6 Top Souvenirs in Narita, Japan

When you have some time until your flight from Narita Airport, it is the best choice to go sightseeing in Narita town where famous Shinshoji Temple is located. Guides to the most interesting things to see are here, and this is a guide to get the best souvenirs. When you go traveling anywhere, you don’t want to miss the must-buy souvenirs, do you?

1: Japan’s Freshest Peanuts

It is a common sense for Japanese locals that peanuts are musts. Peanuts are NOT boring stuff in Narita – They are specialty of Chiba Prefecture.

A net-full fresh peanuts from Narita

There are many peanut shops in the street. They are selling peanuts of various flavors such as salt, butter, miso, and so on. My recommendation is fresh non-flavored peanuts in husks.

2: Traditional Bamboo Goods

Crafts are very important for travelers looking for souvenirs.
Fortunately, there is an interesting shop that is selling traditional bamboo tools in the street to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

Baskets, bags, tools… You can find so many things from small ones to big.
But the most interesting thing in this shop is this.

What do you think these are? Do you have any idea?

They are grated radish makers. You rub a big piece of Japanese radish against the cutters, and you’ll have grated radish which is often on a small dish as relish in Japanese cuisine such as tempura.
Grated radish makers are common cooking tools in Japan, but they are made of plastic and stainless steel. So those made of bamboo are very interesting to me, too.

Fujikura Shoten in the street to Shinshoji Temple

You can’t miss this Fujikura Shoten shop.

3: Charms at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

If you want souvenirs at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, not in the street, the amazingly big temple has many charms. I’d like to share one of them here – This is a white fox charm for success.

A Success Charm at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

It is shaped a face of fox. There is a small inari shrine to pray for your success in the temple, and this is the charm to bring home. White foxes are considered to be gods’ messengers in Japan. Foxes in fairy tales are often cunning, but white foxes in Narita will be good friends.

Not only this, any charms read “Naritasan” somewhere on them in Japanese.
And even the simple paper rapping for charms will be a great souvenir. (You don’t need to ask to rap your charm. Charm sellers at the temple will hand yours in the paper bag.)

If you want something real instead of souvenirs in souvenir shops, just drop in at the charm shops in the temple.

4: Healing Stones at Cool Shops

Narita is a town where people visit the famous temple to pray for their wishes, so there are some cool shops selling stones to make your wishes come true.

A Welcoming Rabbit Statue at Misumaru, one of the stone shops in Narita

It is amazing that I have talked about one of them in the last Kawaii News. The symbol of this shop is rabbits, which are considered to be a lucky animal jumping up to success!

Rabbit Items from Misumaru Narita Store

You can find other things like bracelets, straps, ornaments, etc. I recommend this shop because things are very Japanese.

5: Sembei (Japanese Rice Crackers)

Rice crackers are one of the most common snacks in Japan. In the street to the temple, we come across a big specialty shop which offers various sembeis.

A Sembei Specialty Store in Narita, Japan

Is there a variety of just rice crackers? Hardness and strength of the flavor decide the taste. There are soft to hard, mild to spicy. We can choose our favorite from many! Even if you can’t read Japanese, the red pepper pictures tell you which are spicy and how spicy they are.
Sembeis are made of crushed rice and soy sauce, so they won’t be incredible snacks to be afraid of.
Genuine experience is in light and local things. Have a pack of sembei.

6: Japanese Confectionery featuring Peanuts

Yoneya is a famous Japanese confectioner with a long history in Narita.
What’s amazing is that many of the cakes have peanut flavor! This fact will reminds you of your travel in Chiba Prefecture in Japan.

Japanese Confectionery from Yoneya

Made from sweet beans, most taste straightly sweet.
You’ll find that the head store is surprisingly large when you enter. Put anything that attract you into your shopping basket!

Yoneya Head Store in Narita

The 6 best souvenirs I shared with you are interesting to locals like me because I can feel the long history of Narita and real life of temple visitors since old times.
We don’t need to pay tons of money to have genuine and memorable experience. All the souvenirs above cost just several hundred yen. If you get the biggest grated radish maker, it is around 3,000 yen (= around $30) and it is the most expensive thing in this article.

How about 6 top souvenirs I selected? Find it, like it, then get them all!



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  • Sembei maybe same like rengginang "indonesian food" , the difference rengginang just have few nutrition.


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