Kawaii Character News – September, 2015

I have 4 topics & photos of Rilakkuma, Monthly Pikachu, My Neighbor Totoro, Tamagotchi and Kapibara-san in September. Even if you have a specific character you love, just browse all. They must be too cute to miss!

1: Rilakkuma Store – The 7th Anniversary!

Rilakkuma became “monimals,” kind of small figure dolls which are so soft just like marshmallows.

How soft and… relaxing!

I don’t need to explain anything about them…

The soft couples

The premium boxes of the couple are limited, but the rilakkuma “monimals” are going to be available in October. (Tip: When monimals become sticky, let them take a bath. First, wash them with soap. Next, dry them. Then, dust them with baby powder, and they’ll be fairy new again. In case they lost their eyes, nail polish will work to stick them or draw new eyes!)
I suppose the next item is more important.

Rilakkuma is celebrating the official stores’ 7th anniversary.
Wooden yura-yura bench for your beloved plush is now on sale!

A handmade, wooden bench of Rilakkuma

The benches are all hand-made. The texture and stirs are so warm.

We can meet them in Rilakkuma Stores such as that in Tokyo Character Street.

2: Monthly Pikachu – Painter in Autumn

Autumn is considered to be the best season for arts because of the mild weather, so Pikachu is in Painter costume this time. I am an art lover, so they are too cute!

The last Monthly Pikachu was Patissier holding a chestnut.

Autumn is a wonderful season. How about in your country? (Monthly Pikachu plush list is here.)

3: Totoro in Odaiba – Official Shop Info

I’ve talked about Ghibli Official Shop in Tokyo Station, but did you know that it is in Odaiba district, too?

BIG Totoro in Ghibli Official Shop in Odaiba


Donguri Republic in Odaiba – relatively large!

Venus Fort is one of the fantastic shopping centers in Odaiba and Donguri Republic is there.
When you enjoy stunning views, amusement centers and foods in the cool modern bay side district, just remember that there is also Totoro’s forest, too!

4: Two Things in September for character shops

It’s September. Many shops are preparing for 2 things now. What do you think they are?
One is Halloween!

Tamagotchi Plush for Halloween!

Not only tamagotchis, every character is in Halloween costumes now!
The other is schedule books for the next year.

Ghibli characters’ schedule books for 2016

If you are visiting Japan now, how about getting a schedule book for next year?
You will be with your favorite characters until next next December!!

Mine? Of course…

Kapibara-san & vegetables

I suppose Rilakkuma is popular worldwide now, but I really want Rilakkuma fans to meet Kapibara-san, too!
I’m happy if you find new favorite characters in Kawaii News of Tokyo Direct Diary.
See you next month!

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