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Plum (Ume) Blossoms in Hamarikyu Garden – Japanese Early Spring

This is the 3rd and last post about Hamarikyu Garden in early spring. It’s finally about plum blossoms which bloom before cherry blossoms.

Plum Blossoms, the Flower Field in Hamarikyu Garden & Tokyo Tower

So, this view is seen only in 2016 as I talked here, but it is true that Hamarikyu Garden is one of the best place to see plum blossoms in Tokyo.

One of the good things of Hamarikyu Garden is that we can see Tokyo Tower. We can see it with plum blossoms, too!

For photographers, you can shoot only the blossoms with the clear sky as well.

Just like cherry blossoms with many kinds, there are many different types of plum blossoms.

In my opinion, the following kind of plum tree is quite interesting. It is called “sakiwake” that we can see TWO colors in One tree!



I’d like to advise you to take a camera whose shutter speed is fast. Continuous shooting is even better.

Birds come to the blossoms to have their honey. It is so elegant, isn’t it?

They are white-eyes, who are often seen in early spring. Their green body look so beautiful with the pink blossoms without leaves.

“Plum Woods” in the garden stretches from the flower field to the wharf to Odaiba, Asakusa, Ryogoku district.

“Plum Woods” in Hamarikyu Garden, Tokyo, Japan

Hamarikyu Garden is one of the few spots to have a cup of genuine matcha green tea.

Matcha & Fresh Sweet Set in Hamarikyu Garden

If you are traveling in Tokyo in late February to early March, why not add Hamarikyu Garden on your schedule?



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The Matcha Cafe in Hamarikyu Garden

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2 thoughts on “Plum (Ume) Blossoms in Hamarikyu Garden – Japanese Early Spring

  • Nice pics! In the article, you said shooting the flowers in continuous shooting mode is good. Why is that?

    • Hi Rohan!
      It’s for birds. With continuous shooting mode, you can take pics of the beautiful moment birds are having plum honey!!


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