3 Life Lessons in Starbucks in the Sky, Harajuku/Omotesando

I’ve talked of where this Starbucks is, how it is like, and what foods we can have there in my previous post. Tokyo Direct Diary is not just a dreamy travel blog, but it always has practical information and tips for travelers at the bottom of each post.
But I sometimes feel like talking of humors and love.

1: We are all same living life on the earth.

A cake-eating sparrow

Humans like cakes and sparrows, too. If the humans leave the cake alone, it becomes lunch for others on the earth.

2: Someone else’s disaster can happen to us.

Sparrows on MY dish

I’d almost finished my lunch. And it officially ended by these small friends on the earth.
Even more come.

Everyone in the sparrow family

3: That’s how we can express love.

Kissing sparrows

They are sharing happiness (some cake) with his/her beloved ones. It was a heartwarming moment in the lunch time.

It’s my birthday today. Love is the hometown of everything of human beings.

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