Kawaii Character News – July, 2016


  1. Reports of Tamagotchi m!x Launchi on 16 July!
  2. 8 Things to Note to Play Tamagotchi mix
  3. Rilakkuma in a Shrine in Aomori!
  4. Limited Rilakkuma at Kiddy Land Harajuku
  5. Bonus: Jimbe san by San-X

July in 2016 was a BIG TIME for me, and for my kawaii-loving followers!
Tamagotchi m!x, the newest version of tamagotchi, was launched on 16 July – It’s MY birthday. I have so many things to write only about Tamagotchi mix, but I also have something that I MUST share with you about Rilakkuma outside of Tokyo.
Enjoy Kawaii News of hot summer!!

Tamagotchi m!x Birthday Celebrations!

1: Reports of Tamagotchi m!x Launch on 16 July!


I’m reporting my own experience to get a Tamagotchi m!x on the day of its launch. Hope you feel the atmosphere!
Well, I went to Yamada Denki, which is a leading chain of digital items, electrical equipment and toys, at 10 when the store opens. (I had a big number of Yamada points!) I grabbed a Tamagotchi mix… and I got really surprised at the line to the register.

Holding a Tamagotchi m!x… in a LONG LINE!

I was in this LONG line for 20 minutes!!
Actually, not only Tamagotchi mix, many toys and video games were launched on 16 July. “Yokai Watch Sushi / Tempura” was one of them. That’s why this happened. So there were around 20 people in front of me who were holding various boxes.
Then, I finally got mine – a pink Spacy m!x version of Tamagotchi mix!!

Tamagotchi m!x & its box
Pink Spacy m!x ver.

Yay, this is mine!!
Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku held an event to invite Yutaro, a popular fashion model, on 16 July.
The store is full of m!x now!!

Tamagotchi m!x at Tama Depa Harajuku

Decorations of the wall changed.

There is a Tamagotchi m!x Station to download items & play mini games, of course.

Decorations & a Tamagotchi mix Station in Tama Depa Harajuku

Moriritchi came to Tama Depa on the next day.

Moriritchi in front of Tama Depa

Talking about Harajuku, Kiddy Land is selling Tamagotchi m!x, too. There is also a Tama mix Station, so if Tama Depa’s Station is crowded, it’s a good idea to go to Kiddy Land.

Kiddy Land Harajuku Tamagotchi section

How is it like playing Tamagotchi mix? Please go down!

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2: 8 Things to Note to Play Tamagotchi mix

There are some changes in the system from Tamagotchi 4U. And I think there are fun things to see! I am summarizing them here.

#01: No Weight Status

For the first time in tamagotchi’s history, there is not “Weight” status. So my tamagotchi does not become “fat” even if he eats a lot of snacks.

#02: Changes about Tama-Sitter

We can take our tamagotchi to tama-sitters as we did in Tamagotchi 4U – It is called “Play Room (プレイルーム)” in Park in M!X. Our tama can stay there from 7:00 – 17:00. What we must note is that we need to bring the tama back home in the evening. Even if we forget to do so, the tama will be back automatically as in 4U, but he or she will become very unhappy.
From the 2nd generation, “Parents’ House (パパとママのいえ)” has the same function.

Staying at Parents’ House

#03: How Many Days Does It Take for Tamas to Grow?

Tamagotchis grow and change forms every day. Concretely, it takes 1 Hour for Toddler to become Infant, 1 Day for Infant to become Young Adult, 1 Day for Young Adult to Adult.
So fun to see them!

#04: Changes of Discipline

For the first time in tamagotchi’s history, there is NOT any status about Discipline in Tamagotchi mix. We can take our tamas to bathroom, but they do not learn it.

They can, but they don’t learn.

#05: Transfiguring Streets!

Depending on the tama, the looks of streets and Park change. For example, when my tama grows up to Mametchi, the town became like Mame City.

Lab-like Streets & Park for Mametchi!

#06: Daily Lives at Home

In Tamagotchi mix, tamas do many things at home. For example, my Mametchi had a tea break at 3 in the afternoon.

Mametchi Having an Afternoon Tea Break

Things also happen in the garden. I often receive letters and even presents from tama friends, and Patchi Forest as a new destination got unlocked when my tama went to the garden.
We should keep an eye!


Tamagotchis can die in Tamagotchi m!x. In Tamagotchi 4U, they just left us when we didn’t take care of them. Be careful. This time, they’ll leave this world.
If your tama in m!x gets obsessed by Shinigamitchi (soul reaper), click the Aid Kit icon to call an ambulance. If you are too late, your tama will pass away.

#08: Prices of Tamagotchi mixIt seems that prices are not very different between toy stores. The differences are only around 200 Japanese yen (= around $2). For example, I got mine at 5378 yen with tax at Yamada Denki. At Tama Depa Harajuku, a mix is available at 5555 yen with tax AND a DRAW to get a prize.
So, if you are visiting Japan and wondering where to buy a tamagotchi mix, I advise you to get it anywhere you like. Tama Depa Harajuku, Kiddy Land… It’ll be your great memory!If you have any questions, please ask me by leaving a comment below. It will help other tamagotchi fans in the world!Helpful Links


3: Rilakkuma in a Shrine in Aomori!

Let’s have a break.
Tokyo Direct Diary is a travel blog. I sometimes write about cities in Japan other than Tokyo. In July, I featured Aomori, a cool calm city in North Japan.
After I explored Japan in 3000 B.C, I visited Utou Shrine, the oldest shrine in Aomori. Then, I found this!

Rilakkuma Charms & Wishing Boards

Rilakkuma’s emas (wishing boards) and charms! Amazing, aren’t they?
Among normal traditional emas, we find Rilakkuma, Rilakkuma, Rilakkuma…

Wishing Boards in Utou Shrine, Aomori, Japan

Utou Shrine was really a beautiful shrine. I’ll talk about it later, but I’d like to share some photos with you here.

Utou Shrine, Aomori, Japan
The Lotus Pond in Utou Shrine

When you get tired of busy life, you’ll be refreshed by a travel to a calm countryside.

If it is not very realistic for you to plan a trip, I’m here. Go traveling, go time-traveling on my blog.

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A Guide to Aomori – 8 Things to See in Japan in 3000 B.C.

4: Limited Rilakkuma at Kiddy Land Harajuku

Going back to Tokyo, Kiddy Land Harajuku is offering limited Rilakkuma items now.

First, these are limited plush for the 70th Anniversary of Kiddy Land. There are also plush for the 4th Anniversary of Rilakkuma Store inside Kiddy Land Harajuku.

Kiddy Land Limited Rilakkuma Plush

Moreover, Rilakkuma in samurai costumes & Korilakkuma in princess costumes are limited, too. I think that they are very very well-made.

Rilakkuma in Samurai Costumes

I remember I said the similar thing in the previous Kawaii News, but I want to repeat it. Kiddy Land is excellent at Rilakkuma.

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Bonus: Jimbe-san by San-X

In Rilakkuma Store in Kiddy Land Harajuku, we can see some other San X characters.
I fell in love with…

Jimbe san at Rilakkuma Store in Kiddy Land Harajuku

Jimbe san. I LOVE this so much! The round shape and dot-eyes are perfectly kawaii.

I wrote so many things in this article. I think this issue is the longest Kawaii News in Tokyo Direct Diary. My love to kawaii characters enabled me to do it.
Hope you enjoyed Kawaii News & see you next month!


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