Kawaii Character News – December, 2015


  1. Rilakkuma’s Winter & Korilakkuma’s Solo Debut!
  2. Kapibara-san Cafe Tokyo Part 2
  3. I Won a Prize of Dream Tamago Lot!!!

In my opinion, winter is a high season for kawaii characters. Being fluffy is life for them, and this fact fits warm items for winter very well. What’s more, Christmas and New Year decorate them so colorfully!

1: Rilakkuma’s Winter & Korilakkuma’s Solo Debut!

Thank you for waiting, Rilakkuma fans. It’s a high season for Rilakkuma. I have TOO MANY to share with you!

Rilakkuma’s Christmas & Winter 2015

Warm images of Rilakkuma fit winter very well. I showed some winter items such as socks in Kawaii News October, so I’d like to focus on items which were newly released in December.
First, Christmas is a must in December. Not only warm plush items, glass decorations are shining.

Rilakkuma Glass Christmas Trees

But what attracted me most was not Christmas items, but a new concept staring Korilakkuma that was released this December. If being pretty is most important for Rilakkuma, it is a great hit for me.

It is Korilakkuma’s Strawberry series.
The story is…
“Korilakkuma loves strawberries very much. One day, she had a dream in her sleep to put on a strawberry hat and swing the wand. And then, everything became strawberry!”

The Shelf of Korilakkuma’s Strawberry Series!

This is the solo debut of Korilakkuma.
Personally, I love this series most in the history of Rilakkuma. I’d feel that Korilakkuma should be the main character for some items, and it came true.

Korilakkuma Strawberry Carriage Plush

And it is NOT Too pastel, Too sweet, Too fairy-tale-like. The good balance makes Korilakkuma cuter than any time!

In my opinion, there are things and colors that are essential for kawaii worlds. And this Korilakkuma series has many of them!

  1. Pink
  2. Bunny
  3. Fruits

I wish Korilakkuma will be a big star from now!

More and more winter items are coming to Rilakkuma Store in Tokyo Character Street.
Pots, dishes, bowls… They all warm us!

Warm Meals with Rilakkuma…

New Year items are coming, too.

A Shelf-ful Rilakkuma in Kimono for New Year!

I’m going to show them in the first issue of Kawaii News in 2016.
I hope you enjoyed my Rilakkuma topics this year. Please feel free to comment and have a look at other kawaii characters. Thank you for visiting Kawaii News by Tokyo Direct Diary, my friends!

2: Kapibara-san Cafe Tokyo Part 2

I shared Kapibara-san chazuke lunch in Kawaii News of last month.
It’s time to talk about sweet desserts.

Kapibara san Chestnut Cake & Matcha Set

The dessert that attracted me most was this cake & matcha set. It’s a cake, but you see, it is inspired from Japan a lot.
This Kapibara-san Cafe is for Kapibara-san’s 10th anniversary, so the foods are full of celebrations. For example, it is REAL gilt that is on the chestnuts!!

REAL GOLD on Kapibara-san Chestnut Cake!

The inspirations from Japan are not only on the looks. Amazingly, Japanese azuki (= sweet beans) paste is in the cake!

Looks Japanese, Tastes Japanese!

It was really a beautiful time for me to have a break with this cake set. Just in case you still assume that you can’t expect good tastes to foods featuring characters, it’s a theory of old times. Foods are VERY DELICIOUS in temporary character cafes like this!

In the end, let’s have a look at the decorations in the cafe.
The ground floor is Midorino Meadow where Kapibara-sans are living.

Midorino Meadow where Kapibara-sans are living – On the Wall


On the Showcases

The cafe itself is fashionable. Kapibara-sans stay there until 25 December, and when they leave, the cafe Sign Gaienmae will be as it was.
Until then, Kapibara-sans are living even in the stairs!

Apples, Greens and Kapibara-sans covering the stairs to 2F
Fluffy Decorations by the Cool Stairs
Everyone is Preparing Kapibara-san Cafe!

When you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, it’s a heaven where angels are celebrating!

Heaven in the Clouds.

I once had the lunch in this heaven. Want to see it? It’s in the issue of November.

Cafe Sign Gaienmae as the Temporary Kapibara-san Cafe Tokyo

I repeat that it is amazing that a temporary character cafe has 2 floors. I think that the big Kapibara-san Cafe was very successful to offer us so much of the fluffy world.
Thank you, Kapibara-san, and I look forward to explore more of you!

3: I Won a Prize of Dream Tamago Lot!!!

My adventure to get Dream Tamago Lots in November paid off.

I won the double-chance prize! Bandai will mail me the Tamagotchi New Year Towel!!

My Dream Tamago Lot that won the prize!!

I was so excited when I saw this in Bandai official website!!

The Screen Shot!

It reads,

“Winner Announcement!

You Won the Double-Chance Prize!

For You Who Missed the Prizes
Double-Chance Prize

New Year Towel”

How happy & lucky I am! I missed Prize A; Tamagotchi Osechi, but I’m proud to be in the 1123 people who got some prize throughout Japan.
Now, one topic for the first kawaii news in 2016 is fixed. I’ll share the towel with you on this blog! Dear tamagotchi fans all over the world, don’t miss it!!

Thank you for visiting my Kawaii Character News on Tokyo Direct Diary in 2015.
I hope you enjoyed sharing the cutest and fluffiest items and stories in the world. It was not always easy to find the finest topics while I wrote weekly updates of Tokyo Direct Diary, but it was extremely rewarding for me to talk about my passion for my beloved characters. It was an unexpected pleasure to learn that there are so many people who love the same things. Now I really feel happy to become friends with you!
I keep writing about these cute, fluffy and a little weird friends in 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
See you again on Tokyo Direct Diary in 2016!!

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