Kawaii Character News – April, 2016


  1. A Guide to Perfect Tamagotchi Trip to Tokyo!
  2. Rilakkuma Cafe Honey Forest Souvenirs (& the next place)
  3. Bonus: Kapibara san in Bandai Headquarters

It’s April. It’s spring! I finally share something that I longed to talk about! I also have good news about Rilakkuma Cafe of last month. Enjoy kawaii spring!!

1: A Guide to Perfect Tamagotchi Trip to Tokyo!

Have you ever seen this Mametchi somewhere online?

Mametchi on Bandai Logo

This is in Bandai Headquarters Building in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan!! In Kawaii News April, I finally talk about this to you!
This time, please explore how Bandai Headquarters in Asakusa is like and why it can be a perfect destination for your trip to Tokyo!

Sumida River – Place of Legend

Sumida River Cherry Blossom Festival 2016

The fact is simple to understand.
Iconic Sensoji Temple, Sumida River and Bandai Building is all in a walking distance in Asakusa district. Sumida River is one of the best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, and even in Japan.
And do you remember? Tamagotchi’s original story in 1996 begins on this riverside – A UFO accidentally hit heartbroken Professor Banzo strolling along Sumida River!

Bandai Headquarters

Mametchi at Bandai Headquarters Building, Tokyo, Japan

Bandai is a leading toy company in Japan. And it is a common sense for US that Bandai is the toy company that has been making tamagotchis!!
In the front of the building, Mametchi is standing on the logo and welcoming people. There are many other characters there, but the main is Mametchi. This fact demonstrates how important tamagotchi is for Bandai.
Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Dragon Ball… It is the home of superheros, too.

There are not shops nor special souvenirs here. But that’s not a problem, is it?
Fans of anything hope to approach the origins, and that’s why we search for fandoms online, connect each other, start blogs and social media, write about our favorite things, read other fans’ articles, and become friends.
Visiting the home of our beloved tamagotchi will become precious memories!

Old Tokyo Traditions
Here is one more travel tip.

The cool modern building is Bandai, and what do you think of this old Japanese house?

Bandai Headquarters Building and…

Actually, it is a very famous Japanese restaurant in Asakusa that opened in 1801! Can you imagine Tokyo in 1801? Real samurais were strolling around here!
How about having a meal at this traditional restaurant?

Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku and Tamagotchi Store in Tokyo Station must be dream destinations for tamagotchi fans. When you fly to Tokyo in your holiday, they cannot slip off your travel schedule.
But why not add Bandai Headquarters?
Asakusa is the most popular destination in Tokyo among travelers, and I’m sure you’ll spare one day to enjoy the old and lively streets. Then, Bandai is just in a walking distance!
You are reading Tokyo Direct Diary. You’ll never miss it.

Visitor Information
Asakusa Travel Guide by Tokyo Direct Guide

Google Maps of Bandai Headquarters

2: Rilakkuma Cafe Honey Forest Souvenirs (& the next place)

Temporary Rilakkuma Cafe was open in Harajuku in March and early April, 2016.
Actually, guests were able to get some special souvenirs. I’d like to share them with you!
First, an original place mat and coaster for free.

Original Paper Place Mat & Coaster

We could choose a mat from 4 designs and a coaster from 8. Mine are these – I love Korilakkuma and “forest” designs.

Rilakkuma Cafe Coaster

Moreover, guests with reservation had a limited item as a present. It’s a jar!

Rilakkuma Cafe Original Jar for Guests with Reservation

What do you think I should put in it? Honey?

Rilakkuma Cafe Honey Forest Logo on the Jar

Good news is that Rilakkuma Cafe Honey Forest is going to open in Osaka on 25 May to 26 June. You have chances to eat and get the same things that I have reported in Kawaii News in March!

3: Bonus: Kapibara san in Bandai

There are showcases in Bandai Headquarters Building, and Kapibara-san was there, too.

Kapibara-san in the Show Case at Bandai

Yes, many goods and prizes are produced by Bandai. I’m happy to meet them. And I feel that I was really a Bandai-loving child (not everything, but it is true that my favorites were from Bandai) and still…

Hope you enjoyed Kawaii News April.

Cherry Blossoms in Asakusa, 2016

Spring is a good season, so Tokyo Direct Diary is full of beautiful stories. Explore them & hope you keep following me!
See you in May!

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