Anniversary Giveaway! Tokyo Direct Diary Comment Contest

Happy New Year from Tokyo Direct Guide/Diary!

In celebration of 2nd Anniversary of Tokyo Direct Guide & Diary, I give away the full version of City Walks Apps for FREE to 20 people!

Prize: Tokyo Map and Walks App Full Version by GPSmyCity.com
(Note: For iOS (= iPhone and iPad) only. Not for Android.) For iOS AND Android! (Updated on 22 January)

Tokyo Map and Walks is a map app for travelers, especially independent travelers who hope to walk around the city by themselves. What is important is that you can use the map offline. It also includes travel guides to more than 170 attractions in Tokyo with maps. Normally, it costs $4.99, so this is a great chance to get it!

How to Enter the Contest – Just 2 Steps!

1: Comment on Tokyo Direct Diary!

On This Post: What kind of topic you like to read on Tokyo Direct Diary. (Topic lists in the following and the side bar of the blog will show you what contents are in TDD. No need to hurry, you have enough time to stroll.)
On The Best Post for You: Why you like it. (You possibly find your favorite on the list.)

2: Keep in Touch with TDD on Facebook or Twitter

Facebook: Like Tokyo Direct Guide and leave a comment on the following FB post so that I can send you back the App promo code via personal message if you win!

Please use your personal Facebook account, not a Facebook Page, because we can’t send messages between pages.

Twitter: Follow Tokyo Direct Guide and retweet this!

Make sure to show me that your comment is written by yourself on social media.
For example, if you comment on TDD as your nickname “Pirate King James” and your Twitter username is “cutest_bunny”, I can’t recognize that “they” are the same person, so I can’t send you the prize!
The easiest way is to leave your username in your comment on this blog. (ex: I wanted to get official goods of One Piece! When I go to Tokyo on my next holidays, I’ll head to this shop! Twitter @cutest_bunny)

Contest Rules

  1. Open WORLDWIDE.
  2. 20 people will win. (How to select winners is TBA for the moment. It probably depends on how many people enter. I will let you know later.)
  3. Giveaway starts on 3 January and ends on 31 January at 23:59 (GMT+09:00 Tokyo).
  4. Winning entries will be verified. (must comment on this blog, be following on Facebook or Twitter, and commented(FB)/retweeted(Twitter).)
  5. Winners will receive a direct message with the promo code of the App on the social media they used on 1 February.

I tried Tokyo Map and Walks that GPSmyCity offered to me.
The map is perfect; It doesn’t miss any single street in the megalopolis! Leave train maps and subway maps to TDG. With Tokyo Map and Walks app, you’ll never get lost.

Screen shop of the menu!

Join the contest and win the app. It’s so easy to enter!

For 2 years, I have written nearly 200 blog posts. Now Tokyo Direct Diary has a variety of stories from beautiful photo posts to practical insider’s tips for those who really plan a trip to this large city, from serious Japanese culture and history to weird episodes.

I hope first-time visitors discover how resourceful Tokyo Direct Guide/Diary is, and long-time followers (Thanks!) re-find your favorite story by entering this contest.

Here are lists of contents. From must-sees to maniacs. I categorized them into seven.

1: Japanese Natural Beauty in Tokyo – Cherry blossoms & autumn colors.
Full-blooming Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo City
Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) Ueno, Japan – Why You Shouldn’t Miss Shinobazu Pond! – In my opinion, this Ueno Park is the best cherry blossom spot in Tokyo.
Red Maple Leaves in a Japanese garden in Tokyo City
And more. Go to Cherry Blossoms and Fall Foliage pages!
2: Destinations in Japan – Did you know? Tokyo Direct Diary is not only for Tokyo!
The Great Buddha in Kamakura
A Trip to Hiraizumi – A Heaven in Northern Japan – Top Places for Autumn Leaves in Japan #01 – Have you heard of Hiraizumi? I must say this world heritage site is stunning.
And more. See the sidebar for more cities.
3: Travel Planning Advice – Practical posts for you who are really planning a trip to Tokyo. It’s my specialty.

The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo City in English – Travelers say that this is the most helpful article in Tokyo Direct Guide! When you learn how complicated Tokyo’s subways are, you’ll understand them.

A Guide to Hamamatsucho – All About its Attractions, Hotels and Transportation – There are more than 600 hotels spread around Tokyo City. A local advise you to choose the best one by the hotel location.
“Laziness Saves You” – 3 Coolest Indoor Activities & 6 Travel Tips to Spend Hot Summer in Tokyo, Japan – Never underestimate summer in Tokyo. A local is emphasizing so. Listen to me. Please.
And more! Tokyo Accommodation Guide page.
4: Maniacs – Must-sees are on any guidebooks. It’s time to get surprised!
Mt. Takao in Western Tokyo
Walking On Fire Festival in Mt. Takao, Japan – A Report & Sightseeing Guide – Let’s join super exotic Walking-on-Fire Festival inside Tokyo. I’m serious.
A Trip to Jindaiji – Am I Really Traveling in Tokyo? – Do you think that Tokyo is all silver buildings and no green? Actually, no.
And more! Want more of Mt. Takao? Or, if interested in cultural things, go to Culture page.  
6: Cute, Fluffy Characters – Another specialty of TDD!

All About Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station Part 1: Kawaii (Cute) Items – Actually, this is one of the most popular post of Tokyo Direct Diary.

Kawaii Character News – August, 2015 – Rilakkuma Cafe that was open in summer, 2015, is seen nowhere but on Tokyo Direct Diary!

Harajuku’s New Food – Tamagotchi Department Store Re-opened – This is a popular post, too. A perfect guide to Tama Depa, the dream destination for Tamagotchi fans all over the world.

Want more? Visit Kawaii page!

7: Weird & Humorous – This is a blog. Original stories are the most important!
3 Ways to Avoid or Manage Bad Weather on a Trip to Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi! – What? I traveled in Mt. Fuji and I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji?! Let’s get over troubles by humors!

“Gorilla Relations” : Gorillas in Ueno Zoo – I think he thinks he’s a human.

Rare Photos! Pagoda Washing in Ueno – Learn how to wash a PAGODA.

The Worst Day at Tokyo National Museum in Ueno!? : a treasure from Taiwan & the Japanese brave – Experience world’s most crowded city…virtually!

You like weird stories? Then, you’ll find many in Events and Humor pages!

I welcome comments on any post.

Lose yourself in Tokyo Direct Guide and win the App.
Good luck!

GPSmyCity Official Website: http://www.gpsmycity.com/

All-In-One, The Quickest Travel Guide Site by a Local: http://tokyo-direct-guide.com/

7 thoughts on “Anniversary Giveaway! Tokyo Direct Diary Comment Contest

  • First of all I would like to say Happy 2nd anniversary to your blog! I am always updated to twitter and newsletter when you post a new content and I love it eversince I became your follower. (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧

    I love your kawaii content! as a proof to that I just got my Rilakkuloset as a gift from my brother when he went to Japan (because of your post) 🙂


    Aside from that I just want to learn more about Japanese fetivals!. After reading the Cherry Blossoms festival post. I am curious about what other festivals that Japanese people celebrate in Tokyo ^^, so when I'm planning to visit again soon I can atleast attend one festival there haha. that's all! and looking forward to more content this 2016 <3

    -Sarah Pascual
    The Relaxed Bear

    • Thank you, Sarah, I'm so happy that you enjoy TDD and my posts are helping you!

      And I remember your Rilakkuma in blue sweater – I saw many of them at Rilakkuma Store. I really feel that warm clothes fit Rilakkuma so well!
      It was unexpectedly rewarding to write about kawaii stuff. I'm so happy to share my love to them with you!! If you have friends who love kawaii characters or plan to visit Tokyo, feel free to bring them to my sites!

      Talking about festivals in Tokyo, I have reported many of them, so check out this Tokyo Event Calendar.
      For example, it's early January now, so shrines and temples are very lively with Japanese visitors celebrating New Year.

      Hopefully I'll write about some other festivals this year, so just wait for them!!!

    • Thank you for replying! I would totally check your tokyo event calendar! (ノ*゜▽゜*)

  • Hello, happy 2nd anniversary! 🙂 I love your blog. While planning for my trip to Japan I found this blog and it helped me a lot to find some things I want to visit! A big thank you for that! 🙂 I would love to read something about good eating locations (vegetarian) because I have noticed it is quite hard to eat meatless in Japan. That would be a great help 🙂

  • I found your blog from a search for the cherry blossom forecast. After reading it though I noticed you had several other interesting posts-quite a few actually. The humor and variety of things you post are helpful. It's nice to get a personal perspective from a local and traveler since you can relate!
    Congrats on 2 years!

    • Hello Mae!
      Cherry blossom forecast is definitely the most popular post in this blog because everyone traveling to Japan wants to know it! And it is so exciting for me, too, to share the most beautiful days in Japan with you.

      Talking about my personal perspective as a local, yes, it is the very thing I wished to do on the web. I hope to help visitors to reach so many fun things in Tokyo by giving useful information, and being independent enables it.

      Thank you for visiting TDD and hope to meet you on FB or Twitter!


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