Best Photos of Aqua Park Shinagawa, Tokyo #1: Dolphins & Jellyfish in Halloween

The aquarium in Shinagawa Prince Hotel reopened in July, 2015.
Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa is a cool, romantic and city-like aquarium near Shinagawa Station, which is one of the most important stations in Tokyo. As I told you, I’m showing you the new, cool photos taken by my new camera!

Renewed Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa

You might have seen some photos of the renewed aquarium here. But actually, we can see different lighting, decorations and dolphin shows in different seasons!
Speaking of October, Halloween is getting more and more popular in Japan. This culture came to Japan with E.T. and now many young people enjoy strolling in Shibuya, Harajuku and popular streets in costumes.
Aqua Park Shinagawa is full of pumpkins and ghosts, too!

Jumping to the pumpkin!

The water curtain of dolphins’ pool was breathtaking for me. I suppose I can see it nowhere but here. A water jack-o’-lantern is so amazing, isn’t it?

A jack-o-lantern from the ceiling of the dolphin pool

The collaboration of dolphins, water curtain and lights is amazingly beautiful to see.
Tip: If you want something exciting, get a seat in the splash zone! The mischievous dolphins will “trick” – You’ll get soaked through. Don’t forget buying a rain poncho for 100 yen. Me? No, thanks. My camera is new!

Dolphins in Aqua Park Shinagawa

The shows are not so long, but so beautiful like a fantasy world.

Tip: In the evening, the program changes. So it is a good idea to enter Aqua Park around 3 p.m. and enjoy both programs! If you get a stamp on your hand at the exit, you can enter again. Be careful not to wipe it away!

Want to see how the evening show is like?

Compared with the program in daytime, the evening program is gentle and romantic.

In calm blue lights…

In Halloween season, the theme is  “dance party.” The dolphins were swinging with the gentle classical music.

Dancing dolphins

They jump in the evening, too, but it is relaxing rather than exciting.

It’s a dance party!
Dolphins in the evening

There are things that photos tell everything, but I still want to say this.
The shows in Aqua Park Shinagawa were so beautiful, amazing and fantastic.

The most popular creatures in this aquarium are dolphins, but I say that jellyfish is really fantastic.
Not interested in jellyfish?
You’ll change your mind if you see my photos.

Jellyfish, lights and pumpkins

Jellyfish can be beautiful. Not spooky. The lights were like fireworks in summer, and it’s full of pumpkins and ghosts in October. Not spooky.

Jellyfish, lights, pumpkins and ghosts

We can see a different program in the evening for jellyfish as well as dolphins. It was also Halloween theme, and a little spooky with laughs of a lord (?) in the music!

Jellyfish and roses with a lord?!

Mirrors surrounding the room invite us the mysterious mood.

Jellyfish in the evening!

I once talked about the old Epson Aqua Stadium in Shinagawa Hotel Guide.
Not to mention to Shinagawa Prince Hotel guests who can get discounts to enter, I feel that Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa is really worse to visit. You can find bigger aquariums if you want, but it is special to experience such cool things in the city without circumstances. Most importantly, the dreamy lights and atmosphere are unique here.

This photo post is full of lights and fantasies, but it is not all of Aqua Park Shinagawa. It also has the aspect to be very professional as an aquarium. And many other animals and fish are living there. I’ll write about them in another post in the near future.

Hope you enjoy my photos.
Personally, I love Halloween with sea life better than strolling in Shibuya in a costume!

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Visitor Information & Helpful Links

Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (The schedule sometimes changes. Please make it sure on the official website.)
Admission Fee: 2200 yen for adult, 1200 yen for children from 6 to 15, 700 yen for children from 4 to 5. A Night Ticket (You can enter from 17:00) is 1800 yen for adult.
You can get discount if you stay at

  1. Shinagawa Prince Hotel
  2. Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
  3. The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo
  4. Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
With your room key, the prices go down to 1700 yen for adult, 900 yen for children from 6 to 15, 400 yen for children from 4 to 5.
Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa Official Website:

There are many other big hotels near Shinagawa Station. As I wrote before, it is very convenient to go anywhere in Tokyo and move to other cities.
Tip: When you search and book a hotel, remember, it’s about hotels near Shinagawa Station.

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