Coolest Cars & Crowded Photos: Reports of Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Part 2

I am uploading super cool car & motorbike photos at Tokyo Motor Show 2015, one of the biggest auto shows in the world. As the writer of Tokyo Direct Guide, it is a must-talk!If you are following me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I recently bought a new camera. My trip to Jindaiji, the interesting country place in Tokyo, became the last memory of my old camera; It got broken in the botanical garden. It was shocking to me, of course, but it was also a good chance because I had wanted a better camera with fast shutter for a long time. Now my new camera has excellent qualities that enable me to take more professional photos than ever! So TMS was a great opportunity to shoot the newest and coolest cars in the world.

Although I can’t explain the cars professionally, I write the names of car makers and models as possible so that this post will be helpful for car manias, too.

“Crowded Tokyo” photos, which is one of my professions, are coming after the new cars. You will sigh, “Wow, cool!” and next “Haha, so crazy!” Enjoy my post!

CLARITY FUEL CELL (Honda) – Appeared First in the World


EV-CUB Concept (Honda) – Appeared First in the World


Prius (Toyota) – Appeared First in Japan
Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Alfa Romeo)


Garmin Porsche (Porsche)

The ukulele attracted my attention, so I approached Daihatsu booth. I was right to do so.

HINATA (Daihatsu) – Appeared First in the World

The most impressive car in TMS 2015 was this!

TEMPO (Daihatsu) – Appeared first in the world

Do you have a dream to become an “analog” nomad? Do you want to travel with a moving cafe? I do! This car is a travelling food stand. It’s like a fantasy movie!

Counter tables, show cases and monitor for your menu!

Many of the car makers hold test riding events and driving demonstrations at the rooftop. Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center is located in the cool and wide bay side district, so it looked so open and refreshing.

Test rides of the newest cars at the rooftop of Tokyo Big Sight

Test rides were so popular that the tickets were fully booked by the afternoon. Do you think that they should make schedules with more capacity? I don’t think they can. The fact is that visitors are too many.

The following is my profession “Crowded Tokyo” episodes! It is all right to learn for the next TMS and it’s also fine just to laugh!

At the Entrance – In the Morning

TMS Entrance around 9:30 (30 minutes before opening)

I was in the line of T-ticket (a digital ticket of T card, a Japanese point card system) holders. It is better to have an advance ticket than buying it on the day.

The line of general visitors. Yurikamome Line is seen over there.

I went to Tokyo Big Sight by Rinkai Line train. Kokusai-tenjijo Station was casting warning announcements that the station would be very crowded because of TMS, but when I saw these lines, I thought it was all right.

I am an expert of Crowded Tokyo, so this was not so serious.

People waiting for opening

Do you agree with me? Yes? No? Anyway, it became serious from noon.

Inside Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 2F aisles – The endless flow of people!

Tokyo Big Sight is really BIG, but there was no free space in the aisles! You wouldn’t be able to stop once you get into the flow of people!

And this is just beginning.

The exhibition halls were in 1F, and they were oceans of people!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH! I have survived crazy crowds in Tokyo many times, but I give this the rating of 4 stars!

Nori Ori (Daihatsu, this side) and Toyota booth over there!
Toyota booth in East Hall. EXTREMELY CROWDED!!
The stage of HINATA, my beloved moving cafe car (Daihatsu) and people!

Get it? According to Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, 812,500 people visited TMS 2015.

So when you visit Tokyo Motor Show, I advise you to get up early and put priority to head to the things you aim! If you spend morning to relax and go out after lunch, ALL the test ride tickets are in hands of others. Yes, you CAN approach your favorite cars, open and close the door, and try sitting on the seat, but SO MANY people are around you! You’ll appear in SO MANY photos taken by others! You CAN take photos, but you’ll find more PEOPLE in your photos rather than cars!

I’m happy if you shared the EXCITING atmospheres.

Which car (or photo) do you like the best?

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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Date & Time

29 October – 8 November, 2015

(28 and 29 October are the Press Days. 30 October to 8 November are Public Days for everyone.)

12:30 – 20:00 on 30 October, 10:00 – 20:00 on weekdays, Saturdays and public holidays, 10:00 – 18:00 on Sundays


Advance Ticket – 1400 yen for adult, 400 yen for high school student, free for children 15 and under

Regular Ticket sold on the day – 1600 yen for adult, 500 yen for high school student, free for children 15 and under

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