Kawaii Character News – October, 2015


  1. My Reviews of Tamagotchi TV
  2. New Limited Items at Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku
  3. Rilakkuma Goods for Winter – My Selection!
  4. Kapibara-san 10th Anniversary
  5. Bonus: Kotori-tai

I know Kawaii Character News of this month is long and heavy, but it is heavy because of the photos, videos and texts. ….Enjoy this post as you like!

1: My Reviews of Tamagotchi TV

Finally Tamagotchi TV started on 1 October, 2015.

They uploaded 11 videos of all the series on the day of opening so that we can experience how they are like. From next time, the updates are scheduled. I am listing up and translating the schedules with descriptions of my writing.

Update Schedules of Tamagotchi TV 

First Monday: Finding Tamagotchi!! (original title: ここで発見!!たまごっち) – Descriptions: We find tamagotchis that Spacitchi hid somewhere in the video.

Second Monday: Growing Tamagotchi! (どーなる?たまごっち) – It is a short anime in which a young tamagotchi grows. We can see the character profile at the end.

Third Monday: Wonderful Tama-Change (ドキドキ☆たまチェンジ) – Kind of quiz animes. The picture gradually changes during 15 seconds and we detect what changed.

Forth Monday: True? False? Tamagotchi Quiz (ウソ?ホント?たまごっちクイズ) – Short quiz animes. We can learn wonderful life in Tamagotchi Planet.

Forth Wednesday: Traveling Tamagotchi (ぶらり旅 たまごっち) – A human narrator and a tamagotchi visit somewhere on the earth. Not animes. For example, the first video was shot in Bandai headquarters in Asakusa, Tokyo.

First & Third Friday: Gotchi News (ごっちNews) – Latest news about tamagotchi.

Second Friday: Fresh TAMAGO (なまTAMAGO) – Commentaries on playing Tamagotchi 4U+.

My First Impressions
I once said on Tumblr that I’d be sad if Tamagotchi TV opens because tamagotchi leaves from TV, but I felt that these YouTube videos are rather potential when the channel really opened.
The reasons are…
The videos are short. We can enjoy them very casually.
Sometimes I can feel tamagotchi world better than TV anime.
Wherever you are, you can watch the videos! YouTube is borderless. (The only problem is language, but you don’t need to read Japanese to see the short animes and to explore the locations.)
Hopefully I’ll talk A LOT about my feelings in the next Kawaii Character News of October.

On the contrary, I don’t like individual YouTubers’ videos sponsored by Tamagotchi TV which are seen at the bottom of the channel. Not just because they are too commercial. I saw some violent comments there. In my opinion, Bandai should be sensible of the fact that even bad people can visit YouTube videos.

So it’s time for me talk about the details of my opinions.

About My Impressions 2: Why I Think Short Videos can be Better than TV Anime

Any anime needs a story. Any story needs “thoughts” at the base.

You might feel that it is an over-expression that I call the plots of cute tamagotchi anime “thoughts.”

However, it is rather important for a pure story like tamagotchi to be led by steady thoughts and leadership as an artist, not a toy business manager. From a viewpoint of storytellers, it is almost impossible to make a truly dreamy story without sure settings.

Looking back the history of Tamagotchi anime, there were some stories that tamagotchis aimed for their dreams. For example, Mametchi participated an invention contest at Dream School and he felt down so much when he lost. The more obvious example was Yumemitchi & Kiraritchi who aimed to become idol singers.
I don’t think that the stories were bad. The question I always suggest is, “Are they good for tamagotchi?”
I don’t feel that stories about getting a dream job is like tamagotchi world very much. It is one thing, but there must be other interesting and unique things from many aspects on Tamagotchi Planet.
When it comes to stories about competitions, the entire of the anime becomes tiring.

Advancing to a dream step by step is a typical theme of Japanese animes. I think that tamagotchi anime was influenced by other animes those days. Tamagotchi should be tamagotchi, and must not be anything else.

When Tamagotchi become short videos without stories, this kind of problem CANNOT happen!
What’s more, I’m happy to meet some old characters such as Ichigotchi, Shimashimatchi, etc. I hadn’t seen them for long because they didn’t have chances to appear in the stories of the TV anime. Short videos on YouTube enabled them to revive!
In my opinion, tamagotchi’s unique world will be free to develop when it doesn’t have stories that sometimes bind itself.

About bad comments in YouTubers’ videos

Concretely, I was distracted at a violent comment to complain about the YouTuber’s T-shirt and dirty, offensive, pointless words by people who don’t know tamagotchi at all.

As far as I see it, Bandai asked the YouTubers to make a video to advertise tamagotchi so that they can get new fans coming from the videos to Tamagotchi TV.
It doesn’t make sense to put links from Tamagotchi TV to the YouTubers.

Not only fans, small children will visit Tamagotchi TV. In my opinion, it should keep a safe distance from violent comments.

About an Extra Spin-Off Series
(ATTENTION!  Later, this series turned out to be completely fictional. He is Akiyama, a comedian, playing as an imaginary designer . Therefore, my opinions I had written in the following on 22 October are NOT based on the fact. Updated on 2 November, 2015)

Frankly, this series was totally disappointing and depressing and unbearable for me.
It is a collaboration with “honto+”, a Japanese free digital magazine which interviews designers. In the videos, a toy designer by the name of Garaku Yasuki appears as tamagotchi’s founder and a legendary toy designer. Every time the camera goes into Bandai offices where meetings about tamagotchi take place and shows how fantastic his ideas are.

Generally, this kind of interviews are attractive for the fans. That’s why Ghibli fans, Pokemon fans and Star Wars fans are so happy to see the real storyboards and the making of their favorite movies. I love these things, too!
But, to my sadness, it didn’t happen to my beloved tamagotchi.

Honestly, I used to recognize other people as tamagotchi’s founders and I didn’t know even his name until this video series was released. It was so sudden that I don’t accept him as the person who made tamagotchi.

To make matters worse, I don’t think that he is talented enough as a toy designer in spite of the attitudes of “honto+” and his self confidence.
For example, please have a look at Creatortchi (*), a tamagotchi character he designed. (* What he calls “creators” are designers, painters, and people pursuing jobs to make things. It is kind of Japanese English. It is not anything religious at all.)

When I saw this, I was so disappointed that I got really angry!
For the first time in my life, I got angry at something about tamagotchi.
Although I personally don’t think that advancing to a dream job is very tamagotchi-like, I can accept Yumemitchi & Kiraritchi. They have their original, nice personalities. They have enough qualities to be friends with Mametchi. My opinion is that tamagotchi should have a diversity inside its world so that it is loved by many people with various favorites.
However, this character is just a human office worker who can be walking in any street around us. It is not a tamagotchi, it is not a character, it is not anything. This is NOT what a professional designer draws. I’ll never forgive him who called such a thing tamagotchi.
He proved in this video that he lacks the abilities and even attitudes to think by himself. With irony, I want to call him Creatortchi. It means that he is a bureaucratic office worker who is arrogant but cannot do anything original in the real world out of his delusion.

Collaboration can be good (See the 4th topic about Kuchipatchi in the following!), but it can also destroy the thing(s) concerned. “Honto+” had their own purpose to write their series to show their readers a designer as a great person. It might be no problem for “honto+”, but it won’t go along with tamagotchi. Tamagotchi World should not change itself for a small free magazine. It should refuse an offer that will be harmful.

Tamagotchi does not need any charisma who is built up as an idol for advertisement.
I admire nameless designers and illustrators who gave us a lot of fantasy. Not him. Never.

(Updated on 2 November, 2015 Just in case, I repeat the fact that the legendary toy designer Garaku Yasuki DOES NOT EXIST in the world.)

About languages – YouTube is Borderless!

I know I spoke too much. But you’ll understand how I love tamagotchi! If you want to, please feel free to comment below. I had disappointments about some videos, but I keep watching my favorite series and often share them on Tumblr.
Hope you enjoy Tamagotchi TV with me!!

2: New Limited Items at Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku

Tamagotchi official stores release new plush almost every month these day. Always cute!

Tamagotchi Cafe Plush

But this time, what attracted my attention is this.
Tamagotchi pop body bag (= small backpack) limited at Tama Depa Harajuku!!

Tamagotchi body bag limited in Harajuku! (2,900 yen + tax)

Autumn is the season for hiking, sports, etc, so I think it’s a good season to release new bags, too. Tama Depa Harajuku offers up to 30 % off when you buy towels and bags.

And here is a travel tip. Harajuku Tourist Information Center for international visitors run by HIS, a Japanese travel agency, just opened. It is LITERALLY next to Tama Depa Harajuku.

Tourist Information Center

I started Tokyo Direct Guide because I found that there weren’t good visitor information centers as there are in foreign countries (See About Me!). So this center is a beginner from my point of view, but at least it is a good thing that you can get a rental kimono!
If you book a tour here, how about go with the new body bag you just got next door?

3: Rilakkuma Goods for Winter – My Selection!

It’s relaxing time.
It’s October. More and more winter items are coming in the city. It is so for Rilakkuma, too.
I’d like to pick up the Rilakkuma humidifier released in October.
The air is getting dry. The flu is fine in dry air in winter. And if you like singing, as I do, humidity is important.

Rilakkuma Eco Humidifier

What is amazing is that we DON’T need Any Electricity for this humidifier! We just pore water to the filter and it makes humidity. That’s because it is “Eco Humidifier.”
We can use it anywhere safely. I feel that it is a fantastic combination with Rilakkuma. Clean, safe and relaxing… It’s perfect, isn’t is?

Of course, there are also standard winter goods such as warm and soft socks.

Warm & Super Soft Relakkuma Socks

I really thought that the images of the products themselves are important for cute things.

One more thing. Rilakkuma monimals that I referred to last month are found in the same shelf at Rilakkuma Store in Kiddy Land Harajuku.

Look at the bottom!

Rilakkuma’s winter will be beautiful. Don’t you feel so?

4: Kapibara-san 10th Anniversary

I wanted to talk about this for long. 2015 is the 10th Anniversary of my beloved Kapibara-san.
New colorful angel Kapibarasans celebrate it!

10th Anniversary items in Tokyo Character Street, Tokyo Station

Kapibara-san made his debut as plush for game centers. He became so popular that he can be found in many places now. There are official shops, too.

I’m very happy that many fans share Kapibara-san!

But I have one thing that I cannot help but regret so much. Some years ago, Kapibara-san was featured in Oedo Onsen Monogatari, an amusement spa in Odaiba, Tokyo, with Kuchipatchi. (If you don’t know Kuchipatchi, please see the first photo of this post. The green character who is on the top of the tower(?) is Kuchipatchi.) A collaboration of Kapibara-san and Tamagotchi in hot spring bathes – It must have been a paradise for me! But I missed it. I think I was pretty busy those days, but I don’t remember well. I’m sure that I thought I would visit Oedo Onsen Monogatari later for Tokyo Direct Guide that was 0 year old at that time. The “later” hasn’t come because I hate myself too much… I wish my paradise comes again!

5: Bonus: Kotori-tai

When I went to Hilton Tokyo Odaiba that I reported this month, I found them in Tokyo Leisure Land, the big game center in Odaiba.

Kotoritai plush. So round!

I tried this crane game, but I gave it up. I’m pretty good at crane games. I can tell whether it is possible to get them or not. In this case, they were too heavy for the arm. So I should fall one of them instead of lifting it, but it was too long a way…
If I have a good chance, I want them!

Hope you enjoyed Kawaii News of this month. It’s a comfortable season in Tokyo now, but when winter comes, keep warm with them.
These days, I publish Kawaii News on around 23 of the month. See you next time!

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