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6 Rare Photos! Plum (Ume) Blossoms AND Nanohana Flowers in Hamarikyu Garden, Japan

It was remarkably warm last autumn and winter, so we can see abnormal and BEAUTIFUL views in February in 2016.
Plum (ume in Japanese) blossoms and oil seed rape flowers (nanohana in Japanese) are flourishing at the same time!
As a local, I’d like to tell you that these photos will not be taken again!

Plum Blossoms AND Oil seed rape flowers in Hamarikyu Garden, Tokyo, Japan


  1. The peak of plum blossoms is late February to early March, and
  2. The season of nanohana is late March to early April, which is almost same to cherry blossoms,

So nanohana flowers come just as plum blossoms leave.

The Famous Flower Field and Plum Trees

But high temperature in this winter woke up plum blossoms early, and it also made nanohana misunderstand that spring has come.
So we can see white and pink plum blossoms, bright yellow nanohana flowers and the clear blue sky in Hamarikyu Garden! Wow!!
I must say that the last photo is amazing!

Hamarikyu Garden is one of the largest Japanese gardens in Tokyo and famous for its large flower field covered with yellow flowers in spring. When they bloom like a huge yellow carpet with sweet smells, the garden cannot be more beautiful.

Pink Plum Blossoms, Yellow Nanohana Flowers, the Blue Sky & Red Tokyo Tower

But it was more beautiful than normal years. As far as I see it, it’s a miracle.

I was lucky to see it, and you were lucky to find this post of Tokyo Direct Diary. I’m happy to share the extraordinary views with you!!


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