Kawaii Character News – February, 2016


  1. News Flash! Rilakkuma Cafe is Coming in Harajuku in March!
  2. Nintendo 3DS “Guru Guru Tamagotchi!” Play Report

Spring is coming to kawaii characters. I have hot news about Rilakkuma and a big report about a tamagotchi game for Nintendo 3DS limited in Japan!

1: News Flash! Rilakkuma Cafe is Coming in Harajuku in March!

Do you remember the temporary Rilakkuma Cafe that was open in Harajuku last August?
On 18 February this year, it was announced on Twitter that another Rilakkuma Cafe is coming in March, 2016!

The cafe is going to open in Lucessimo bldg, past Takeshita Street in Harajuku from 4 March to 10 April. We can make a reservation through the Japanese official website.

The images are from “Korilakkuma & New Friends” which is a new theme coming in March. It will be a cute cafe that features the forest where Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma and new friends met.

So, the above is an objective description. Now I’d like to talk about my own feelings.
Do you remember that I reported Korilakkuma’s solo debut in Kawaii News December, 2015? I said I wished that Korilakkuma would be a big star.
I must say I LOVE this taste of Korilakkuma.
If you know Japanese fashion much, you have heard of “mori kei” fashion. (“Mori” means, “forest” in Japanese.) This taste of fashion started on SNS in Japan, not from marketing strategies. If I explain mori-kei fashion shortly, its features are warm and natural feelings. Some shops in Harajuku are brands for it. I personally like part of mori-kei fashion very much.
Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest undoubtedly has similar images to mori tastes.
Small and white Korilakkuma has many potentials as a kawaii character, and I think that Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest is realizing Korilakkuma’s cuteness fully.

I’ve made a reservation. Can’t wait for meeting them in Harajuku!

I’ll report Rilakkuma Cafe in Honey Forest in the next Kawaii News in March. Wait a moment!

2: Nintendo 3DS “Guru Guru Tamagotchi!” Play Report

“Guru Guru Tamagotchi!” is a game for Nintendo 3DS released by Bandai Namco Games in 2014. Amazingly, it is a world traveling game!
I recently got this game, so I’d like to share it with you on this Kawaii News.

Guru Guru Tamagotchi! for Nintendo 3DS that I got

The story begins like this: The Earth became so popular among tamagotchis. Everyone is talking about its culture and saying that they want to visit The Earth someday. When Gotchi King heard of this, he built The Earth Land on the sea. Tamagotchi became so happy and started to move or go traveling there.

When you start the game, you choose your name, then make your own character. You can choose,

  • Head
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Cheeks
  • Body Color
  • Hat
  • Cloth
  • Cheek Color

In my opinion, this process is just FANTASTIC. You can become a tamagotchi, what on earth will make you happier?

Choose Head, Eyes, Mouth, Cheek, Color, Hat, Cloth and Cheek Color

You can choose your body color from the following 8 colors.

Which color do you want to be?

My recommendation is green. When I have a chance to become a tamagotchi, I want to be like Kuchipatchi! My favorite cloth is Brazilian carnival costume because I can see the body color a lot.
And the mouth shape is important, too. I think the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are very tamagotchi-like.

Which mouth do you want to have?

Don’t worry, you can change your look whenever you like to. Let’s start the adventure!

There are 10 countries and regions in The Earth Land. You collect the information by solving quizzes from tamagotchis and playing mini games in each place.

  • Japan – Your House & Shop (You can decorate your room with furniture you bought and open your shop selling souvenirs from all over the world!)
  • Hawaii – Hula Shows
  • Australia – Koala Care
  • India – Curry Restaurant
  • Egypt – Treasure Hunting
  • Russia – Figure Skating
  • France – Fashion Designer
  • Finland – Santa Clause
  • America – Hot Dog Stand
  • Brazil – Football

When you learn things and get local items, they are recorded in the scrapbook. So you can learn the capital cities, maps, greetings, natinal flags, landmarks and culture from Guru Guru Tamagotchi!
Guru Guru Tamagotchi is playable for children, but I don’t feel some games are very easy. Especially in India, it is quite busy to cook naan bread, three curries of different spices and veges, and to prepare a drink at the same time!!

Curry Restaurant in India

“Corner Shop” series for Nintendo DS were released in English, too, and this Guru Guru Tamagotchi can be counted as the newest of them.

I cannot help admiring the ideas of tamagotchis.
Do you have a dream to travel all over the world? Do you like adventures? How about learning new cultures? I do.
I myself was a girl who spent much time after school being absorbed in Tamagotchi Planet. And you see, I grew up to become an international blogger (It’s very rare in Japan) & webmaster writing about travels!

The world of tamagotchi is full of dreams, and I think that the types of dreams are great and unique. They are not about efforts and victory like fighting mangas, but give us hope to advance to the future. They are purely fantasies without specific thoughts, but not just imaginary worlds to forget the reality. They give us curiosity to the world.
I wish this taste will cultivate Tamagotchi Planet more.

Bonus. My beloved Mimitchi is living in Brazil.

Mimitchi in Brazil

… Ah, her body shape in this game is not ideal for ME, but still cute.
You can meet 100 tamagotchis in Guru Guru Tamagotchi, so you have many chances to chat with your favorite tamagotchis!

Actually, I have got one more tamagotchi game for Nintendo.
I’ll report it in Kawaii News in the near future, and I hope to talk about my opinions about tamagotchi characters and the world!

Hope you enjoyed Kawaii News February 2016. The next issue will be out on around 23 March.
See you next time!


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