokyo Station sadly closed in June, 2016.

But I didn’t talk about what came to the place where Tama Sto used to be.

My heart was about to jump when I found this!

Tamagotchis in Tokyo Station...?
Tamagotchis in Tokyo Station…?

YES! Tamagotchi was displayed where there was Tama Sto Tokyo. What is this about?

Tamagotchi Hand Cream
Tamagotchi Hand Cream
Tamagotchi Lip Cream
Tamagotchi Lip Cream

YEEEEESSSSS!! Old tamagotchis are designed on the cans of hand cream and lip cream!!

This is the shop. This store is Otona Joshi Biyori, which sells make-ups featuring popular characters.

Otona Joshi Biyori (Grown-up Girls' Shop) in Tokyo Character Street
Otona Joshi Biyori (Grown-up Girls’ Shop) in Tokyo Character Street

“Otona Joshi” roughly means, “grown-up girls” in Japanese. It is produced by Bandai, so tamagotchi was selected as one of the characters loved by “grown-up girls”!!

Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station is meaningless without Tama Sto? No, it’s too early to conclude so!

I hope Bandai will “raise” tamagotchi more and more!

Helpful Link

Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station – Tama Sto Tokyo used to be here, and Otona Joshi Biyori is here now.

4: Reviews of Kawaii Schedule Books for 2017

It’s September. It is an annual topic for Kawaii News to share schedule books for the next year.

The Year Animal of 2017 is Chicken, so some kawaii characters are cos-playing as birds!

Kapibara-san Schedule Books for 2017
Kapibara-san Schedule Books for 2017

Kapibara san shop is really going along the needs of each fan. Some books design the FACES to stare at the cute eyes every day, some are quite simple, and others push Kapibara san in bird costumes!

Studio Ghibli Schedule Books for 2017
Studio Ghibli Schedule Books for 2017

On the contrary, Studio Ghibli produced all standard designs. No one is in bird costumes. I think it is good for Ghibli fans – Calm and natural tastes come first at the Ghibli shop.

Rilakkuma Schedule Books for 2017
Rilakkuma Schedule Books for 2017

Rilakkuma Store has so many designs of schedule books. There are cute pastel pink ones, of course, but we can find simple ones as well so that we can take Rilakkuma to business. And it’s the best time to feature Kiiroitori!

Which do you like the best? If visiting Japan in this season, it is HIGHLY recommended taking one (or more) as souvenirs – You’ll stay with your favorite kawaii characters in the next 15 months!

Helpful Link

Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station – The Kapibara-san Shop, Ghibli Official Shop and Rilakkuma Store in this article are here.


How was the first Kawaii News after the blog renewal?

Although I was updating my tamagotchi log on Tumblr, I missed Rilakkuma, Totoro, Kapibara-san, and any others so much. I finally shared them with you in this issue.

I hope you enjoyed the new Kawaii News. Keep following Tokyo Direct Diary!

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Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station

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