Kawaii Character News – June, 2015

I have 4 topics about cute characters now!

1: Donguri Garden’s Renewal Open

Donguri Garden (Ghibli Official Shop) in Character Street in Tokyo Station went through a renovation this month and reopened as Donguri Kyowakoku (=Republic) on 18 June!

Renewed Ghibli Store in Tokyo Character Street

The old store used to sell some picture books which were not Ghibli related, but the new store focuses on Ghibli characters. So we meet more of Totoro, Kiki, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, and more.

So the Donguri Garden section of Tokyo Character Street Part 1 is now old, but I won’t rewrite it to keep the history of the store. When something new happens there, I write a new post on Tokyo Direct Diary.

2: Kapibara-san’s Summer Costume

I push this so much.
Kapibara-san has worn many kinds of costumes so far, and in this season, they are wearing sea otter costumes. Extremely cute!!

You can put off their sea otter costumes when you cut the tacks.
Costume series like these are not forever. If you’ve fallen in love with them at first sight, hurry!!

3: Tamagotchi Stores’ New Items

Tamagotchi Department Store in Harajuku and Tamagotchi Store Tokyo in Tokyo Station recently released new candies.

Paku-Paku Tamagotchi Candies

The green ones are kompeito. Kompeito is traditional Japanese candies which are one of the cheapest sweets loved by children. The taste is simple; Sweet.
The other two are soda flavor.

So the candies are not something outstanding for me, but the important thing is the image.

There are some candy-loving tamagotchi characters in the anime! Candy-paku-paku and her friends, right?
So I believe that these new candies will go well in Tamagotchi world.

480 yen plus tax/each box

4: Tamagotchi 4U+ is Coming in July

I translated Bandai’s press release and annouced that the new version of tamagotchi is coming on 18 July on Tumblr, where many tamagotchi fans gather.
Tamagotchi 4U+ is going to be released with 8 colors! Which do you like the best? My favorite is… lime green.

I cannot say at this moment whether it will be true or not for Tamagotchi 4U+, but talking about Tamagotchi 4U, I have one thing to say.

Tip: If you simply want to get a Tamagotchi 4U and you don’t mean to buy it as a souvenir of your precious trip to Tama Depa Harajuku or Tama Sto.

How was Kawaii Character News?
I’ll write about these things when I find something fantastic. See you again!

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